Nonsense on TV: ZDF compares Mercedes and BMW in a "duel" and leaves spectators at a loss - Does the Swabian housewife actually drift around the corner with the son in the child seat?

ZDF: "Everyday test" on the racing track

ZDF: "Everyday test" on the racing track

Mercedes and BMW - according to ZDF "the top dogs of the German auto industry" in comparison. The television authors have apparently escaped the fact that Audi has long been at the top. What I saw as a curious announcement ended in deep disappointment, which I would have liked to switch off. I have never seen such nonsense. Foreign embarrassment is the order of the day because the motor and business journalists industry is able to produce much better things. In any case, the question "Who builds the better cars?" Was not answered. For the question of who produced the worst car show ever. 

Everyone should watch the show to really laugh. Real satire, comedy or horror in HD, at least not a program in which Lieschen Müller is even given a hint of decision-making aid for one of the two brands or the lead of one of the two companies would be visible. 

On the road in the BMW i3: The sound of silence - or how I learned to love the electric car

Let's not spend too long with the driving impressions. One thing is certain: the i3 amazes every time you start the traffic light, conveys sporty dynamism, typical BMW agility and all-round driving pleasure. 7,2 seconds to 100 km / h are a word. The value in numbers, however, says less than the subjective perception, because our expectation of driving with electricity is more likely to be based on gentle acceleration. The technical data such as 125 kW / 170 PS are far exceeded by the perception. And then the i3 rushes so vehemently towards the horizon that I can't help but say “Waaahnsinn…!”. The barely audible but fascinating hum of the hybrid synchronous electric motor sounds like the future. Not like a tram, as I once thought. So let's forget our prejudices. The BMW i3 clears them all away. Also that of the limited range.

CO2 limit values: Dieter Zetsche wants to get away from the “carpet trade” and calls for the auto industry to have a say in the political process - a major donation to the CDU a scandal?

The car critics will surely clap their hands over their heads. Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche is not satisfied with normal lobbying in Brussels, but, as a leading car manager, also calls for the car manufacturers to be directly involved in the political process for the legal EU limit value determination. The Greens will foam up and start their Save the World poetry, the environmental groups will denounce Zetsche's demand as outrageous, the Brussels central government will be outraged: The CEO of a car manufacturer has never dared to join the negotiating table for political decisions .

BMW starts i3 production in Leipzig - The entire production works with renewable electricity from its own production

BMW i3 production in Leipzig

BMW i3 production in Leipzig

The fact that BMW board member Harald Krüger, Saxon Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich, Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung, responsible managers and a few hundred employees all applauded the i3 production start when the first mass-produced i3 rolled off the assembly line goes without saying. However, it was different from similar events. It was more than the routine start of production of a new model. It was actually the first step into a new era of individual mobility: The fact that BMW “makes history today”, as CEO Krüger said, is not an exaggeration. For the first time, a production car rolled off the assembly line, which was designed and constructed from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Anyone who says now, but many i3 are already rolling across the streets is right. But series production is very different from pre-series production. The first series vehicle is to run ahead of the runners at the Berlin Marathon on September 29th.

The mirror is not contradicting itself for the first time: has the car really brought “mischief” to humanity?

What should Spiegel readers think of this? Once the mirror ennobles the BMW i3 as its "Car of the Year" (probably because the consistent step towards electromobility has impressed), then the car editor Christian Wüst writes against the current and comes out as an angry opponent not only of the electric car, but of the car in general . Here is the full comment to be melted in your mouth:

The BMW i world premiere in New York, London and Beijing: How BMW gives the impression that it no longer builds combustion engines.

i3 premiere: Norbert Reithofer in New York

i3 premiere: Norbert Reithofer in New York


BMW Group boss Norbert Reithofer certainly does not consider exaggerations to be the basis of communicative work. When introducing the “electrically born” i3, however, he avoided any kind of reserved modesty. Ultimately, the aim was to call out nothing less than “a revolution” that would change our society: the electric car, initially in the form of the futuristic, cute BMW i3.

Diesel technology: to admire the progress, a quick look back is sufficient


This is what it looked like in the engine compartment of the BMW 524 td

Chaotic: This is what it looks like in the engine compartment of the BMW 524 td from 1983

"For God's sake," a gas station attendant shouted at me in 1983, "You fill up with DIESEL!" His emergency call was not meant badly, but rather the discreet reference to a car-driving idiot who in his five-man BMW didn't know that BMW ultimately only built gasoline engines . I was able to reassure the man by looking at the operating manual, but I still felt that I was stunned. He just couldn't believe that there should now be a BMW with a diesel. I thought I saw him shake his head in the rearview mirror. I was on a test drive with the newly introduced BMW 524td.

The EU Commission makes tough industrial policy against German premium manufacturers - with the help of German politicians!

In a recent American newspaper, I read a remarkable sentence about Brussels' riot of regulation, which read as follows: Did Europe defeat communism to promote socialism? You have to know that both are actually the same devil's stuff for the Americans. We may smile about it, but the citizens of Europe are actually on the way to a society of the oppressed and patronized, who are not even allowed to decide on the lightbulbs in their homes and who have to hand over more and more sovereignty to rather opaque institutions. And if it goes on like this, it leads to a kind of real satire, in which the American eavesdroppers tell the European security authorities who is still hoarding old light bulbs or menthol cigarettes in the basement.

Electric car: BMW is marching impressively consistently towards the future despite the risks

BMW i3: Electric into the future

BMW i3: Electric into the future

This is leadership! Not to be heard by those who are concerned, but unwaveringly heading towards a goal that is only vaguely visible in the fog of an uncertain future. What BMW boss Norbert Reithofer Not only announcing, but implementing against many resistances, advice and market analyzes, leaves you breathless and speechless. Half-heartedness is not his thing. No matter how the iBMW story ends in the medium term: This courage can be admired! And deserves success.

Why was Wolfgang Dürheimer replaced at Audi as head of development? Will he go back to BMW?

Wolfgang Durheimer

Wolfgang Durheimer

No, it was not alleged omissions by the development department, a lack of speed or even sleepy innovations that cost Wolfgang Dürheimer the job. Just ten months in office, even the always impatiently demanding Ferdinand Piëch would have been patient for a few months longer.

As I was assured from a very well-informed source in Dürheimer's environment, his “offense” consisted rather of having my own ideas about future Audi development work within the Volkswagen group. Dürheimer only asked for what Ferdinand Piëch had asked when he was head of Audi development: conceptual independence from VW.

BMW is serious about the electric car. Reithofer: "We are revolutionizing automotive engineering" - harsh criticism of the European Parliament

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer is absolutely electrified. He is serious when he predicts the future of electric driving. In his remarkable speech to the shareholders, he made this clear again. “Courage and pioneering spirit have brought mankind forward. They have changed history, initiated developments and

enriched our lives. In the end, what we call progress arises. It is the source of growth, employment and prosperity. ”These are sentences for eternity. And it goes on like this and I find myself getting goose bumps. Nobody else puts it that philosophically. And the best thing is: Reithofer is right.

Will auto motor and sport no longer be preferred soon?

Whoever is wondering that car engine and sport getting pretty precise at the end of a blackout period for a car presentation with the current performance on the market may seem like good timing. It is true that some press departments are inclined to adjust the blocking periods to the editorial deadline or the first day of publication of the important auto medium. In any case, this ensures that ams never has to appear later than other auto sheets with a new launch. That could change at Mercedes-Benz, because there you are over ams upset. The Mercedes press department says that accommodating blackout periods could soon be a thing of the past.