BMW i3 on and in front of the Los Angeles auto show: Test drive marketing in front of the Staples Center delights Americans


BMW invited Americans to the i3 test drive in front of the Staples Center in Los Angeles Photos: Kai Groschupf

“Driving electric is fantastic,” says John Waleski, restaurant operator San Francisco, after a test drive with the BMW i3. Like him, other interested parties who came in front of the Staples Center In Los Angeles took the opportunity to drive the i3 through LA Downtown. BMW had given a few hundred people the opportunity to feel the electrified pulse of the i3 during the auto show.

The environmental expert Axel Friedrich and his strange theses - about the CO2 compromise: "Without coercion, there is no development."

Dr. Axel Friedrich

Dr. Axel Friedrich

Axel Friedrich, former department head at the Federal Environment Agency, has always been a keen critic of the auto industry. The chemist with a doctorate is considered to be a persuader in matters Carbon dioxide reduction. Ironically, the then Federal Minister for the Environment, Siegmar Gabriel, made him responsible for the breakdown with retrofitted but sometimes ineffective diesel soot filters. Wrongly, as those involved know today.

His arguments were and still are shaped by the typical ideology that basically considers driving a devil's stuff, and that drums with the terminology of applied environmental awareness. Again in an interview with Spiegel online.

Another new image for Opel cannot be the solution, because the old one has just been renewed

Opel logo 160x160“First the image, then the product,” explains Tina Müller, the new head of Opel Marketing in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche. A dramatic misjudgment. Without a product substance, a new image can only disappoint.
The 44-year-old from Rhineland is optically undoubtedly an intelligent addition to Germany's board of directors. It comes from the cosmetics industry, in which the product image is more important than the product. Opel should not transfer this knowledge to the Opel brand.
As can be seen in the interview, Tina Müller is not only in office for 100 days, she has also learned a lot from automobiles. "I can have a say," she says after a crash course Car technology. On the second working day, she managed to watch a commercial with Jürgen Klopp. The advertising agency Scholz and Friends, however, have briefed them and focused on new content. “If you have an image problem with a brand, you have to work on it first and only then advertise the product in the second place,” says Müller.
Opel measures its image values ​​every four weeks, and they have been rising since July. Tina Müller knows that Opel is mainly bought by older people: "We have to appeal to younger customers," she is convinced.
And then comes what has to come when someone from the cosmetics industry switches to the auto industry, which should not be a rating, but a reference to a lack of experience in the auto sector. Tina Müller says she wants to position Opel “more in the lifestyle area”. This will bring younger customers, more women and will “upgrade the brand with its social structure”. This should happen among other things with the rock singer Bryan Adams from Canada, who is also a photographer and will photograph the Opel "Adam" for a calendar with the title "Adam & Eve". In addition, Adams redesigned an Adam and this will be exhibited with photos in a Munich gallery. In January Opel and Adam and the Ampera will organize the service for VIPs at the Berlin Bread & Butter fashion fair.
It is more than questionable whether it is right for Opel to follow these long-established paths towards fashion and lifestyle from other brands. At least with the high risk of ineffectiveness. When asked by Wirtschaftswoche that an image shift towards a youthful lifestyle has not yet clarified what the brand stands for, Tina Müller does not really reply in an original way: "First and foremost for German engineering." Because that is indeed too little is to position the German, but American-led Opel brand, Müller adds: “Opel also stands for good, expressive, very emotional design. The problem was that the core of the brand was later watered down and constantly changed. ”
The fact that the Opel image has been “repositioned” over and over again in recent years actually speaks for letting it go now. It is undoubtedly correct that Opel, with BVB trainer Jürgen Klopp, hired an ambassador that exactly matches the target group. But only in Germany. Müller knows that too.
It is also clear to the new CEO that the claim “We live cars” should not be changed again. Nevertheless, her intention of the youthful lifestyle image she is aiming for sounds a little too banal. Not to say naive. All car brands have somewhere and somehow the topic of young lifestyle on the agenda. It didn't really work. Hardly any brand was able to score great. As far as Opel is concerned, I am somewhat disappointed that no other, no original and no product-oriented approach is being followed. Opel's new director could have shown that in Rüsselsheim you don't just cook with water. But also with communicative ideas. VIP shuttle to a fashion fair, photographs of a rock singer, and a few youthful approaches are a little bit to save Opel. Tina Müller wants to be measured by whether the Opel image has improved significantly within two years.

The BMW One stands for the high design art of not wanting to please at first glance

Not to start a driving report about driving must be allowed at this point. Because beyond the driving experience, I have had completely different experiences with the one.

Aesthetic understatement: BMW 125 d

Aesthetic understatement: BMW 125 d

When I first saw the new one, I was a little disappointed. Not spectacular, not exciting, a bit too adaptable and well-behaved, all in all, inconspicuousness.

What a mistake!

The Daimler skyscraper has been dilapidated for years and should already shine as a new building in 2012 - "What a bad symbolism: the Mercedes star turns on a ruin," criticizes a supervisory board

Symbol of success: The Daimler high-rise in Untertürkheim is a ruin.

Symbol of success: The Daimler high-rise in Untertürkheim is a ruin today.

Administrative centers are seen as the figurehead of successful corporate policy. Sometimes as a sign of megalomania. The Untertürkheim headquarters from 1958 with its 13 floors stood for proud restraint (there were plans for 20 floors at the time) and for the golden years of Daimler-Benz AG. The board of directors of the automotive group resided here until 1990, when Edzard Reuter and his colleagues moved to the Möhringer complex in 1990, which Jürgen E. Schrempp later called "Bullshit Castle".

Autobahn toll: German drivers are also asked to pay - the chancellor's credibility is always a question of correct interpretation

toll"The car toll is coming! Bet that? I wrote in August 2011 after the Chancellor in BamS once again claimed to be against it. A FDP member of the Bundestag who was a friend of mine told me at the time: “You are wrong. Ms. Merkel is serious about this and is true to her word. “It was mainly due to the CSU, he had still tried to prevent the development. The FPD is out of the game, but could not have prevailed against Seehofer's simulation games.

Nonsense on TV: ZDF compares Mercedes and BMW in a "duel" and leaves spectators at a loss - Does the Swabian housewife actually drift around the corner with the son in the child seat?

ZDF: "Everyday test" on the race track

ZDF: “Everyday test” on the race track

Mercedes and BMW - according to ZDF "the top dogs of the German auto industry" in comparison. The television authors have apparently escaped the fact that Audi has long been at the top. What I saw as a curious announcement ended in deep disappointment, which I would have liked to switch off. I have never seen such nonsense. Foreign embarrassment is the order of the day because the motor and business journalists industry is able to produce much better things. In any case, the question "Who builds the better cars?" Was not answered. For the question of who produced the worst car show ever.

Everyone should watch the show to really laugh. Real satire, comedy or horror in HD, at least not a program in which Lieschen Müller is even given a hint of decision-making aid for one of the two brands or the lead of one of the two companies would be visible.

Where (high) light is, there is now shadow at Audi: The Matrix LED headlight in the new A8 is a beacon of detail innovation - "low beam" instead of low beam

Audi A8 with a new face and innovative lighting technology

Audi A8 with a new face and innovative lighting technology

The advantage of technology is often in the details. And that's exactly what I want to pick out here. Because there is currently everything and above all a lot of positive things to read about the new Audi A8. The excellent material and workmanship quality "at the manufacturer level" is described in every driving report, the engine highlights praised according to the motto "more performance with lower consumption", the luxurious comfort in the top segment of the automotive hierarchy recognized. However, the fact that blenders no longer have a chance to obstruct oncoming traffic is a real breakthrough in headlight technology; a leap into a dimension that automatic anti-glare systems have so far not achieved so perfectly and precisely.

On the road in the BMW i3: The sound of silence - or how I learned to love the electric car

Let us not spend too much time driving impressions. One thing is certain: the i3 amazes at every traffic light start, conveys sporty dynamics, typical BMW agility and all-round driving pleasure. 7,2 seconds at 100 km / h are a word. However, the value in numbers says less than subjective perception, because our expectation of driving with electricity is more geared towards gentle acceleration. The technical data such as 125 kW / 170 PS are far exceeded by the perception. And then the i3 rushes so vehemently towards the horizon that I can not resist a "madness ...!". The hardly audible, yet fascinating buzz of the hybrid synchronous electric motor sounds like the future. Not like trams, as I once thought. So let's forget our prejudices. The BMW i3 clears them all. Also the limited range.

CO2 limit values: Dieter Zetsche wants to get away from the "carpet trade" and demands the car industry's participation in the political process - large donation to the CDU a scandal?

The car critics will surely clap their hands over their heads. Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche is not satisfied with normal lobbying in Brussels, but, as a leading car manager, also calls for the car manufacturers to be directly involved in the political process for the legal EU limit value determination. The Greens will foam up and start their Save the World poetry, the environmental groups will denounce Zetsche's demand as outrageous, the Brussels central government will be outraged: The CEO of a car manufacturer has never dared to join the negotiating table for political decisions .

The German government is giving car manufacturers longer deadlines in the dispute over CO2 limit values: And that's a good thing!


Even if environmental associations now criticize that Germany has succeeded in postponing a vote on the average limit values ​​of 2020 g / km, which are planned for 95, this is a victory of reason. Spiegel online writes it meanly, but quite correctly: "victory of the car lobby". Quite right, but why should the anti-car lobby always win?

At the meeting of the EU environment ministers last Monday (October 14.10.2013, XNUMX), Peter Altmaier and other colleagues were able to have the originally planned vote postponed. This could mean that a new vote will only be possible after the European elections.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Anyone driving a car in the city is ruthless.

Drive In Germany, media is increasingly becoming anti-social behavior. As smokers who pull in quickly in front of offices and restaurants are already looked at obliquely, so driving beyond the four-liter consumption is more and more often outlawed as climate and thus hostile to humans. At least by opponents of the car and autocritical media, who delight in it if they can accuse the federal government of campaigning for German car manufacturers. For example, in the future consumption regulation for cars.

UN climate report: It is not possible without scaremongering, scientific knowledge is sometimes decided by vote

Although the facts of the fifth UN climate report make clear concessions from earlier apocalyptics, the summary of the findings is intended to "alarm" the world. Because the publication of key findings must not slow down climate hysteria, government representatives from numerous countries have struggled in secret rounds for every word in the 30-page summary. In plain language, this means that the findings can only be published after the government representatives have virtually edited them.

The global climate is backtracking in global warming: apocalyptic climate change is a thing of the past, but the EU climate hysteria remains

EU climate commissioner Hedegaard spoke in the "Telegraph"

EU climate commissioner Hedegaard spoke in the “Telegraph”

Of course, misjudgments are not easily admitted in Brussels. From the ban on incandescent lights to extreme CO2 regulation in cars: EU climate policy is based on the hypothesis that people kill the climate. Although the IPCC is now clearly receding, the EU bureaucracy will probably stick to its ideologically motivated errors. For too long she has been painting horror scenarios on the wall for the citizens to burn up the great misbelief. And “experts” are already reporting back, warning against not taking climate change seriously, contrary to other findings.

Audi quattro in the film: Even a virtually fictional science fiction car has to be realistic somehow

This Audi is only available on the computer

This Audi is only available on the computer

The future also needs a realistic basis. Therefore, the task from Hollywood to the Audi designers for the film “Ender's Game” could not simply be answered with an abstract, exaggerated, futuristic-looking design. Although the "Audi fleet shuttle quattro “only Computer-generated, i.e. digitally built into the film, the film producers put the Audi design team to the test in the creative Munich backyard department of Audi design. Far away from Ingolstadt, the designers here in Schwabing can develop without the constraints of the normal design process and also develop bold ideas. From carbon skis to luxury grandfather clocks, from exclusive leather luggage to designer grand pianos, products are created here that have little to do with automobile construction. The purely digital Audi from the future was also created here. However, its design development was not much less complex than that of a real car.

BMW starts i3 production in Leipzig - The entire production works with renewable electricity from its own production

BMW i3 production in Leipzig

BMW i3 production in Leipzig

The fact that BMW board member Harald Krüger, Saxon Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich, Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung, responsible managers and a few hundred employees all applauded the i3 production start when the first mass-produced i3 rolled off the assembly line goes without saying. However, it was different from similar events. It was more than the routine start of production of a new model. It was actually the first step into a new era of individual mobility: The fact that BMW “makes history today”, as CEO Krüger said, is not an exaggeration. For the first time, a production car rolled off the assembly line, which was designed and constructed from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Anyone who says now, but many i3 are already rolling across the streets is right. But series production is very different from pre-series production. The first series vehicle is to run ahead of the runners at the Berlin Marathon on September 29th.