Audi will say goodbye to the combustion engine from 2026 - China will stick to it until 2060

Here are the electric car sales worldwide in the first half of 2020 (source: Statista):

"The political pressure has simply become too great," says an ex-development director of a German premium manufacturer on the subject of the combustion engine. Currently announced by Audi, this decision will change the car market dramatically. "The decision was obviously made under pressure from VW boss Herbert Diess, who wants to switch the entire group to electricity."

The decision will fall on Audi because it is also suggesting to current Audi customers that they are backing the wrong horse if they still buy an Audi internal combustion engine today. Audi customers would feel abandoned, even betrayed, by their company.

Even if other manufacturers are now following suit and announcing a combustion engine shutdown, the Audi decision has fatal consequences. This means that the “openness to technology” that was previously demanded and propagated is thrown overboard. "It is bad how our industry and its managers submit to the green ideology in advance obedience and want to make Germany a kind of model student with symbolism that the world will not take seriously." Germany is giving up industrial leadership in shaping mobility as has already happened in the field of entertainment electronics (e.g. Grundig, Telefunken, Blaupunkt etc.).

"That is betrayal of today's Audi customers"

The ex-board is downright “desperate at how ignorant our political leadership and our corporate executives are”. With regard to the Audi decision, it becomes clear that the customer's wishes and thus the market are no longer decisive, but a green ban is being imposed, which nobody knows whether it can work at all. “This decision is kicking your loyal customers in the buttocks! Who else buys a car from a company that sends its own product to a museum? ”And further:“ The model planning communicated by Audi is disastrously wrong, ”says the ex-board member, who wants to remain anonymous,“ because it affects my financial situation Could have protection ”.

BMW wants to leave the decision to the customer

BMW boss Oliver Zipse sounds completely different and criticizes the competitor Audi between the lines: “The real decision makers in our industry are the customers. And you should never lose sight of it, ”said Zipse in an interview with the“ Passauer Neue Presse ”, thus agreeing with the ex-board member who criticized the“ green planned economy bypassing the market ”. Zipse plans for BMW to sell around fifty percent of the vehicles with purely battery-electric drive in 2030. BMW would have to forego 50 percent of the sales volume if the company no longer offered combustion engines. Individual cities and regions would transform themselves into electric cars, but BMW wants to remain successful in 140 world markets. Even with burners.

China is allowed to increase CO2 emissions by 2030

The fact that China wants to stick to the combustion engine until 2060 makes it clear that the battle for the automotive pole position is not over yet, but should be rekindled. Even if incinerators were banned in Europe, the Chinese would continue to crack. You see growing combustion markets in Asia and Africa, where CO2 is not an issue. The fact that the Chinese are also using battery-powered cars at the same time has nothing to do with a fight against climate change, but is simply due to the air we breathe in the megacities. The Chinese government is promoting e-mobility primarily to eliminate smog in particularly polluted cities. The explanation we often hear that the Chinese wanted to fight climate change with it is wishful thinking.

According to the Paris Climate Agreement, the Chinese are allowed to use CO until 20302-Increase emissions at will, which they know how to use extensively not only by building hundreds of coal-fired power plants. “When western politicians complain that the Chinese want to become the leading economic power, it is pure hypocrisy. While we are trimming our industry for wind and solar power and at the same time switching off coal power and nuclear power, China is massively accelerating its industrial development. If Germany were to go under as an industrialized nation, then we owe it to ourselves, ”said the aforementioned ex-board member.

Calculation of the CO2 saving potential for e-cars apparently wrong

Because it has now been found that the EU Commission's calculations for CO2-Saving potential of battery-powered cars are wrong, "the whole e-agenda actually has to be rewritten". The topic remains exciting.







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