The environmental aid

Protect the dead! ARD Press Club becomes a satire broadcast

It is actually incredible how much hostile ideology and ignorance are possible in the renowned Sunday press club. There were sentences that were worthy of every satire broadcast.

For example, this from journalist Ulrike Herrmann in her plea for a blue badge: "That would best protect the people who actually die!" But that was not the only nonsense that was launched which even the eloquent presenter Jörg Schönenborn could not resist. Actually, nobody should miss this program, which can be found in the media library under this link: First / Video? BcastId = 311790 & documentId = 50342978

BMW relieved from the Federal Motor Transport Authority - environmental aid reports doubts

BMW had dared to take action against the notorious “Deutsche Umweltthilfe eV” warning association. BMW has apparently refuted the claim of environmental aid that a BMW 320 d that it had tested would emit more nitrogen oxides than permitted, and the KBA had confirmed this. Environmental aid reports - whatever else - contradiction and doubts. Environmental aid continues its fight against diesel.

With this, the dispute over the truth goes into the next round. The KBA has confirmed to BMW that the BMW 320 d examined by TÜV Süd fulfills the “legal requirements in full”. The environmental aid criticizes the restriction formulated by the KBA that the limit values ​​"under normal operating conditions" would be observed. Environmental aid insists on its claim that "the BMW 320d tested by the DUH emitted up to seven times as much nitrogen oxide in road traffic as in the laboratory test". The nitrogen oxides skyrocketed even during a sporty start.

Who will stop the "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" rampage?

It is unbelievable how a small warning club not only drives the entire federal government, but also the entire auto industry, and can always triumph in court. It is time to rethink the right to sue environmental protection associations that Rot-Grün once granted.

However, one has to certify that the association "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" that it adheres razor-sharp to legal requirements and can only be brought to bear by the courts, which politicians have decided at a green table in a kind of ideological finger-hooking beyond physical reality. Namely limit values ​​that scoff at scientific thoroughness.

The inquisition of Deutsche Umwelthilfe for the management vehicle fleet is a laughing stock - but is always gladly taken up by the media

Deutsche Umwelthilfe once again acts as the supreme authority in environmental protection and condemns German companies to a “red card” because they refused to provide detailed information about the CO2 emissions of executive and company vehicles. 141 out of 166 companies surveyed did not respond at all, climate watchman Jürgen Resch is outraged. The environmental aid criticizes like a prayer wheel: "Executive floors often insist on prestige bodies". Resch should take a look at the fleet of the EU Commission (see my older post on May 5th, 2013). But the same applies there: driving large limousines is not (yet) a criminal offense.