The long-term Toyota strategy continues to rely on combustion engines - with hydrogen

What BMW had developed close to series production in the seven-cylinder 12-cylinder and presented it in large format at the world exhibition in Hanover in 2000, but then discontinued it rather silently and without a sound, Toyota is now presenting in racing: the hydrogen combustion engine! Toyota is actually serious about the technology openness that is demanded from all sides.

Toyota only recently surprised them by further developing e-mobility with batteries. The company now has several arrows in its quiver: battery cars, fuel cell cars and now also the combustion engine with hydrogen. Initially only in racing, however, Toyota is known for its lengthy strategy. What did the German car managers smile more contemptuously than admiringly when Toyota launched the first hybrid model, the Prius. The current chairman of the supervisory board of Daimler AG Bernd Pischetsrieder, as BMW boss, called it the wrong way to pack two drives in a car. Today almost every manufacturer, including Mercedes-Benz of course, offers hybrid drives, mostly as plug-ins.

"The distinctive sound of the combustion engine is retained"

The now presented in-line three-cylinder with 1,6 liter displacement and turbocharging is operated with hydrogen compressed to 700 bar. Unfortunately, performance data are not given. At the 24-hour race in Fuji, Japan on May 21st, the engine built into a Corolla is set to pass its practical test. “The market launch of the Corolla, which is prepared for use in motorsport, is currently not planned. Rather, the racing vehicle is used to test the hydrogen engine, ”says Toyota. However, it can be assumed that Toyota will also consider the combustion engine with hydrogen in its long-term strategy. According to Toyota, a drive element that is important not only for motorsport fans is retained: the “distinctive sound of the internal combustion engine”. And that with zero CO2Emissions.

Toyota has ambitious sustainability goals: As part of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 the company wants its CO2- Significantly reduce emissions. "Hydrogen engines as an additional alternative are accelerating the realization of a hydrogen-based society," emphasizes Toyota, thus showing hydrogen as an alternative in combustion engines.




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