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Guest contribution from UTR: Indulgence payments by German manufacturers for unproven allegations of cartel?

What is going on in Brussels? What is it about the highly acclaimed EU? Who sets which economic course there? Why should only German car manufacturers be asked to checkout?

Should Germany's economic growth be slowed down? With the topic of lowering the limit value and "healthy air" Germany is to be slowed down at EU level. "Driving bans would then be expected in almost 100 German cities," says Horst Roosen, member of the board of UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | in front.

Is the new "smart" a drunkard?

What Mirror online current about the new smart Forfour writes, shouldn't inspire at the Daimler headquarters. The story of the "thirsty Däumling" shows once again how much the official consumption values ​​of most vehicles ignore reality, better truth. But what counts even more: That the baby produced by Daimler and Renault could disappoint all expectations in terms of consumption.

The new smart forfour (Photo: smart)

The new smart forfour (photos: smart)