Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares: It wasn't the industry that wanted electric cars, but politics


When politicians are confronted with questions about the sense and nonsense of electric cars, one answer is heard particularly often: the industry has long since decided in favor of e-mobility, it is already "much more advanced". However, that is not true. The industry is being forced by politics to favor e-mobility. But now, after BMW, another manufacturer is breaking away from the herd of those who uncritically see battery mobility as the only technology that can save lives.


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auto, motor and sport: surprisingly subtly auto-critical

It is surprising how even the former central body of the full throttle friends “auto motor und sport” is subtly car-critical. Some things could also be in the car-hostile "taz".

To my amazement, Digital Editor-in-Chief Jochen Knecht wrote in the Moove Letter a little polemically against the statements of the designated Transport Minister Volker Wissing. He threw "diesel smoke candles". Knecht writes: “That he is Lawyer for motorists sees, is only based on the interpretation of the colleagues from SPIEGEL, his approach to lower the vehicle tax for diesel vehicles in order to at least partially offset the burdens from the current high energy prices, but as expected, causes a lot of frustration among the rest of the traffic light parties . "

From the beautiful glow of the electric car

Comment from Peter Schwerdtmann

Every second German wants to “rely on electricity” the next time they buy a car, according to the results of its survey from the energy producer E.ON Energie Deutschland. On the same day, “strategy &”, part of the American analysis and forecasting network PwC, reports: “The e-car market share in Germany doubles in the first three quarters.” Dozens of other surveys come to similar results - all reality or an attempt to shape reality? Wishful Thinking or Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

VW Golf GTD: Long live the diesel, especially this one!

Models like the Golf GTD should actually be banned in a politically correct manner. Because they take every thought of an electrically powered battery-powered vehicle to absurdity.

However, it is not to be expected that Volkswagen will destroy its strategy for electromobility with this model. But it is also clear: Anyone who buys a Golf GTD today can be sure that they have made a good decision despite rising fuel prices. Also in terms of the environment.

JD Powers study on customer satisfaction: Tesla quality: bad, gag: top - Audi is also declining

Tesla offers burglary protection like only the 007 company car, but is far behind in the quirks hit list. Audi is even more disappointing.

From Harald Kaiser

Is it just a gimmick or a useful thing? It's about the new type of remote monitoring for Tesla cars, which has a touch of James Bond glamor and which one would expect to find in the Aston Martin of the eternal agent. This is because the Tesla driver can use the recently activated remote function to control the immediate surroundings of the e-vehicle via built-in cameras in the car. And that via mobile communications from the comfort of your home, office, restaurant or anywhere else. The technology is called "Sentry Mode Live Camera Access" (roughly translated: surveillance mode with live camera access).

BMW boss Oliver Zipse lets Spiegel-Inquisition run nowhere

BMW boss Oliver Zipse is not an opportunist. In the Spiegel interview, he shows his backbone and leaves the two Spiegel editors with their biased questions in the void. Although BMW cannot escape the imposed pressure on e-mobility either, Zipse makes it clear that the politically desired change to e-mobility cannot be forced.

Oliver Zipse admits that in addition to a fully electric iX, he also drives a 7 Series with a combustion engine. When asked whether he would recommend his customers switch to e-mobility in view of rising gasoline prices, he points out that electricity prices are also rising. It would be a mistake to commit to a single type of drive prematurely. The entire CO applies2- Consider a car's footprint along the entire supply chain, from production to disposal. BMW wanted the CO2- Reduce footprint by 2030 percent by 40 compared to 2019. By 2030, BMW wants to generate 50 percent of sales worldwide with all-electric cars. The success of e-mobility also depends on the expansion of the charging infrastructure, which currently has to grow five times faster.

This and that

Speed, speed! How strong Volkswagen is now and how VW CEO Herbert Diess is putting his developers under pressure.

From Harald Kaiser