Article by Peter Groschupf

What will car presentations look like after Corona? No different, but smaller.

Massive savings programs at the automakers and Corona seem to be the synthesis of serious changes in terms of product launches. In some companies, it was even briefly considered to completely cancel driving ideas for new cars and only communicate digitally. All-clear: Despite Corona, all companies do not want to do without personal contact with journalists.

"Our boss suggested that we could save the money for driving events in view of Corona for the next few years," reports a PR man who "does not want to be called" because "I then blocked this attempt to attack our press work." have". It may be that other managers have also thought of using the future corona normality to save in product communication; But they have not completely renounced the savings idea either.

Because they often don't know what they're saying

Daimler CEO Ola Källenius is not alone with the most misunderstood word in the German language. When he was asked to explain why the cars are painted black in front of the Formula 1 race in Spielberg, he said the wrong thing, even though he meant the right thing.

Daimler wants to show tolerance. Anyone who realizes that tolerance from Latin actually means toleration immediately understands that tolerance cannot be used to campaign against racism. Tolerance is when you “tolerate” opinions other than your own without having to adopt them. You can (and should) tolerate people you don't like. You have to respect and respect everyone, that shouldn't be a question.

Guest contribution by Holger Douglas / UTR eV: Leading climate activist apologizes for scaremongering.

"On behalf of environmentalists around the world, I would like to formally apologize for the climate fear we have created in the past 30 years," writes an ex-climate activist. Is the front of the climate Japanese collapsing now?

No joke, but remarkable words from a former leading propagandist of man-made climate change. "Climate change is taking place," he tweets. 'It's just not the end of the world. It's not even our most serious environmental problem. «

Clear majority for combustion engines the next time you buy a car

The € 6.000 premium when buying a battery or fuel cell car does not seem to work. At least that was the result of a survey by the Automobile Club Mobil in Germany eV, in which 18.000 drivers expressed their opinion.

The current survey by the automobile club confirms the skepticism of many market researchers. Only 1,6 percent of the drivers surveyed would choose an electric car when buying a vehicle today. What kind of drive do drivers in Germany want?

Book review: "Golden Times" by Harald Kaiser - a "must read"

There are few car books that are not only on the bookshelf, but should be read. This book should be read by everyone who is interested in post-war automotive history. Ex-star reporter and head of department Harald Kaiser communicates the success story of the automobile in Germany and the world with his “look in the rear-view mirror” in an exciting and fascinating way.

H2 - the fuel of the future? - The combustion engine can live forever with hydrogen

KEYOU founder Thomas Korn

BMW already demonstrated 25 years ago in the Clean Energy project that hydrogen can also be burned in the combustion engine. The project has left the show stage, but the internal combustion engine with hydrogen has been a reality again for several years. Thanks to the Munich start-up KEYOU, which (initially) developed a hydrogen burner for commercial vehicles.

Even the federal government has abandoned the focus on its single-track battery electromobility in favor of technology openness and pushed hydrogen technology to the top of the future agenda. Since hydrogen can be used to generate electricity in the fuel cell and can also drive a combustion engine as a substitute for gasoline or diesel, hydrogen seems to have more than just opportunities as the fuel of the future.

Is the VW power struggle Herbert Diess decided against Bernd Osterloh or is the change of leadership a victory without a winner?

Nobody really believes what the PR heralds of the Volkswagen group announce: that Volkswagen ex-boss Herbert Diess has given the top job as brand boss in order to get "more freedom for his tasks as group boss" and to "focus on the big one" Whole “to be able to concentrate. This misunderstands: Volkswagen as a brand is the big picture! Is it a wise decision to disempower Herbert Diess? In any case, this decision is the clear signal that VW cannot be ruled against the works council.

Storm in a water glass ?: VW video is not racism, but insensitive

So much ashes on the heads of those responsible could not even be noticed in terms of the Diesel Gate. The dust cloud will remain visible over Wolfsburg for a long time. Nevertheless, if you seriously believe (e) that the controversial VW commercial with a flicked-out colored one stems from racism, it has not only been since the online press conference on June 11.06th. not correct. But what everyone learned (should) from the case: It is not a question of which message is to be conveyed, but how it can be understood.

Guest comment by Hans-Robert Richarz: New hope for the combustion engine

Up until a few weeks ago, the hardcore electricity fraction in politics, the automotive industry and associations followed the motto "You shouldn't have any other gods besides the electric drive". They wish the internal combustion engine - no matter what fuel it would sip from its tank - to hell, that according to their wishes the climate policy desired salvation was to be found exclusively and solely in the electric drive with battery operation and electricity from the socket. Only in this way would environmentally friendly and green mobility be possible. VW chief Herbert Diess even insisted publicly that politicians shouldn't even think about alternatives.

DS 3 Crossback: design à la francaise

“Design or not to be” could characterize the DS 3 Crossback as the headline. And since it exists, its design is particularly striking. And weight. But also as a practical compact SUV, this model from the French luxury brand from PSA is a serious competitor in the crossover segment.

Focus on design: but also practical

As if accidents were only dangerous because of this: Volvo subtly advertises a speed limit - from 180 km / h

While Volvo is promoting a speed limit with physically "irrefutable" arguments in a current press release, Daimler and Bosch positively communicate 25 years of proven life saving through ESP.

Volvo's reasoning seems plausible, but it is as wrong as a weather forecast for next Christmas. In order to justify the corporate decision to cordon off Volvos at 180 km / h in the future, Volvo reaches into the verbal bag of tricks, the arguments of which are physically correct, but are not true. That Volvo is talking about "protecting" the vehicles at 180 km / h instead of regulating them down is verbal nonsense. Why is a car safe under 180 km / h?

Robert Habeck's idea of ​​a car purchase premium, which he actually rejects

I had to watch the recording of the show Markus Lanz several times because I had doubts that I had understood the Green leader Robert Habeck correctly. But he said it really analogously: He is against purchase premiums for combustion engines, but then he contradicts himself: Purchase premiums could be granted if the cars were exchanged for e-mobiles as soon as they could be delivered. 

Peugeot 508 SW GT: beautiful station wagons aren't just called Avant

“Nice station wagons are called Avant,” Audi invented the slogan for its version of the elegant car with loading space, which was quite appropriate at the time. With the Peugeot 508 SW GT, a competitor has entered the automotive stage that can compete with all the beautiful station wagons in terms of elegant aesthetics or aesthetic elegance.