Audi is quickly moving further on the e-roadmap: Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron with augmented reality

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All German car manufacturers are getting faster and faster on the e-highway and consistently take the unjust accusation that they have missed e-mobility ad absurdum. In fact, given the speed at which new electric vehicles are presented, one could get the impression that e-mobility is about to make a breakthrough. That is certainly not the case for a long time, but even skeptical minds like me become thoughtful.

Audi has just presented two more attractive Stromers that not only look good, but also put innovative features on the road, or better: bring them into the cockpit. In Shanghai there is another e-bang from Audi to marvel at, which, as usual, is initially intended to promote the “E-Volution” (Audi formulation) as a study. As a counterpoint to the EQS from Mercedes-Benz, the A6 e-tron concept also shines with a range of 700 kilometers and thus takes a lot of the air out of the sails of a range pioneer of the electric S-Class.

Striking independence: the Q4 e-tron is coming this summer

Let us first turn to the two Q4 e-tron versions that will be available for purchase from summer. Because Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group, both electric SUVs are based on the architecture of the VW ID.4. What always succeeds admirably, despite all the technology in common, is the character independence of the Audis. Whether design, driving noise, the sound when the door closes, yes also the typical new car smell, feel in the interior and the type of detail design: Audi remains Audi and, despite all the technological commonality of the technical architecture, differs subjectively from the E siblings from the Volkswagen Group serious. And from an objective point of view, Audi knows how to accentuate details in a typical Audi style.

Navigation with augmented reality

What Audi started with the e-tron and e-tron Sportback, the Ingolstadt-based company is now continuing with the two e-tron variants Q4 and Q4 Sportback. Prices start at around 42.000 euros, and buyers can claim 9.000 euros in funding. The technical data are quickly listed: The most powerful variant has an output of 299 hp, a range of up to 520 kilometers in the WLTP cycle for the rear-wheel drive Q4 40 e-tron. Ten minutes of charging time should enable a range of 130 kilometers under ideal conditions. The space available should correspond to the interior of the upper class in the segment with a total length of just under 4,60 meters. The luggage volume is between 520 and 1.490 liters, depending on the model. The pulling power reaches up to 1.200 kilograms.

Head-up display with augmented reality

It goes without saying that all known Audi assistance systems are available. A new innovation highlight is undoubtedly the head-up display with augmented reality: symbols floating above the real outside world of the roadway that precisely indicate the route. The system, which comes from modern aircraft cockpits, makes navigation easier, even in poor visibility. Undoubtedly a real innovation in the car cockpit.







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