That is customer orientation: Audi is ahead of the game with the navigation update

How many times have I been annoyed that BMW as a customer neglects me when it comes to navigation updates. Not once did my seller or BMW branch point out if there was a new navigation update. As a customer, I myself have to research when a new card is available. BMW is probably on the position that a navigation update is a fault. And so it happens that with my new cars (!) I always have to make do with outdated maps after a year. It is simply annoying for me to keep searching or asking questions.

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer criticizes EU policy exceptionally clearly

BMW Reithofer 1st quarter balance sheet success BMWi

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer

Dr. Norbert Reithofer doesn't believe in authoritarianism. His natural authority makes all the more impression. While other company bosses like to warm themselves often in the light and in the opinion of the Chancellor, Reithofer relies on the power of good arguments. Often against the mainstream of Berlin and Brussels politics.

The Opel Ampera is on the verge - does this have an impact on the success of electric mobility?









Nothing is official yet. But the numbers speak a clear language. Opel's electric car Ampera is on the verge of extinction. The sister model of the American Chevrolet Volt, euphorically presented by the then Opel boss Karl-Friedrich Stracke in 2011 as a pioneer project, has probably started too expensive in the future. And it will surely soon be stored as an innovative failure in the museum of burst car dreams. Could that also happen with other electric cars like the BMW i3?

BMW wants to take action against EU decision and cut funding

The decision from Brussels that BMW should receive fewer subsidies for the BMW i3 than BMW has applied for, calculated, expected and planned is again typical of the EU. Because BMW is so successful, the company should get less money. The decision of the EU Commission against which BMW is now - consequently - taking legal action should be interpreted in this and no other way.

A super sports car, but not a super sports car: the BMW i8 largely receives praise, but is also met with skepticism

BMW i8 presentation test drive

i8 test drive on Hollywood Boulevard

The voltage in the Munich BWM four-cylinder cannot only be measured in amperes. The BMWi group of developers and marketing employees is fighting internally for recognition and is doing everything to ignore problem areas of electrification on the market and in the company. The in-house critics of the i, however, do nothing to doubt the success of the tense subsidiary brand. "Almost everyone just stares impatiently at the incoming orders in the i area, at the number of test drives booked and at the media response," says a BMW manager. “Everyone should know that such a technology change takes a long time. There is still great interest in the i3 and soon also in the i8. ”A skeptic says:“ Interest alone and test drives are not sales contracts. ”Both are right. And if you subsume the opinion of the media after the press presentation in Los Angeles, all opinions are also clear: Enthusiasm, criticism and cautious skepticism.

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer reports around 1000 i3s sold in March and relies primarily on the USA for BMW i: "We want to remain number one in the premium segment"

BMW Reithofer 1st quarter balance sheet success BMWi

BMW boss Norbert Reithofer at the i3 launch in New York

If the head of an automobile manufacturer had proudly pointed out 20 years ago that the first sports car with a three-cylinder was being built, one would have misheard. Only a slip of the tongue would have linked a three-cylinder sports car. In a telephone conference on May 6, 2014, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said exactly this sentence and was audibly proud of it. The first sports car with three cylinders! Who would have ever thought this possible. In fact, the i8, the BMW sports car with three cylinders and an electric motor, marked a kind of turning point for the white-blue brand. Nobody knows yet how quickly the times in the market will actually change and how quickly larger quantities will be sold. But the first step has been taken. In a consequence that - I repeat myself - is to be admired.

Spiegel Online makes itself once again in automotive class struggle and somehow ridiculous

"Now it comes thick" A famous green pseudonym author hits the BMW study Vision Future Luxury in the pan. Written nicely, but I think it misses the point. The camshaft lyricist writes: “BMW is currently at the top in the unofficial eco-ranking of the auto industry. The electric car i3, the hybrid sports car i8 and then also a family-friendly front-wheel drive van called 2 Active Tourer - The only thing missing is that the board announces the next quarterly figures in dungarees and Birkenstock shoes "the author jokes. "But now Bayern are making a rapid U-turn", he says. Spiegel online even sees the announcement by BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer that there will also be a BMW X7 as a gross contradiction to the eco-image of the Bavarian brand. What a nonsense. BMW leave again "Towards the pomp of oligarchs“Writes Spon. At this point, at the latest, the nonsense mutates into nonsense.

BMW Vision Future Luxury makes the future seventh visible and makes a competitor look older but not (yet) old

BMW Future Luxury: Laser light in series

BMW Future Luxury: Laser light creates technological elegance

At the auto show in Beijing, BMW not only unveiled a study, but also gave very clear indications of the next seven. The BMW “Vision Future Luxury” concept embodies 80 to 90 percent of the next seven, which will be presented at the 2015 IAA, at least in terms of design.

Who is really a worldwide premium champion? For the time being, Mercedes-Benz remains a successful third behind Audi and BMW

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz each time and again call themselves premium leaders in different vehicle classes or individual markets. The intention is to give the impression that the respective brand is the world champion in the top segment. The spokesmen for the brands never say the falsehood, but they communicate rhetorically skilfully past reality. And if you analyze the monthly communicated success figures, they are all right when they claim the top position in a country market or vehicle segment.

When the diesels learned to walk, they were still seen as smoking bores - BMW ventured into the world of auto-ignition and is now at the forefront

This is what it looked like in the engine compartment of the BMW 524 td

This is what it looked like in the engine compartment of the BMW 524 td

"For God's sake," a gas station attendant shouted at me in 1983, "You fill up with DIESEL!" His emergency call was not meant badly, but rather the discreet reference to a car-driving idiot who in his five-man BMW didn't know that BMW ultimately only built gasoline engines . I was able to reassure the man by looking at the operating manual, but I still felt that I was stunned. He just couldn't believe that there should now be a BMW with a diesel. I thought I saw him shake his head in the rearview mirror. I was on a test drive with the newly introduced BMW 524td.

Have car faces become too aggressive? Can't Mini offer an SUV? The Munich vehicle design professor Peter Naumann criticizes the variety of models of the brands and too much similarity within the brands

BMW i8: is the face too aggressive?

BMW i8: is the face too aggressive?

As is well known, it is not only possible to argue about taste but also to write. Munich design professor Peter Naumann also knows this. In the daily newspaper Die Welt, he now criticizes that the different model series at Audi, for example, look too similar and that the faces of our cars looked increasingly aggressive. Too aggressive for his taste. Right or wrong?

ADAC scandal and no end: It is no longer just a matter of attracted numbers of participants - education has to go deeper - industry complains about inflation of car prices

A colleague reported to me at the weekend that not only the number of entries to the Yellow Angel had been inflated, but also the order of individual test results. The colleague used to be an ADAC tester himself and had been bullied out of office in an argument with PR chief Ramstetter, as he himself says. However, he had no doubt that the Golf was actually able to get the most votes this year. Even if it was only 3400. “Above all, test results are manipulated for accessories, tires, child seats, ski racks. Yes, the failure of a Dacia, which was picked up in the FAZ, was deliberately provoked because Mr. Ramstetter "didn't like the brand".

ADAC AutoMarxX: BMW clearly in first place in the image ranking ahead of Audi and Mercedes-Benz - A differentiated view of the individual criteria holds surprises

Up to the nineties, it would have been inconceivable for old Daimler managers: that the Mercedes-Benz brand that Daimler had sold to Volkswagen in the XNUMXs (then Auto Union) could overtake. Because, in the opinion of the then CEO Joachim Zahn, premium and mass products could not be successfully managed under one roof and because Daimler needed money to build a truck factory.

Three former top managers are to bring automotive expertise to the Daimler Supervisory Board - now only Linde boss Wolfgang Reitzle is missing, but he is not coming

Ex-BMW and VW board member Bernd Pischetsrieder should bring car competence to the Daimler supervisory board

Ex-BMW and VW board member Bernd Pischetsrieder should bring car competence to the Daimler supervisory board

This was a surprise for many: Daimler will bring ex-BMW and ex-VW boss Bernd Pischetsrieder, ex-Bosch manager Bernd Bohr and Siemens boss Joe Kaeser to the supervisory board next year. This is to meet demands from shareholder groups for more auto competence on the Daimler Supervisory Board. Linde boss and car guy Wolfgang Reitzle has been addressed, but is not coming (for the time being?).

BMW i3 on and in front of the Los Angeles auto show: Test drive marketing in front of the Staples Center delights Americans


BMW invited Americans to take an i3 test drive in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles Photos: Kai Groschupf

“Driving electric is fantastic,” says John Waleski, restaurant operator San Francisco, after a test drive with the BMW i3. Like him, other interested parties who came in front of the Staples Center In Los Angeles took the opportunity to drive the i3 through LA Downtown. BMW had given a few hundred people the opportunity to feel the electrified pulse of the i3 during the auto show.

The BMW One stands for the high design art of not wanting to please at first glance

Not to start a driving report about driving must be allowed at this point. Because beyond the driving experience, I have had completely different experiences with the one.

Aesthetic understatement: BMW 125 d

Aesthetic understatement: BMW 125 d

When I first saw the new one, I was a little disappointed. Not spectacular, not exciting, a bit too adaptable and well-behaved, all in all, inconspicuousness.

What a mistake!