The VDA success is probably a Pyrrhic victory

If the VDA is now selling the partial easing of the planned Euro 7 limit values ​​as a success of its criticism of the EU Commission's deliberations, it is a different kind of appeasement attempt by the burners critics. Because the higher limit values ​​that are now in the room, but not yet resolved, mean the end of the combustion in the long term - and not only with fossil fuel. Then the Green Deal will become the green crash of the auto industry.

VDA President Hildegard Müller has argued vehemently against the plans of the EU Commission. The possible “concession” of the EU is at best a sanctimonious act of mercy on unsuspecting bureaucrats who - supported by Ursula von der Leyen - would like to bring about the green crash of the German automotive industry from the Green Deal. If the VDA now believes that it has prevented the end of the combustion engine, that is very naive. The car opponents in the EU are not really interested in abolishing the combustion engine, but want to massively restrict individual mobility. Even if all cars were powered electrically, the resistance and criticism of individual mobility would persist.

Daimler ex-boss was too optimistic

“The German car manufacturers should have tackled the ever tighter Euro norms much earlier,” says a retired development director. “We embarked on a development in the belief that everything would not be so bad. It was an illusion. If you give the car opponents within the EU bureaucracy your little finger, they'll tear your arm off. ”As early as 1997, a leading Mercedes manager warned that the EU limit values ​​would lead to“ the S-Class only with one consumption of six liters ”. His warnings were dismissed as unrealistic by the then corporate leader Jürgen Schrempp. The fact that the limit values ​​should be set even lower makes the 6-liter forecast appear to be a generous concession.

The EU Commission's concession is actually not one

The VDA President Hildegard Müller now sees this positively: The EU Commission has accepted the limits of what is technically feasible. You have said goodbye to "unattainable goals". The President is right, the VDA's efforts seem to be paying off, but doubts are justified that the Commission will stick to its "concession". Müller evaluates the new design as a technically demanding approach: “According to an initial estimate, the new proposals for reducing pollutant emissions are 5-10 times more severe than for Euro 6. The proposals are still at the limit of what is technologically achievable. We must continue to be very careful that the combustion engine is not made impossible by Euro 7. On the other hand, the EU Commission confirmed today that this is not its goal. We will remind the EU Commission of this commitment when drafting the proposals. "

Doubts that the EU Commission will keep its promises are appropriate.


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