The hocus-pocus of anti-auto ideologists

How millions of people are fooled by a clique of alleged world improvers. By Harald Kaiser

It's about the number 40. Because 40 micrograms of the gases nitrogen oxide or nitrogen dioxide (NOX / NO2) per cubic meter of air are said to be harmful to health. This is what it has been like to hear, see or read in the war against car emissions for at least three years. Above all, it means the exhaust gas from diesel cars. And because this EU limit value is exceeded more often, especially in city centers, German courts are increasingly imposing driving bans. No matter whether this limit makes sense or is nonsense. Courts do not have to rule on this, they just have to enforce compliance. That is why such judgments are formally okay, because the respective chambers have no choice. Everything else, such as setting the level of such limit values, is a matter for politics.

Guest contribution by Holger Douglas / UTR: “Environmental aid” at the drip of subsidies

In addition to its warning business and lavish financial flows from the tax pot, the DUH collects further funds through numerous subsidiary organizations that are closely linked to the DUH in terms of personnel.

The dubious and sometimes unclear finance of the German environmental aid (DUH) draws ever wider circles. Now more details about strange government financial flows to the DUH come to light. German Environmental Aid is actually an NGO, a non-governmental organization for which state money should be taboo.

Criticism of the "German environmental aid" grows - But the court judges: the DUH is not obliged to objectivity and truth

Has the federal managing director of "environmental aid", Jürgen Resch, exaggerated with his lawsuit tsunami against God and the world? In the meantime, members of the association have also been criticizing the business model of mass warnings behind the scenes. But a court issues a license to the DUH not to have to be exact about the truth. An absurdity.

If the CDU member of the Bundestag Joachim Pfeiffer describes the association as a "semi-criminal association", this may be neglected in the general criticism of the flood of lawsuits known as environmental aid. But if even members of the association call the warning business "highly dubious and questionable", which makes environmental aid appear in a bad light and "discredits our work", then even the always maliciously smiling Jürgen Resch would have to think about it.

Guest comment by Peter Schwerdtmann: Political failure

If you have a keen sense, you can already guess that even the overwhelming opinion of the majority cannot cover the facts in the long run. The expectations of the Leipzig judgment on diesel driving bans were presumably too high.

According to the Federal Administrative Court, the problem does not go away with a loud bang. Instead, there is growing awareness that everything will take a long time if there is any implementation that meets the requirements of the judgment. In the end there will be talk of political failure again.

BMW relieved from the Federal Motor Transport Authority - environmental aid reports doubts

BMW had dared to take action against the notorious “Deutsche Umweltthilfe eV” warning association. BMW has apparently refuted the claim of environmental aid that a BMW 320 d that it had tested would emit more nitrogen oxides than permitted, and the KBA had confirmed this. Environmental aid reports - whatever else - contradiction and doubts. Environmental aid continues its fight against diesel.

With this, the dispute over the truth goes into the next round. The KBA has confirmed to BMW that the BMW 320 d examined by TÜV Süd fulfills the “legal requirements in full”. The environmental aid criticizes the restriction formulated by the KBA that the limit values ​​"under normal operating conditions" would be observed. Environmental aid insists on its claim that "the BMW 320d tested by the DUH emitted up to seven times as much nitrogen oxide in road traffic as in the laboratory test". The nitrogen oxides skyrocketed even during a sporty start.

Who will stop the "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" rampage?

It is unbelievable how a small warning club not only drives the entire federal government, but also the entire auto industry, and can always triumph in court. It is time to rethink the right to sue environmental protection associations that Rot-Grün once granted.

However, one has to certify that the association "Deutsche Umwelthilfe" that it adheres razor-sharp to legal requirements and can only be brought to bear by the courts, which politicians have decided at a green table in a kind of ideological finger-hooking beyond physical reality. Namely limit values ​​that scoff at scientific thoroughness.

Guest contribution by Harald Kaiser: Drama, Baby, Drama!

How skilled doomsday preachers use the nitrogen oxide limit for their cause - and why exactly that is quite borderline.

It is terrible. But, thank God, it will soon be over. The end of the world is approaching. At least that's what you might think. Like about 2000 years ago, when a certain preacher was still traveling through the country without an internet community in order to bring his more or less catchy theses about a new religious world order and the impending end of the world among the (mostly uneducated) people. By today's standards, these gentlemen were nothing more than early management consultants for their own benefit. Now it is the same again: Fanatized preachers proclaim new religions or (supposed) insights into all possible areas of life at all corners of life. For example, that we are eating the wrong way, that the weather, which has gotten out of hand by the bad people, will soon take revenge on us, or that the devil's automobile has to be renounced. Otherwise, yes, otherwise we should quickly look around for another planet on which we can live comfortably.

Smack for "environmental aid" in court

In front of the regional court in Frankfurt, the so-called “environmental aid” had to add up. They wanted Fiat to be prohibited from advertising the Fiat 500X with Euro 6 standard.

In the legal dispute pending between the DUH and the FCA (3-10 O 70/16), the Frankfurt district court had indicated that it had received the type approval for the Fiat 500X 2.0 issued by the responsible Italian authorities, which 6 emission standard confirmed, not questioned. The court pointed out that even after further examination, the Italian authorities assume that the Fiat 6X 500's Euro 2.0 approval had justly been granted and that there was no illegal defeat device.

Hans-Robert Richarz: German environmental aid - a questionable warning association

The so-called German environmental aid is largely financed by expensive warnings, which it often throws into the mailbox of small car dealers. The business journalist Hans-Robert Richarz criticizes this money-driving business model.

At first the focus was on particulate matter. Then it was carbon dioxide. Now the nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel cars are on. With him, four non-governmental organizations here underline their opposition to the car. For the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND), Greenpeace and the German Environmental Aid (DUH), the private car, especially the one with a diesel engine, is the number one environmental pig. Ironically, the club with the lowest membership DUH has been loudest on the timpani in terms of eco-PR for years and often uses controversial methods.