The Hyundai i30 comes to Paris with a razor-sharp design leap

At first glance, it could also be an Audi. Only the dominant Hyundai logo in the "single-frame grill" makes it clear that a Korean is showing his face. Have the designers copied from Audi? Yes and no, one can say frankly about the new i30, which was developed in Europe, by the way.

The creator of the single frame grill at Audi is the designer responsible for the i30. The similarity to Audi fronts is therefore no coincidence. “The new Hyundai i30 is a vehicle for everyone. For the design of the new generation of our compact, we not only looked at one customer, but also focused on many different needs, ”explains Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Design Officer Hyundai Motor Group. "Our design language has evolved significantly with this model and helps our most popular model with the redesigned cascade grille for an adult appearance." Hear it personally here:

Is the Volkswagen scandal accelerating the turnaround in engines?

One might think that the discovery of the Mogel software in VW diesels was initiated by the e-car lobby. In fact, the electric drive pants suddenly get going. The federal government is even discussing financial support for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

It's like the famous wingbeat of the butterfly, which according to the chaos theory can trigger a hurricane. The consequences of the fatal exhaust gas manipulation are not foreseeable. Not just for Volkswagen, but for the entire automotive universe.