Wolfgang Reitzle settles accounts with the federal government

Presentation of the Otto Award 2020 to Professor Dr. Wolfgang Reitzle

It is amazing how openly managers (can) make their convictions public when they are no longer dependent on a good relationship with the Chancellor.

The most recent example is ex-BMW board member Wolfgang Reitzle, who, after a stint at the Ford Premium Automotive Group, turned Linde into the world's largest and most successful gases company. His most recent criticism in “Welt am Sonntag” of the federal government's failure in the economic and corona crisis cannot be surpassed in clarity.

The chairman of Linde, the most valuable DAX group, calls Germany “a restructuring case” in all relevant areas. And: "Bureaucracy got stuck in the fax age, digitization backlog, no fast internet, massive deficiencies in the infrastructure and ailing schools are just a few examples of deficits that are shameful for a leading industrial country." like.

Reitzle calls Berlin “one of the worst governed capitals in Europe”. Looking away at crime, allowing squatting and the spread of clan crime - wherever you look: Berlin is a dysfunctional city, a 'failed state'. "

Again and again Reitzle expresses himself critically about the intention of those responsible to want to introduce electric mobility with the crowbar without at the same time massively expanding the necessary infrastructure. He does not doubt long-term electromobility, but this will and must be preceded by a slow development. See also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa0dI38d-QM

Reitzle already attracted attention last year through harsh criticism of the federal government: The "Corona law" is an "attack on the rule of law". And: “Every reasonable person must see this as a kind of emergency law, which fundamentally changes the rules of the game in our constitutional state. These insane rescue packages with these astronomical sums will inevitably lead to high inflation in a stagnating economy, ”Reitzle told Bild-Zeitung.








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  1. Rolf F. Nieborg | 5. April 2021 13 to: 03 | Reply

    Rather, creative, critical spirits should raise their voices against this developing country of ours. With his typology of the politician, Duke Talleyrand already offered the convincing insight at the beginning of the 19th century: Smart and hard-working - there is no such thing; I am smart and lazy myself; stupid and lazy - can still be used for representation purposes; stupid and hardworking - God protect us from that !!!

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