BMW 730d: the best sevens ever - not counting the future

The sixth generation continues to represent the top range of the BMW brand in the sixth generation. In the everlasting German competition with the S-Class from Mercedes and the Audi A8, the top is still clearly structured: The S-Class remains the undisputed world class leader. The current sevens, which we tried as the 730d xDrive, didn't change that.

It could hardly be more intelligent: Ingenious Mercedes spot for the 100th birthday of BMW

Shorter, more concise, intelligent, cheeky, subtle, friendly, personable, respectful, self-confident and confident you can hardly congratulate a competitor on his 100th birthday. Mercedes-Benz has dealt with the Spot “He's a Jolly good Fellow” won a top spot on the sympathy scale, which is open to the top. And at the same time expressed that it is not so easy to catch up with a 30-year lead. One would have to say correctly: we had to catch up. BMW has long since made up for its 30-year lead. Because Bayern have been ahead in many criteria for a few years now, which will probably not be sustained, because Mercedes-Benz has just started to overtake again.

German manufacturers are starting 2016 with a plus worldwide


The German car manufacturers can definitely count the last year as a great success. Even if some brands show weakness globally, they were able to grow in other markets. Overall, numerous crises are to blame for the fact that there is no continuous boom. But the restart into 2016 can be seen as encouraging for everyone. Nevertheless, a few uncertainties loom on the horizon that could at least slow down the optimistic outlook. However, there is no reason to be pessimistic.

BMW shows on the CES touchscreen without fingerprints

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES, January 6 to 9, 2016) in Las Vegas, the BMW Group shows in the form of a vision car what the interior and user interface of the future could look like. The progressive networking of drivers, vehicles and the environment is becoming ever more intensive and enables new services. An example of new technologies in seamlessly networked vehicles is the AirTouch feature for intuitive control of entertainment, navigation and communication functions using simple gestures with the palm of your hand. With AirTouch, the display in the vehicle can be operated like a touchscreen without having to touch the surface. Sensors record the hand movements in the area between the center console and the interior mirror; This means that the driver or front passenger can change the focus on the surface of the large panorama display. The corresponding menu item is selected or a button activated by simple confirmation.

What I noticed at and after the IAA ... Car manufacturers are more than sheet metal benders!

The stupidest heading is on Spiegel online:"Sheet metal benders become digital corporations" What a devaluation of engineering performance! The verbal wording due to the exaggerated exaggeration is absolute nonsense. Did the vehicle designers actually only bend sheet metal, didn't they always make cars safer? Hasn't our car improved impressively in every detail over the past 20 years? Just bend through the sheet? A little more respect would also be appropriate for car critics.

The balancing act between automakers between customer requirements and CO2 legislation

The half-year figures of the manufacturers signal slightly skeptical question marks regarding the future. This has not only to do with the fact that the future is fundamentally beyond our knowledge, but also with current experience in the world's markets. And with the increasingly sharp CO2-Limits.

In his half-year speech, BMW boss Harald Krüger pointed out the problem areas right at the start: China, Russia, Brazil and, last but not least, the stranglehold of increasingly challenging CO2-Limit values ​​that in places touch the border area to the physical illusion. The latter in particular costs a lot of money.

The new BMW 7 Series: where are the design leaps and real innovations?

Actually, the new seven at the IAA should see the light of the public for the first time in September. The printing of many Erlkönig photos and the successful Mercedes S-Class then prompted BMW to statically pull the cloth off the new model in the BMW Welt in Munich on June 10th.

The fact that the photos have now reached the public earlier is probably due to a communication accident. BMW Austria obviously accidentally clicked on “publish” too early. about (probably the best-informed BMW Insider website), the pictures and information were then brought into the world via numerous online portals.

BMW 435d xDrive Gran Coupé: More sports cars with diesel power

There are many cars that impress. Few that inspire. And even less, which, with all the dynamic fun, are content with less than nine liters per 100 km. The BMW 435d xDrive Gran Coupé is of exactly that driving quality that sums up everything that we can call unlimited driving pleasure. The question arises: we need more

Schwacke- “Wertmeister 2015”: The forecast of value retention is not a guarantee

Almost all automakers are happy these days because one or more of their models are from Schwacke and Autobild was chosen as the "value master". Basically, the Wertmeister list is as reliable as the weather forecast for next year.

The “Wertmeister” titles are not a guarantee promise. This should not be overlooked with all the joy of the "value masters" among car buyers. The manufacturers do not praise themselves, but only communicate what the specialist journal Autobild and used car analyst Schwacke have determined (want) for the twelfth time: the so-called “value master”. In other words, the vehicle model that (probably) has the least loss of value in four years and can therefore be considered “stable”.

Jaguar Land Rover: Two ex-BMW managers promote the Indian-English miracle

Ford tried and failed. BMW tried and gave up. Ironically, the Tata Group from what feels like an auto-developing country, India, which has been owned by the two British luxury brands since 2008, proves to the established premium manufacturers what potential Jaguar and Land Rover have.

The development of Jaguar Land Rover (as the company is now called) is impressive. Not because the company wants to sell 500.000 vehicles worldwide this year and has grown continuously for five years. But because the quality has increased significantly under the new management. And why? Because the company doesn't talk about saving all the time, but invests in quality and new models. This can also be felt in the new Discovery Sport.

On the road in the BMW 435i Cabrio: headroom to the sun is an issue, especially in winter

Who thinks of driving a convertible in wintry temperatures? Lots! Because if you ask experienced car sellers, most convertibles are not ordered in spring or summer, but during the cold season. The longing for those 150.000 million kilometers of headroom to the sun is most pronounced when it shines the shortest.

When we set off in late summer in the BMW 435i Cabrio, snow and black ice were just vague terms, not a realistic risk. The air smelled of meadow freshness and old woman sun.

BMW eliminates the need to search for a parking space in the parking garage

If the car manufacturers' announcements always refer to 2020 or even 2025 when it comes to the market readiness for automated driving, this is true, but more due to the reticence than the actual planning. "We could go into autonomous driving with auto-pilots in series tomorrow if we talk about technology," a senior engineer from a premium manufacturer told me last week.

Toyota's next bang will hit the market in 2015: the fuel cell

When Toyota launched the Hybrid Prius around 14 years ago, even experts and well-known car developers felt compelled to smile at this technology as a programmed failure. Two drive motors in a car would be the most inefficient form of mobility, vehicle developers said in unison. But the market wanted hybrids and got them. First only from Toyota, then from

Akio Toyoda introduces the Mirai in a video message

Akio Toyoda introduces the Mirai in a video message

everyone else too.

On the road in the BMW i8: how much future can the present take?

This question is not just meant rhetorically. In fact, my first intensive encounter with the BMW i8 is also a test that literally seems tense. Does this car manage to free us from prejudice?

This is the crux of all vehicles that are live and should make us believe that we can save the world. In fact, we are only saving the fulfillment of EU consumption targets defined in the blue. Without electric vehicles, these limits for maximum fleet consumption cannot be achieved by any manufacturer. And besides: In fact, we will have to renounce oil because it will eventually come to an end beyond any ideology. The i8 is the carbon-based belief that driving pleasure is preserved in any case.