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VW process in San Francisco: humor is when you laugh anyway

Despite the seriousness of the situation, it is above all the honorable judge Charles Breyer (77) who tries now and then to bring humor into the trial. His cutting questions alternate again and again with humorous interludes. In the meeting on March 24th (Maundy Thursday), which lasted only a few minutes, during which Volkswagen should actually have presented an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the 600.000 vehicles, the following dialogue ensued:


Charles Breyer

BMW i3 on and in front of the Los Angeles auto show: Test drive marketing in front of the Staples Center delights Americans


BMW invited Americans to take an i3 test drive in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles Photos: Kai Groschupf

“Driving electric is fantastic,” says John Waleski, restaurant operator San Francisco, after a test drive with the BMW i3. Like him, other interested parties who came in front of the Staples Center In Los Angeles took the opportunity to drive the i3 through LA Downtown. BMW had given a few hundred people the opportunity to feel the electrified pulse of the i3 during the auto show.