DS 3 Crossback: design à la francaise

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“Design or not to be” could characterize the DS 3 Crossback as the headline. And since it exists, its design is particularly striking. And weight. But also as a practical compact SUV, this model from the French luxury brand from PSA is a serious competitor in the crossover segment.

Focus on design: but also practical

In some details, the DS 3 Crossback seems a bit exalted, but if you love exactly this type of expressive design, you will be well served here. The design team of the PSA group, to which Peugeot also belongs in addition to the Citroën luxury subsidiary DS, is only too happy to let off steam in the exuberance that, on the one hand, wants to appear aesthetic, but at times seems exaggerated for the conservative look. The fact that the traditional brand and DS mother Citroën is capable of high-class designs is demonstrated not only by the “Goddess” DS 1955, which was presented in 21 and is still legendary. When it appeared, the conservatives in the house and many customers wiped their eyes with astonishment. And today many of the numerous and courageous models of the French are considered both technologically and formally as avant-garde representatives of the French way of life.

Not a common design

Distinctive design has always polarized. Not just for the DS brand. The luxury brand in the PSA group is no exception. Some find exalted design great, others crazy and exaggerated. Design experts see advantages in this polarization rather than in an average everyday design, which a large majority likes, but will soon be perceived as boring.

Also from behind: a special kind of design Photos: Werk

The DS 3 Crossback signals extravagance as soon as you get in. As soon as the hand approaches the door handle, it extends and somehow conveys the technology of tomorrow. Maybe a superfluous gimmick, but it fits the picture. Inside, you can see an unusual design landscape: the diamond-shaped diamond structure, which includes touch-sensitive controls and the dashboard trim. This is not intended to be a reference from the French to the German Chancellor, but rather an expression of exclusive design with an avant-garde touch. As a consequence of this formal system, this design appears independent and of high quality in terms of material and feel.

130 HP is always enough for us

The engines (three petrol engines between 100 and 155 hp, two diesel engines with 100 and 130 hp) fit well with the philosophy of this compact SUV. In the meantime, there is also a purely electric drive, the battery of which should enable a range of 320 km. When driving in the 130-hp three-cylinder petrol engine, we have the impression that a good compromise was found between comfort and a streamlined design. The

Design also in the detail of the window regulator operation

Steering might not hurt a little more directness, but DS customers undoubtedly prefer this distinct French comfort. We quickly got used to it and drove quickly with the DS 3 Crossback. There is no feeling of weakness or sponginess when turning on a winding country road, dynamic progress on fast freeway rides; completely sufficient, and especially surprising how pleasantly the three-cylinder petrol engine with 130 hp and the 8-speed automatic harmonize. Although it only reaches the 200 km / h mark after a long start (o to 100 km / h in 9,2 seconds), we are not sitting in a sports car and ask ourselves: must it really be more or go faster? And with a consumption between 6,2 and 6,9 liters per 100 km, we feel well served.

What we also noticed: The traffic sign recognition works very quickly, the navigation system on the 10,3 inch touchscreen is easy to use. We have not tried that the vehicle can be started by smartphone, but it can be very practical to be able to transfer the power of disposal via the DS online to third parties via the MyDS app or to be able to do without a key altogether.

Extras for 6.200 euros complete the package

We were surprised that the basic test car price of 30.290 euros was spiced up with extras for 6.200 euros. But the built-in extras seem to make sense: e.g. the matrix LED headlights, which partially dazzle automatically in high beam mode, the HiFi system Focal Electra with twelve speakers and excellent sound (1.100 euros), the driver assistance system (1.450 euros) and all that Navigation system (1.150 euros).

Conclusion: the DS 3 Crossback appears at first glance to be highly design-oriented. In everyday life, however, it also shows its practical side, its economical consumption and its utility value as a compact SUV.

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