If it comes to the media, we don't need criminal courts in Germany

Even if the phrase "presumption of innocence" is repeatedly added, it is sufficient for most journalists if a public prosecutor has brought charges to convict a delinquent. Whether suspected diesel fraud at Daimler or bringing charges against Martin Winterkorn: for most media they are considered guilty.

Let's just remember the indictment against ex-Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking. Ten years ago the public prosecutor's office investigated him for breach of trust and market manipulation. The Stuttgart regional court initially refused to admit the lawsuit, but the higher regional court referred the case to a commercial criminal chamber. The public prosecutor's office demanded two and a half years in prison, but the court acquitted Wiedeking with glamor. "There is nothing to the allegations of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office, nothing - neither in front, in the back, nor in the middle", judges the presiding judge Frank Maurer at the Stuttgart district court. Nevertheless, the public prosecutor sought to save face with an appeal against the judgment, but withdrew it again. Back then, too, many of the media found the ex-Porsche boss quasi guilty in numerous articles.

Reading tip: The smarter sheet gives way

The man was a genius few knew. He was a benefactor of unimaginable proportions, because his numerous inventions for car safety still save lives today. Béla baréyni is the guardian angel of millions of drivers.

He had the idea of ​​the crumple zone. This groundbreaking idea caused a revolution. Sixty years ago, in September 60, the crumple zone at Mercedes - and thus the first car manufacturer - went into series production. There is now an e-book * worth reading about the incredible life's work of this super brain. Nobody has cared more about car safety than Béla barényi. Ernst Fiala, who holds a PhD in engineering, was an office neighbor of Barényi at Mercedes for a while and later on as head of development at VW, said of him: “Basically everything he thinks was patent-ready”… “On average, he applied for an international patent every day . “There were more than 2000.

Did Dieter Zetsche throw stones out of the glass house?

After the diesel scandal at Volkswagen became known in September 2015, Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche repeatedly asserted that Mercedes did not have any fraudulent software installed. The Ministry of Transport takes a different view.

Zetsche is said to have mocked VW in a small circle, "although you didn't know whether he was making fun of VW that got caught or whether he was actually morally outraged and convinced that he had done a clean job in his own house," reports an engineer from Mercedes car development. Others always want to have "heard a touch of malicious glee" in conversations with Zetsche.

The new VW Touareg: leap forward in Beijing

Just as Mao once called the People's Republic of China to make a big leap forward, so it sounds when Volkswagen in Beijing pushes the third generation of the Touareg onto the world stage of off-road mobility.

“Leading the way” is to verbally position the new SUV where its fathers see it: right at the front of the field beyond the pasture fences.

Can the new VW T-Roc rock the compact SUV segment?

Yes, he can. The new T-Roc looks great. Visually and technically. VW's entry into the “small” SUV segment was long overdue, but not superfluous. The new one from VW is trimmed for success.

Is there love at first sight in the compact SUV segment? This could be the case with the new VW T-Roc. Because it is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. The VW entry into the segment should - as can already be seen from the orders - succeed. Do the aesthetic qualities also continue technologically under the sheet metal cladding?

VW and Oliver Schmidt want to reach an agreement out of court

The quality date scheduled for February 19 at the Braunschweig Labor Court has been canceled at short notice. As the labor court announced, the parties have agreed to "carry out extrajudicial discussions on the possibilities of an agreement". Schmidt has sued VW for termination without notice.

The lawsuit against dismissal by Oliver Schmidt, who is in custody in the USA because of the diesel fraud, has not yet been successful, "but everything boils down to an agreement," as an expert on the process reports.

Detroit: Diesel gate seems forgotten, Mercedes-Benz is number 1, BMW remains pale

Who would have thought that after the Diesel Gate and 23 billion fine, the Volkswagen brand would be so successful on the US market? Mercedes-Benz signals in Detroit that it is No. 1 among the premium brands. BMW also calls itself number 1, but remains pale. Ex-BMW board members criticize the lack of a brand profile and colorless press work.

VW brand boss Diess bristled with self-confidence. The fact that the Wolfsburg-based brand was able to grow by 2017 percent in the US market, which had subsided by almost two percent in 5,2, actually proves that the Americans either forgave or forgot the diesel fraud. The two new launches for the US market (Jetta and Passat GT) are just right. Volkswagen is back. Incidentally, Volkswagen also grew worldwide in 2017: um

Oliver Schmidt before the Labor Court in Braunschweig probably without a chance

On February 19, before the Braunschweig labor court, the goodwill date regarding Oliver Schmidt against Volkswagen will take place. The ex-VW manager who is in prison in the United States is likely to fail with his lawsuit against Volkswagen against dismissal.

"The lawsuit against dismissal by VW manger Oliver Schmidt will go nowhere," said the renowned Stuttgart labor lawyer Prof. Dr. Stefan Nägele: “If someone has to go to prison for several years, it is not uncommon for the employment relationship to be terminated. The question is how can it be ended. It is clear that it can be terminated on time, because the detainee can obviously not fulfill his work obligation for several years. ”

There is not only the diesel summit, but also that of the slander

You can tell that it's an election campaign. Now German diesel should also be to blame for hurricane Irma. The auto industry is responsible for everything anyway, and as an automafia, it gasses 10.000 innocents every year.

It is unbelievable what the ARD energy expert Jürgen Döschner (photo) paid for by our GEZ fees (photo) did in a tweet. The highly paid television man scolded: "German automafia gasses 10.000 innocent people every year." He later turned "gassed" into "killing", but the enormity of this crude allegation is not diminished. It remains incomprehensible why the VDA does not take legal action against this insane claim, the explosiveness of which an eloquent television journalist had to know very well. And the silence of the men in the PR departments of the auto industry is an eloquent sign of weakness. Not from missing arguments.

The "German Environmental Aid" also wants to ban Euro 6 diesel

Anyone who thinks that they are on the safe side with their Euro 6 diesel after the diesel-out-of-Stuttgart decision in the Baden-Württemberg state parliament is wrong. The "German Environmental Aid" also considers these "clean" diesels to be slingshots.

The "German Environmental Aid" is persistent when it comes to diesel and - you have to state it - very successful in its sense. The partial inner city ban for diesel below the Euro 6 standard in Stuttgart is just the beginning. The environmental workers will be able to continue their legally confirmed triumphal procession. And don't stop at Euro 6 diesels. The environmental workers make no secret of their intentions to have diesel completely banned in cities. And EU legislation puts environmental aid on the cards. Because the Euro 6 diesels also emit more nitrogen oxides in real driving than the test bench values ​​suggest. The "German Environmental Aid" knows how to use this for a medium-term driving ban.

VW scandal escalates: "Now the mud battle really starts"

Now at Volkswagen it's everyone against everyone. Ferdinand Piëch against the VW Supervisory Board, Supervisory Board against Ferdinand Piëch. And all against ex-boss Winterkorn. There is no end in sight, and a dramatic escalation is to be expected, at the end of which a kind of supernova threatens that could tear the whole company apart.

Ferdinand Piëch, once a god-like anchor of power in the VW group, first as VW boss, then as chairman of the supervisory board, is said to have burdened not only Martin Winterkorn in the diesel affair with the public prosecutor, but also members of the supervisory board. At the beginning of 2015, he, Piëch, not only addressed the US problems at Winterkorn, but also informed the Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil and other supervisory boards. Piëch received information from an Israeli security company that VW had manipulated diesel emissions in the United States.

VW compliance chief Hohmann-Dennhardt quarrels after a year

Is that a positive signal to the US judicial authorities if the renowned guardian of virtue on the Volkswagen board of management surprisingly leaves "by mutual agreement"? Does the investigation end in the fog of alternative facts?

VW had only wooed the former constitutional judge from Daimler in the fall of the year before last, where, together with the former FBI chief Louis Freeh, she had worked through various corruption affairs, introduced and monitored strict compliance rules. Hohmann-Dennhardt's successor on the VW Group Executive Board is Hiltrud Werner, Head of Group Audit.

"Volkswagen is on the brink" - payment of fines does not yet bring legal peace

Can it get worse? "But yes," says a manager familiar with the topic from the Volkswagen Group. "It is now suspected that the agreement on a fine of $ 4,3 billion is far from the end and Volkswagen will not be able to buy legal peace with money."

The judiciary and the media are constantly generating "braking news" on the Volkswagen diesel scandal in a transatlantic relationship between the USA and Europe. The fact that VW manager Oliver Schmidt, arrested in Florida, was not released on bail (we're talking about a million dollars that Schmidt's lawyers are said to have offered), led in Wolfsburg more than his arrest to downright shock. The company headquarters said that he was expected to be fired last Thursday.

VW deal with U.S. judiciary does not rule out criminal prosecution

The deal with the American judicial authorities, which is about to be concluded, is expected to amount to 4,1 billion euros. However, it does not mean the end of the pending investigation and criminal proceedings against responsible managers.

As the New York Times reported yesterday, the deal could even lead to further criminal proceedings if the company pleads guilty. Then it can be expected that Volkswagen will commit itself to the cooperation with the authorities in the agreement and must support the investigation against employees. A debt admission could also have costly consequences for the lawsuits of shareholders, whose allegations that Volkswagen should have known about the financial risks of exhaust gas manipulation earlier in time, so that VW itself would confirm them.

VW manager Oliver Schmidt remains in custody in the USA until further notice

Everything actually seemed to be going well: the comparison with VW customers in front of the court in San Francisco in a dry cloth, an agreement with the Ministry of Justice regarding fraudulent exhaust gas tests within reach. The arrest of VW manager Oliver Schmidt last weekend in Florida hit like a bomb in Wolfsburg.

Neither the FBI nor Volkswagen were prepared to comment on this ongoing case. VW emphasizes that it will continue to cooperate with the US Department of Justice. Whether Schmidt remains in custody should be on Thursday, January 12.1th. to be decided by a judge in Detroit where the lawsuit was filed.