If it comes to the media, we don't need criminal courts in Germany

Even if the phrase "presumption of innocence" is repeatedly added, it is sufficient for most journalists if a public prosecutor has brought charges to convict a delinquent. Whether suspected diesel fraud at Daimler or bringing charges against Martin Winterkorn: for most media they are considered guilty.

Let us just remember the charges against ex-Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking. Ten years ago, the public prosecutor's office investigated him for breach of trust and market manipulation. The Stuttgart district court initially did not want to admit the complaint, but the case was then referred to an economic criminal chamber by the higher regional court. The prosecution ordered two and a half years in prison, but the court acquitted Wiedeking with splendor and glory. "There is nothing in the allegations of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office, nothing - neither in the front, nor in the back, nor in the middle," judge Frank Maurer, the judge at the Stuttgart district court. Nevertheless, the public prosecutor's office requested a face-to-face appeal, but withdrew it. Even then, many media had quasi-guilty the ex-Porsche boss in numerous articles.

Daimler in the exhaust sump again under pressure - heavy mortgage for Zetsche's successor Källenius

The double victory in the Formula 1 race in China could have been so nice if Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche hadn't been confronted with bitterly nasty questions on Friday about new allegations of having installed illegal exhaust gas software.

As reported by “Bild am Sonntag”, the Federal Motor Transport Authority has allegedly discovered software in the GLK 220 CDI, which, as a so-called “coolant setpoint temperature control”, is intended to ensure that the limit values ​​for nitrogen oxides are complied with in the New European Test Cycle (NEDC). The function is deactivated in road operation and the limit of 180 milligrams per kilometer is significantly exceeded.

Guest contribution by Holger Douglas: “EU Parliament decides to abolish the car”

In the future, cars will only be able to consume an average of 2,6 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. One can doubt whether this is technically feasible. The political intent is pretty clear: the EU is striving to end private transport with combustion engines.

The EU Parliament voted with a clear majority to abolish the German automotive industry. Nothing else can be interpreted from the new decision that the emission of CO2of new cars must be reduced by 2030 percent compared to 37,5 by 2021.

Toyota Corolla: old name new technology

(Auto) names are obviously not smoke and mirrors. In any case, the name Toyota Corolla has a very good sound. Its name stands for reliability and economy worldwide. The best-selling car in the world now appears with the old name, but with completely new hybrid technology. The name Auris will soon be forgotten.

The Corolla (of Corolla, although the name sounds so feminine) the bread and butter car of the Japanese par excellence. In the USA in particular, it has been one of the most popular cars in its segment since its introduction.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess relies on e-planning and ignores an important principle

VW is pushing the electric car. And even more vehemently than a year ago. And the VW boss is asking the other automobile companies to drop the principle of openness to technology that was previously considered sacrosanct. No wonder that leading car managers are storming the taboo break.

“The fact that VW of all people wants to set the technological pace in the future is a perfidious kind of arrogance that the industry cannot actually accept. VW - the mother of almost all of our credibility problems as the pacesetter for drive technology. That is downright bold. ”So a senior manager of a Bavarian automobile manufacturer who does not want to be named. "I'm not a coward, but as a senior engineer I have to hold back publicly, although I've been very angry with VW since the exhaust gas fraud became known." The fraud has damaged the entire industry, so it should not be that everyone "behind VW should march ”.

Guest contribution from UTR: Indulgence payments by German manufacturers for unproven allegations of cartel?

What is going on in Brussels? What is it about the highly acclaimed EU? Who sets which economic course there? Why should only German car manufacturers be asked to checkout?

Should Germany's economic growth be slowed down? With the topic of lowering the limit value and "healthy air" Germany is to be slowed down at EU level. "Driving bans would then be expected in almost 100 German cities," says Horst Roosen, member of the board of UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | in front.

Volvo is pushing the (speed) limit

If there was an Oscar in the auto industry for a high-profile bang, Volvo would have deserved at least one nomination. As with the first PR coup, when Volvo boss Hakan Samuelson announced the move away from diesel and quasi from the combustion engine in 2017, so now when he declared a Volvo speed limit of 2020 km / h as the company's strategy from 180.

Volvo landed a first-class PR coup in 2017 with the electric motor announcement. The announcement could also be called technology populism. All over the country, the media spread this as Volvo's total exit from the combustion engine. And once again, the German premium manufacturers appeared in many publications as the sleepyheads, who only hesitantly followed the “climate-friendly” zeitgeist and continued to rely on diesel and petrol engines.

How long will Hiltrud Werner be able to remain on the VW board?

Can the board of directors of a Dax company warn against the election of a party represented in the Bundestag? "This statement must and will have consequences for Ms. Werner," a VW manager tells us. Hiltrud Werner had "clearly crossed borders" with her warning to choose the AfD.

"It was the board member responsible for compliance that violated these rules," says the VW manager. "Even their rather arrogant appearance in the matter of diesel lawsuits in the Handelsblatt is an insolence towards our customers." Werner had recently pulled off the leather in the Handelsblatt rather arrogantly and legally based on the fact that customers had "neither suffered losses nor damage through Dieselgate." regret that VW diesel drivers feel cheated, but there is no legal basis for complaints from their point of view. In addition, all affected vehicles are "safe and ready to drive".

Guest contribution by the UTR: The charity association environmental aid should also be discussed

In any case, after the Federal Fiscal Court's ruling that Attac should be deprived of its charitable status, there should be an urgent question as to whether the association “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” eV should not necessarily also be deprived of its charitable status UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV We strongly support this.

The big mistake about charity. Where there is a charity there is often no common good! Nonprofit is primarily a tax benefit. The non-profit character in Germany is defined by the tax code (AO). According to Section 52, Paragraph 1 of the Tax Code, it pursues “a corporation for charitable purposes if its activity is aimed at selflessly promoting the general public in material, intellectual or moral fields.

When the “moderator” answers the questions he asked himself

Markus Lanz is an impertinence. If his guests weren't that interesting often, the show would certainly have fewer viewers. If he asks questions and then takes over the answer himself, it becomes clear that he is a zero number as moderator.

When he recently had a visit to pulmonary specialist Professor Dieter Köhler, Lanz tried again and again to put his own opinion on fine dust in the specialist's mouth. Assisted by the SPD health expert Professor Karl Lauterbach, Lanz believed he could put Koehler on the cross. But he argued back sharply. However, it was clear in the fine dust discussion, which turned into a nitrogen oxide question from time to time, who was at the longer lever. Opinion leadership naturally claims Lanz, the man with his perma smile with nothing behind it but teeth like to snatch up the conversation with stubborn interlocutors immediately, interrupts, interrupts the respondents and leaves little room for contradictions.

The "new" VW Passat is an old friend

Although the face-lifted Passat hardly appears to have changed on the outside, the regular customers will not be prevented from accessing it again. The elegant bestseller in the company fleets has been lifted above all in terms of digital technology.

It has rolled off the assembly line 1973 million times since 30. The Passat of today has nothing in common with the first model except four wheels and the names. In the “new” Passat, the driver is now supported by assistance systems that were previously completely unknown in this class. In addition, VW has given the 2019 Passat with Travel Assist the option of being able to drive partially automated at cruising speeds of up to 219 km / h - a world premiere. The system is classified under the umbrella brand IQ.DRIVE, under which all assistance systems will be bundled in the future. We are excited to see how the system behaves in road traffic. To date, the specialist lifted Passat has only been presented statically.

Reading tip: The smarter sheet gives way

The man was a genius few knew. He was a benefactor of unimaginable proportions, because his numerous inventions for car safety still save lives today. Béla baréyni is the guardian angel of millions of drivers.

He had the idea of ​​the crumple zone. This groundbreaking idea caused a revolution. Sixty years ago, in September 60, the crumple zone at Mercedes - and thus the first car manufacturer - went into series production. There is now an e-book * worth reading about the incredible life's work of this super brain. Nobody has cared more about car safety than Béla barényi. Ernst Fiala, who holds a doctorate in engineering and was a neighbor of Barényi's office at Mercedes for a while and later head of development at VW, said about him: “Basically, everything he thought was patent-ready”… “On average, he applied for an international patent every day . “There were more than 2000.

Greens politicians are pushing “limit deniers” into the corner of the Reich citizens

Finally, competent voices against the limit madness are loud! It is a success of reason that a hundred pulmonary specialists started a long overdue discussion with their massive criticism of limit values ​​based on green ideology. And that the lawyers of the Verkehrsgerichtstag are now advocating scientifically substantiating or reviewing the limit values, gives hope that the warning association Environmental Aid could soon also fail in court.

“We have had to hear from the association long enough that the purely ideologically set low limit for nitrogen oxide and fine dust corresponds to scientific truth. Finally, this insanity has at least been shown the limits in its undisputed naturalness. ”The pulmonologist from Weilheim considers the so-called“ environmental aid ”to be a“ collection of populist left-wing Greens ”who“ secretly laugh at each other ”, the whole nation in one way Being able to take hostage.

Green ideological limit value madness must be stopped

"The green ideological limit value madness can only be brought down with a protest storm of citizens", is the UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV convinced.

The limit values ​​for nitrogen oxide of 40 milligrams per cubic meter are purely ideology and light years away from a real health risk. But the limit set by the EU Commission seems inviolable like a holy cow. What the EU has decided can no longer be described with reasonable guidelines, but rather cries out for a storm of protest from the citizens, the association board member Horst Roosen appeals to the public.

Audi e-tron: Off to the desert or the Sound of Silence

When Audi sends journalists into the desert, it is not to be understood in terms of media policy. Rather, it is about putting the very special newcomers in the Audi portfolio through a kind of special test. And it is indeed impressive to experience the automotive future in the e-tron querwüstein around Abu Dhabi.

To say it in advance: As a battery skeptic, it is extremely difficult to ignore the positive experiences in the new Audi e-tron. One of the reasons for this is, of course, that the Audi press department has ruled out any e-car problems when introducing the driver. The range question does not arise because the

How the German environmental aid association pulls Germany through the legal ring at the nose ring

Why doesn't anyone stop the madness that costs German drivers and taxpayers billions just because ideologically established threshold values ​​have become the mantra of left-wing enemies?

The judgments leading to driving bans may appear legally unassailable, but they are not, as a traffic lawyer credibly confirms. "Please don't give my name, because then I'll be finished," says the civil servant from the haze of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport. The key word that could shake up all judgments in this regard is simply “proportionality”. This was not given in any of the driving bans imposed.