Audi e-tron: Off to the desert or the Sound of Silence

When Audi sends journalists into the desert, it is not to be understood in terms of media policy. Rather, it is about putting the very special newcomers in the Audi portfolio through a kind of special test. And it is indeed impressive to experience the automotive future in the e-tron querwüstein around Abu Dhabi.

To say it in advance: As a battery skeptic, it is extremely difficult to ignore the positive experiences in the new Audi e-tron. One of the reasons for this is, of course, that the Audi press department has ruled out any e-car problems when introducing the driver. The range question does not arise because the

VW up! GTI: With 115 hp on the legendary Amalfitana

"We drive through a postcard", VW spokeswoman Claudia Dendler describes the driving experience quite aptly and is visibly pleased to be able to announce a special kind of road movie to the journalists. We immediately confirm the copyright for the picturesque play on words and initially roll rather soberly down the motorway in the shadow of the sleeping Vesuvius from Naples towards the Amalfi coast.

Test drive in the new Audi Q8: off to the desert

Automobile design trends are often noise and smoke. Some quickly turn out to be fleeting. The trend to form coupés from massive off-road vehicles actually contradicts every basic aesthetic law.

Ultimately, Audi withstood the mainstream coupé in the Q8 without completely foregoing it. A little coupé look should not be missing in the Q8 either.

Listen Q8

Coupé or not coupé - that's no question Photos: Audi

60 years of Trabi: talking about the covered spark plug

The Trabant was a socialist model of success, smiled at, admired and provided with a long wait: the legendary two-stroke engine recalls. Guest author Harald Kaiser went thereört.

“Everyone calls me Trabi. Probably because I'm so cute. With your full name hotße I Trabant 601. So möI would also like to be called, because I am a fully fledged car. The first few years I found it mean when someone saw me "Trabi" cried. It sounded like I was too hot for oneßen bath. In the meantime, however, I've grown into itöhnt and even feel the term as a caress.

Citroën C3 Aircross: space miracle à la francaise

We have often written about the booming SUV market. And yet the Citroën C3 Aircross PureTech 110 EATS Shine seems to be particularly noteworthy as an original exception: its compact exterior hides an impressive amount of space. It hardly matters whether he can also cross-country. As with most other all-wheel drive all-wheelers.

The C3 Aircross, built for urban use, looks kind of cute. He stands with one leg up as if to say: Ride me over hill and dale into the sunset.

VW up! GTI: With 115 hp on the legendary Amalfitana

"We drive through a postcard", VW spokeswoman Claudia Dendler describes the driving experience quite aptly and is visibly pleased to be able to announce a special kind of road movie to the journalists. We immediately confirm the copyright for the picturesque play on words and initially roll rather soberly down the motorway in the shadow of the sleeping Vesuvius from Naples towards the Amalfi coast.

BMW M550d xDrive: Against the law of inertia

When the diesels learned to run, they were still considered boring smokers - BMW only dared to venture into the world of auto-igniters in 1983 and is now one of the front runners. In view of the diesel discussion about limit values, which is not ideological, the BMW M550d xDrive with its 400 hp appears like a provocation.

The fact that, thanks to AdBlue and Speicherat, it also meets the strictest limit values ​​on the road and has the Euro6 d TEMP technology on board proves that the diesel engine is fit for the future. And when he enters the driving dynamics consciousness with such vehemence, driving pleasure and reason merge into synthesis.

The new VW Touareg: big cinema, small turning circle

If a five-meter off-road vehicle can be moved as nimbly as a VW Golf in a narrow underground car park, you will be pretty amazed as a driver. The four-wheel steering responsible for such mobility is not the only highlight of the new Touareg packed with technology, whose base price of 60.675 euros shows the same size as the huge 15-inch screen in the dashboard facing the driver.

Somehow, on this huge touchscreen, you expect more than just high-resolution maps with a Google bird's eye view: namely the opportunity to watch the latest blockbuster with a rich supersound. The Supersound is available for 1.610 euros and smashes everything that the ear desires into the passenger compartment via 13 loudspeakers with a total output of 730 watts. However, the cinema film is also not available at an additional cost, so it remains with the large navigation cinema; Nevertheless, the visual opulence and the creative creation of words of the "Innovision Cockpit" impress, which can be customized x-fold by the driver. Of course, the system also impresses in price: The customer has to pay 3.500 euros for this optional goodie.

The new VW Touareg: leap forward in Beijing

Just as Mao once called the People's Republic of China to make a big leap forward, so it sounds when Volkswagen in Beijing pushes the third generation of the Touareg onto the world stage of off-road mobility.

“Leading the way” is to verbally position the new SUV where its fathers see it: right at the front of the field beyond the pasture fences.

Can the new VW T-Roc rock the compact SUV segment?

Yes, he can. The new T-Roc looks great. Visually and technically. VW's entry into the “small” SUV segment was long overdue, but not superfluous. The new one from VW is trimmed for success.

Is there love at first sight in the compact SUV segment? This could be the case with the new VW T-Roc. Because it is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. The VW entry into the segment should - as can already be seen from the orders - succeed. Do the aesthetic qualities also continue technologically under the sheet metal cladding?

The new Volvo XC40: not a cheap offer, but premium class

Why Volvo is positioning its new SUV XC40 in the compact segment remains a mystery. Because the new one for the trips beyond the pasture fences comes across rather cocky.

The so-called compact segment of "off-road vehicles" grows and grows and grows. With the XC40, the traditional Swedish brand ("Security made from Swedish steel") wants to cut a large chunk of the market cake compact SUV. In fact, this should succeed, because the Swede shows qualities that can absolutely keep up with the established premium products. Unfortunately also in the price, because the XC40 is anything but a cheap offer.

VW Polo GTI: the furious poison dwarf

We really learned what 200 HP can do in a small car in Mallorca. The new one from the Polo family has everything we expect from a small poison dwarf with the GTI insignia: lots of temperament and great suitability for everyday use.

Well, he is not really a dwarf, although he belongs to the small car segment. It feels like a tailored jacket. May it pinch more or less on the rear seat here and there, the driver's workplace is perfectly tailored in every respect. The sixth generation of the polo family has grown in all dimensions. This is especially beneficial on the inside.

Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo: Porsche under power

Already naming what is probably the longest car name in the world leaves you breathless: the subtle perception of the economical hybrid can be removed.

Although this plug-in Panamera can drive almost 50 kilometers purely electrically, our test drive shows 15,5 liters of fuel consumption in the end on the fuel consumption display. But every liter was worth it, we have to admit. The boom of 850 Newton meters from the V8 petrol engine and electric motor leads to a kind of catapult start like on an aircraft carrier. And it's fun to use this power at every opportunity. The interaction of a brute V8 propellant with the electric motor creates a kind of elemental force that does not shy away from the 2,3 tonne curb weight and catapults the Panamera to 3,4 km / h in a damn short 100 seconds. This is about the same amount of time that goes by saying the name of this Panamera.

Kia Rio: No cheap offer, but seven years of peace of mind

The Kia Rio bravely competes against renowned competitors in the small car segment. What surprises with the new edition: that the little one not only offers what the competition has to offer, but that it has also arrived in the price segment of premium manufacturers.

The Kia Rio is no longer a cheap offer. It is also no longer about conquering the market through low prices, but about entering the small class of premium manufacturers. But the unbeatable guarantee promise of seven years is unbeatable. This is where the competitors look with their modest two years old.

Lexus NX 300h: Owls carried to Athens

Toyota's luxury subsidiary wants to continue growing in Germany with the face-lifted models Lexus NX 300h and CT 200h. Although Lexus is at home in the upper premium segment, the success in terms of quantities remains modest, especially in Germany. In terms of product quality, that's pretty unfair.

Germany boss Heiko Twellmann has been on the market here for a quarter of a century and is already pleased to be selling around 2017 vehicles in 2.500. The goal he is striving for is still very modest with 5.000 sales. The two models NX 300h and CT 200h, which are now face-lifted in little visible details, should help to spur the Lexus brand not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. It is interesting that 90 percent of buyers choose a hybrid model with the small h.

Mobility strategy of the future: Ford is (also) on the bike

For the global vehicle manufacturer Ford, building cars is no longer the only corporate purpose. Car and bicycle sharing, digitization, electrification and the autonomization of the car are now increasingly part of the company strategy of a “widened mobility offer”.

However, according to Wolfgang Kopplin, the deputy managing director of Ford-Werke GmbH in Cologne, the focus in the future will continue to be on an extensive, environmentally friendly and technologically advanced model range, in which the customer benefit is paramount. This strategy has already proven itself: “In Germany, we are on a growth course for the fifth year in a row. This is proof that our offer hits the nerve of our customers. "