Audi Skysphere concept study: the future is longer than the past

Skyspher concept: a look into the future of Audi

The Audi presentation in Pepple Beach, California, couldn't have been more sensational. The wow factor spread around the exhibit like the gravitational waves of the Big Bang over the famous golf course, where the automotive media and car guys scene admires design studies every year at Monterey Auto Week and oldtimers find new owners for ridiculous sums of money .


The Audi study Skysphere is likely to be one of the most spectacular exhibits not only this year, because it extends so far into the future that even some journalists who are open to the modern age cannot keep up and mentally breathlessly ask whether Audi has nothing better to do. Did Audi think too far? "Do the im #Audi-Design nothing else to do? In which spheres does Marc Lichte move? ”He asks

The steering wheel disappears during autopilot driving Photos: Audi

renowned publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine for e-mobility, "Edison", Franz Rother. And he writes on Facebook: “An electric roadster five meters long with an accordion body: we have to #Audi-Design boss Marc Lichte first explain. “Dear Franz, then you also have to explain your skepticism about the future with regard to technology fantasy. Concept cars are visions formed from imagination, but by no means pointless fantasies.

A pointer to the future

A future study can and must go beyond the limits of common sense if it wants to set the pace. A study is just a pointer to a future that nobody knows, but which can definitely be designed, no: must be designed!

Visionary interior with retracted steering wheel

I think that Audi im Skysphere Has created fascinating things that inspire the future, deviates from the mainstream CO2-Discussion. Because the following applies: The future is (initially) made of fantasy, the future is limitless and, above all, the following applies: the future is longer than the past. Audi is with that Skysphere by no means jumped too far.

Showing what's possible never goes too far.

It is precisely this vision of the future that the Audi designers and engineers have expressed in an extraordinary symbiosis. Here technologies and design blur into a futuristic sculpture that has an immense technological charisma. Audi has by no means moved on senseless terrain, but has concretized what the future of the automobile could (also) look like. In the study we somehow encounter not only the design of the future, but the future itself. Dear Franz Rother, The following applies to design studies: showing what is possible never goes too far.

Boldness can appear bold

What does it make Skysphere concept so exciting? I am particularly impressed by the way technology and design merge into something new, congeal into tangible reality, which shows that designed boldness can even have something daring. A vision between now electrical reality and technological extrapolation.

Audi Skysphere in lounge mode

Audi sees the progressive two-seater open to the sun as a “vision for the luxury segment of the future”. The interior becomes an “experience space”, and the entire car becomes an “experience device”. Sounds not quite as perfectly formed as the concept car looks. But maybe such aloof terms are necessary to prevent the technology phobia virus. The technology of the electrically powered Skysphere basically includes two vehicle concepts on four wheels. The variable wheelbase turns the autonomously driving lounge roadster with its 5,19 meter length into a 4,94 meter long sports car that the driver can conventionally steer using the steering wheel.

Autopiloted driving without a steering wheel

To see how the steering wheel moves under the dashboard or emerges, the pedals become invisible, gives you goose bumps and conveys autopiloted driving as it will one day be. See also:

The drive in the Audi Skysphere is generated from an electric motor on the rear axle. Over 600 hp accelerate the vehicle to 100 km / h in just four seconds. The battery should be good for a range of more than 500 kilometers. The steering is designed as a steer-by-wire, dispenses with a mechanical connection and thus leaves every scope for individual design. The variability of the latest development of the chassis is almost limitless. From a comfortable basic layout to progressive, sporty rigor, everything is possible with this active chassis and rear-wheel steering.

Outlook on the future A8

The technologically advanced high-tech study offers everything in terms of design and technology that will be possible at some point and, in part, will be a reality in the next Audi A8. From the interesting illumination details to the unusually designed interior (see photos). Of the Skysphere from the future is also a valuable psychological element of automotive persuasiveness to strengthen individual mobility. No matter how exaggerated the study may be

The proportions of an e-sports car

seem unreachable for the average consumer. It is an expression of the innovative strength of the automotive industry and to this extent proof that individual mobility has and must have a future regardless of drive technology.

After the Skysphere will follow at the IAA in Munich Grandsphere as a preview of the next A8 and Audi in 2022 Urbansphere as a preview of Audi's future design language.

leading by technology

Speaking of which: In view of this visionary future study, Audi Marketing should also think about whether the mechanically sounding slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” from 1971 shouldn't be changed to “Vorsprung durch Technologie”. How old-fashioned the mechanics-oriented slogan sounded at the time becomes clear because nobody speaks of technology leadership, but only of technology leadership.

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