IAA Mobility: No Country for Old Cars

It should have become clear to everyone that the IAA will never be the same as it was in Frankfurt. The organizers and organizers of the Munich IAA Mobility have, however, achieved excellent communication with the new concept. Starting with digitization and brilliantly designed apps to the external exhibition venues in downtown Munich. The new concept is undoubtedly mega cool. Why the car opponents wanted to throw sand in the gears, sometimes with violence against police officers and silly abseiling actions of motorway bridges, makes it clear: The car, no matter how green it is, should be abolished.

Although it was mainly e-mobility and innovative ideas that were presented at the IAA Mobility and thus actually the wishes of the car opponents were met, the car opponents consistently stick to their line of wanting to abolish individual mobility. "The car as a means of transport has to disappear", yelled an activist on the Theresienwiese, where there were also massive scuffles with the well-prepared Munich police, who, however, acted fairly free of tolerance and knew how to prevent excesses of the demo. Regardless of how “green” the car manufacturers make their cars: “The car must be abolished” was the message on banners, while the IAA Mobility tried to score points in all halls with e-mobility.

Charging stations are being destroyed in Austria

What the anti-car activists will continue to do to abolish the car can currently be seen in Austria: A letter is currently circulating in left-wing extremist circles in Austria calling for the targeted destruction of e-charging stations for electric cars. The goal: to prevent the widespread introduction of e-mobility by attacking the charging infrastructure. The car haters have already struck in several places in Vienna and willfully damaged public charging stations. “It won't be long before such actions take place in Munich, Hamburg or Stuttgart,” our manager fears in an interview.

The “fight against the car” will continue

The left anti-auto activists accuse the auto industry of merely doing “green washing” with e-mobility and not really protecting the climate with it. Marketing electricity as a resource-saving fuel is also part of “green capitalism”. In plain language: Whatever the auto industry does to appease car enemies, it will be of no use. The “fight against the car” will continue.

Battery vehicles are also criticized

VDA President Hildegard Müller will know how fragile the situation on the automobile market in general is. All efforts to minimize CO2 emissions remain pointless. If it used to be the catalyst, then the soot filter, the reduction of nitrogen oxides, etc., the situation has now - as was to be expected - become even more confrontational. It would be interesting to find out what the anti-car activists would do if we were all on the go with state-sponsored cargo bikes. If the car manufacturers and motorists do not oppose this, the following will apply at the next motor shows (if they still exist): No space for old cars. No matter how environmentally friendly they are. Battery vehicles will then also be considered old as long as they have four wheels and generate individual traffic. Because even battery cars can get stuck in a traffic jam.




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