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Peter Groschupf has been accompanying the automotive scene for over 40 years. Already as a volunteer he wrote about automobiles, was a court reporter and reported to the Stuttgart News on state and federal politics, was awarded the "Guardian Prize of the Daily Press" and wrote in hobby, the magazine for technology"About cars, planes and a world-exclusive report (" Around the world in 80 minutes ") about and from the space shuttle simulator. As editor in chief of aviation magazine the high-tech fanatic expanded his interests for individual mobility above the clouds, got the pilot's license and withdrew again and again, "where freedom contrary to contrary opinions is not limitless, but less speed limited".

As editor-in-chief of Cologne auto Zeitung He then remained connected to the earth, later became a freelance journalist, wrote for the Stern, numerous daily newspapers, developed customer magazines, including that BMW magazine and Premium Magazine for the Ford Premier Automotive Group and the worldwide one Mercedes magazinewhich he was responsible for as editor-in-chief for several years.

In a helicopter over LA

Groschupf In a helicopter over LA

In between, he also worked as Creative Director Text for the international advertising agency BBDO in Düsseldorf, which formulated "Everything Super" for Aral, for example, and for BMW lines like "Whoever gives the best, should drive the best", created something that nobody had done at that time Linked to the Mercedes slogan "The best or nothing". However, Peter Groschupf quickly realized that advertising text does not have much to do with credible journalism. “Of course, good advertising has its absolute justification that it has nothing to do with journalism. And I wanted and want to stay a journalist. ” As a freelance journalist, he now works for various business newspapers, including the Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche.

In addition, the passionate helicopter pilot ("Helicopter is real flying!") Has arrived at the design and publishes DESIGNERS DISCOVERY, which he is also responsible for as editor-in-chief. Because he still sees the automotive industry as a fascinating driver of innovation and an important economic-political engine, Peter Groschupf will continue to write about cars and their makers on this website: opinion-making, polarizing, background-based, critical, but always on the side of individual mobility. "We want to create a counterweight to the noisy car opponents and raise our voice in this field." Peter Groschupf is convinced: "The future belongs to the automobile. And it is longer than the past. The automobile is and remains an essential part of our quality of life. "Or, in a variation of a well-known saying by Loriot:" Life without a car is possible. But completely pointless. ”

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