Volkswagen ID Life: The small car from the future

VW small cars in the E segment

Two years earlier than announced, Volkswagen plans to add a first small car to the ID family as early as 2025. As a first outlook on such a vehicle, the company is now presenting the crossover study ID Life, which, with its combination of sustainable elements and digitization, is intended to specifically address a young urban target group. The crossover model with four doors, a large tailgate, a raised seating position and variable interior space will cost between 20.000 and 25.000 euros as the entry-level “Accelerate” model.

The ID Life crossover study is powered purely by batteries - in keeping with the relationship. At 4,09 m long, 1,85 m wide and 1,59 m high, the smallest family member shows inner size. In return, its designers fully exploit the advantages of the crossover body and the electric drive. But the little one does not grant everyone access. The camera and facial recognition software regulate who is allowed to experience the variable seating area in the interior, which can be transformed into a “cinema” or “gaming” lounge, for example, during the loading time. For this, a screen is moved from the inside in front of the windshield and the seats can be moved into a real lounge position.

When loading, the interior becomes an amusement arcade

The fathers of the idea hope that some gamer will charge the battery far too quickly. If the journey continues, the passengers like the comfortably high seating position, which gives them a good overview. When driving, the person at the steering wheel experiences a digital operating concept. Cameras and a display replace both the exterior and interior mirrors. With the help of a touch control panel, the indicators, the horn and the windshield wipers, among other things, can be controlled. Navigation, communication and infotainment functions as well as online access to all vehicle data enable the integration of the smartphone, for which inductive charging cradles have been integrated into the door pockets.

Objective and sober: the interior

Video games in the interior instead of a coffee break

The roof of the ID Life is made of air-chamber textile, which reduces the weight of the vehicle. It can also be removed, creating an open-air feeling. This type of cover is also repeated on the front hood. In total, the ID Life offers up to 1285 liters of storage space. The luggage compartment in the rear has a capacity of 225 liters, plus 108 liters below the load compartment floor. Another 68 liter compartment can be used under the air chamber textile cover in the front area. A volume of around eight liters is also available under a separate front flap to accommodate a charging cable. In addition to the charging connection for the high-voltage battery, there is also a power connection with 230 volts (16 A), which can be used to operate an electric grill outside the vehicle.

According to the WLTP, the range should be 400 kilometers

The front wheels of the ID Life are driven by an electric motor with 172 kW (234 PS). This drive, specially developed for the small car segment, is based on the modular electric drive kit (MEB) from Volkswagen. The ID Life needs 100 seconds to accelerate from zero to 6,9 km / h. Its high-voltage battery with an energy content of 57 kWh enables a range of around 400 kilometers according to the WLTP test cycle. The ID Life is the eighth study based on the MEB from Volkswagen. By 2030, the company wants to increase the share of pure electric models in total vehicle sales in Europe to at least 70 percent and in North America and China to at least 50 percent. (aum / nic)


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