Is there really a trend towards e-mobility?

Yes, there is, but the trend is a sham. Even if statistics keep saying that “E” is booming, that's only superficially. Many statistics include plug-in hybrids, which are mostly powered by a combustion engine, because buyers want to take the state premium with them (shouldn't it be called “impressive premium”?) Or simply want to drive partially electric without worrying about range.

Torque is not a reason to switch to battery cars

The Nuremberg market research institute has now produced a rather bizarre market research result puls before. The market researchers wanted to know what driving fun is like with combustion and battery cars. In order to come to the conclusion that e-cars are also fun to drive, the researchers didn't have to ask. 29 percent see more driving fun in electric cars, 31 percent in combustion engines. Therefore, it is time to emphasize driving fun with electric cars more in advertising and possibly also to let users of electric cars have their say, ”recommends puls Managing Director Dr. Konrad Weßner.

The fact that electric cars get off to a flying start because the torque of the electric motor is available immediately is now basic knowledge even among automotive laypeople. But car buyers are definitely not hesitant about battery cars because they fear a lack of driving pleasure, but above all because they fear they will stop somewhere without a charging station. It is not necessary to emphasize driving fun in advertising. And it is not an argument to switch to e-mobility.

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