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In the U.S. civil suit, Volkswagen must present a solution to the court by March 24

The civil suit of affected customers against Volkswagen regarding Dieselgate is being heard in the district court in San Francisco. A day of negotiations took place on February 25th.

The atmosphere in the courtroom in San Francisco was cooler on February 25 than outside, where spring was already showing a little at 23 degrees Celsius. Lawyers from three well-known law firms presented what they had to bring against Volkswagen in a comprehensive class action lawsuit.

The BMW i world premiere in New York, London and Beijing: How BMW gives the impression that it no longer builds combustion engines.

i3 premiere: Norbert Reithofer in New York

i3 premiere: Norbert Reithofer in New York


BMW Group boss Norbert Reithofer certainly does not consider exaggerations to be the basis of communicative work. When introducing the “electrically born” i3, however, he avoided any kind of reserved modesty. Ultimately, the aim was to call out nothing less than “a revolution” that would change our society: the electric car, initially in the form of the futuristic, cute BMW i3.