Million Euros

Dear "Handelsblatt": Rolls-Royce is simply not Rolls-Royce

Why is journalism in a credibility crisis? Also because work is sometimes done very superficially. Even with renowned newspapers like the Handelsblatt.

Everyone makes mistakes. But it is embarrassing when such a serious hammer is printed. The Handelsblatt author in Bangkok certainly didn't know that Rolls-Royce is for the layout designer or graphic designer. In order to illustrate the article that Rolls-Royce has agreed to pay a fine of 755 million euros, the symbol that was chosen was chosen as an illustration and has nothing to do with the fine: the Rolls-Royce hood ornament Emily.

"There is simply the worm in it" - Mercedes has recall problems with its "miracle engine"

In 2008, the four-cylinder OM 651 diesel was praised by its creators as a "miracle engine" that even made it into the S-Class in 2010. With the four-cylinder, Mercedes Development Board member Thomas Weber wanted to prove that the large luxury sedan from Mercedes-Benz can also be operated spiritedly and economically. In terms of the theoretical values, this corresponded to reality. With 204 hp, a maximum torque of 500 Newton meters and a consumption of around five liters, even the S-Class format can be moved properly.

BMW wants to take action against EU decision and cut funding

The decision from Brussels that BMW should receive fewer subsidies for the BMW i3 than BMW has applied for, calculated, expected and planned is again typical of the EU. Because BMW is so successful, the company should get less money. The decision of the EU Commission against which BMW is now - consequently - taking legal action should be interpreted in this and no other way.