Guest contribution by UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | e. V. What do the Germans have from a CO2 tax?

German motorists have always been the nation's milking cow. What do you get from your taxes and duties? Broken roads, dilapidated bridges, traffic jams without end but an almost complete monitoring of their behavior in road traffic. Cash is also paid here in the name of traffic safety.

With a CO2Tax will also be put into your wallet considerably, but the climate will remain unaffected. Shutting down nuclear energy has a much greater negative impact on the climate than car traffic. Although a CO2Tax has practically no impact on the environment, it has been written more or less "trendy". Evidence that a CO2Tax for Germany could reduce global warming, but has so far been owed.

The crazy warning club "Environmental Aid" calls for pre-arrest for Greens Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann

One thing you have to let the German Environmental Aid Association do: it always knows how to get Germany excited by the media. The latest demand, however, crowns the barrel in the face. All of a green prime minister and his CDU interior minister Strobl are to be put into custody because they do not - zag-zack - implement the demands of the club to also ban driving on Euro 5 diesel.

However, it is unfortunately the case that the “environmental workers” know the law on their side and, with the help of German courts, are allowed to stretch it to the point of absurdity. The judges can not be criticized (with a few exceptions), because they adhere to legal requirements, which were often formulated ideologically and arbitrarily, but must be legally respected.

Toyota GR Supra: The yellow of the egg

The fact that company boss Akio Toyoda likes to move around the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring under a pseudonym at racing pace cannot leave the company strategy untouched. The result of Toyoda's racing ambitions are not only impressive lap times, but also the revival of the Toyota sports coupe Supra.

The formally impressive sports coupe was created in close collaboration with BMW, where the technical basis rolls off the assembly line in a different form than the Z4. Although many parts are taken from Bavaria, we are dealing with two completely different characters. The comfort-oriented Bayer on the one hand and the quasi-successor to the legendary Toyota 2000 GT, which had thrilled sports car fans around the world as a super sports car from Japan in 1967, are fundamentally different. The new GR Supra not only shows a classy outfit from the outside, but also reveals its sporty racing genes in terms of driving dynamics.

Pissed: Shitstorm for Mercedes-Benz

Anyone who is responsible for this PR Twitter faux pas at Mercedes-Benz can be sorry. Either he wanted to fight against the widespread climate hysteria with a satirical Rittberger or he comes from a different universe, where humor can still be communicated relaxed and politically incorrect.

In this case, Shit-Storm is an understatement, which is sprinkled on the PR department at Mercedes-Benz. "It's already a tsunami that we caught there," says a PR employee.

Audi SQ8 TDI: A top-class diesel statement

With the V8 diesel in the SQ8 TDI, Audi has raised the level of self-ignition to new heights. The high-tech highlight of traditional combustion culture leaves no doubt that the diesel still has the best days ahead of it despite all the doom calls.

The PR heralds of the automakers have to master the communicative balancing act between a still questionable electrical future and the development peaks of conventional piston engines. This is also the case at Audi, where the innovative e-tron was only recently launched and a legendary V8 diesel in the SQ8 TDI has now raised the self-igniter crossbar to a level where the air is very thin. The communicators of these contradictory approaches are not to be envied. Let's hope that none of the ladies and gentlemen drifts into schizophrenia.

Climate change discussion: The C02 tax works like the indulgence trade in the Middle Ages

Anyone who believes that a "climate protection tax" "saves" the climate also believes that the trade in indulgences led to fewer sinners in the 16th century. While the policy on a C02- Tax disputes, the most absurd proposals regarding climate hysteria come to the surface of a public that is close to a heat collapse.

The warm summer is wind for the mills of the climate ideologists who believe that the heat records already indicate the end of humanity on the horizon. No news program, no talk show, no sermon without reference to “the challenge of climate change”. But anyone who thinks that climate hysteria would have reached a peak should be wrong. On the contrary: it increases in increasingly absurd demands.

Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDi: also a real sports car as a diesel

Considered many times with design and other prices, the Kia Stinger is still an exotic on our streets. The Korean Gran Turismo is not only an eye-catcher, it also signals sophisticated individuality.

Its sporty design is not fake, but absolutely authentic. The elegant four-door is a sports coupe of the purest water, a Gran Turismo like from the car quartet. Formally successful, provided with sporty details that set clear accents without being pretentious. Kia undoubtedly delivered a masterpiece of design in the Stinger. It may be because the Korean brand molds in the in-house design center in Frankfurt, in any case the formal charisma of the Stinger hits the center of good taste.

Guest contribution by Holger Douglas on the CO2 tax: The air should be taxed

Climate alarmism has now taken on religious features. And since, as with any religion, you only have to repeat everything often enough for people to believe it, the same nonsense has been roaring over our beautiful planet for years. Three-year-olds are shouting like Tibetan prayer wheels: "We want to have CO2!"

BMW development chief Klaus Fröhlich: Customers in Europe don't want electric cars!

That a BMW board of directors contradicts the company's own product strategy has schizophrenic undertones. However, Klaus Fröhlich only speaks what engineers have been saying for a long time at ALL car manufacturers: Nobody really believes in the battery-powered electric car. "Above all, the customers don't believe in it," is heard. Range, charging time and infrastructure remain the biggest hurdles.

It cannot be assumed that the BMW board of directors could have leaned too far out of the window at a BMW event. The fact that he is now backpedaling publicly is probably due to the fact that he was subjected to harsh criticism in the four-cylinder. After all, Fröhlich contradicted the official e-strategy of the company with striking honesty.

According to the new ECJ judgment: Exhaust gas measurements soon on every street?

With its latest ruling, the European Court of Justice seems to be chasing every exhaust gas molecule that exceeds the current average values ​​as an absolute value.

This realignment could exacerbate the previous measuring station scenario in such a way that there may be further driving bans. Because it is no longer the mean values ​​that are measured over a longer period of time, but occasional exceedances of the limit values ​​can violate EU law and thus lead to driving bans. There is no question that the environmental aid association will file further lawsuits, after all it has the highest European court behind it.

Merkel was right: there will be no toll with her - at least for the time being.

Nobody expected the judgment of the European Court of Justice. The bang from Luxembourg is regarded by many as a resounding slap in the face for the federal government. The General Prosecutor at the ECJ, Nils Wahl, formulated that there may be other opinions on this. He had recently ruled out discrimination against foreigners by the German toll plans, recommended that the toll plans be approved and the Austrian lawsuit rejected.

The Chancellor is now delighted to assume that her sentence, "There will be no car toll with me" is true, is speculation, but it cannot be dismissed. Even if the Minister of Transport is now considering whether the legal hurdles can be removed by abolishing the vehicle tax and introducing a toll for everyone, Merkel's sentence set in stone would remain valid. Because even during their reign, a legally compliant toll would no longer be realizable. A toll is far from the table.

Long live the diesel: why we think the Audi S6 TDI is great

In times of green populist diesel bashing, a ride in the new Audi S6 TDI sedan is a kind of aphrodisiac in terms of individual mobility. The dynamics of the drive with honor-based compliance with all current limit values ​​leads any diesel criticism to absurdity. It would be fatal and politically incorrect if we had to do without this type of diesel in the future.

On our test drive, we enjoy the unprecedented dynamics of the V6 propellant, which initially increases gently when accelerating in order to reach the torque peak of 2.500 Newton meters at 700 rpm without a turbo lag. The thrust mediated in this way makes you breathless, at least it impresses because it appears so elegantly, with a sonorous sound, but turbine-like ease of turning and vehemence. This is physical "sustainability" that doesn't seem to end.

Guest article by Peter Schwerdtmann: Are battery cars a wrong way?

Is the path to electromobility with batteries only a temporary solution? Or should we not immediately rely on hydrogen technology, which generates the electricity for the electric motor in the vehicle. Toyota, Bosch and others consider the battery car an interim solution that is a detour to the future.

You have to be lucky. Toyota got lucky with the idea to roll a good part of the 64 Mirai fuel cell vehicles available in Germany in a kind of star trip from Berlin or Cologne to Hamburg. Problem-free driving, long range and the quick refueling should be the learning goal. At the same time, remarkable things happened in Hamburg. The prime ministers and mayors of the northern German states and Hanseatic cities announced a pact in favor of the hydrogen economy.

Bosch sets the CO2 bar very high - but there is also a little hypocrisy

What Bosch boss Dr. Volkmar Denner announced that he was equally impressed by the industry and the media: "Bosch will be climate neutral worldwide by 2020!" However, this climate neutrality announced for next year only applies to the company and its 400 plants themselves. Not to the products produced.

It's actually clear, but a hint of hypocrisy resonates with it, so promise climate neutrality. Other industrial companies will certainly follow suit. But that sounds a bit like if Airbus and Boeing or a car manufacturer would also promise climate neutrality. The products sold by all of these companies are by no means CO2-neutral. Whether they have to be is another matter.

Maybritt Illner takes a wrong note and describes people as "climate pests"

If this term had been used by a politician of the right spectrum, the cries of the good people would be unmistakable. But when a talk show icon adopts a term from the Nazi language, there is hardly any protest. Not even from Illner's green conversation partner Robert Habeck.

It is hard to argue that it is absolutely inappropriate to call people who are not prepared to submit to climate hysteria vermin. Talking Queen Illner made a massive mistake in her choice of words in her talk round on May 2, 2019, there can be no doubt about that. To blame your right-wing attitude would, however, be completely incorrect and unjust. Nevertheless, she should apologize for what she has slipped verbally in her often superficial chatter attitude.

Comment from Holger Douglas: BGH - Association of German environmental aid may continue to cash in

The Federal Court of Justice gives the environmental aid association right: Another slap in the face for hard-working car dealers who are threatened by the diesel scandal. The green network works closely.

The controversial warning association »Deutsche Umwelthilfe eV« may presumably continue to warn and cash in companies. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe announced this today after initial deliberations.