Toyota Yaris 1,5 l Hybrid: Grown up as a small car and “Car of the Year” for the second time

Grown up: the Toyota Yaris

Four doors, a very economical drive, a large tailgate, space for five people in a compact body: these are the ideal prerequisites for a friendly city car that can comfortably cover long distances. This actually describes the 4th generation of the Toyota Yaris. The successful Toyota model has grown up and has been named "Car of the Year" for the second time.

The Yaris, which has been produced in France since 2001, has been sold more than four million times in Europe; undoubtedly proof of its popularity. Right from the start, the small car was trimmed to its proportions high and short. The Yaris has been available as a hybrid model since 2012. At that time a novelty in the small car segment.

Four doors and a large flap

The new Yaris looks nice and cheeky from the outside. Toyota has now consistently had the courage to adopt a significantly more progressive design language. The latest design of the Yaris appears quite dynamic from the front, compact from the side and distinctive from the rear. Interesting how the designers integrated the rear doors into the body. At first glance, the little one looks progressive and practical. In principle, four doors are proof of high practicality even in a small car. Why my colleagues at Motorjournaille always talk about a five-door because of the large tailgate, I don't understand. Nobody gets in through the tailgate.

Modern cockpit, numerous assistants

Speaking of economical: The hybrid drive is officially specified with a WLTP standard consumption of 4,3 liters. In fact, even after driving much faster on the motorway, we ended up with 5,1 liters per 100 kilometers. This is impressively close to the official information and is obviously also related to the fact that the WLTP standard, which is closer to the actual consumption, was made the basis of the standard consumption (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure). With a consistently foresighted driving style, it is no problem to actually achieve a 4 before the decimal point in terms of consumption. In terms of efficiency, the Yaris Hybrid is rated under A +.

The Yaris has become even handier

As a leading hybrid manufacturer, Toyota has also prescribed this drive for small cars

We have come to appreciate the hybrid Yaris especially in urban traffic. With its 3,94 meters length and excellent maneuverability, it can be easily maneuvered into parking spaces; And even narrow car park driveways do not have to be climbed with increased attention to avoid contact with the often high road boundaries. Its wheelbase, which is longer than its predecessor, has a positive effect both in terms of handling and in terms of rear space. The steering is pleasantly direct and precise, which underlines the agility. Nevertheless: The Yaris is a small car, one shouldn't forget that. If you want to go on a long journey with a lot of luggage, you have to be content with 286 liters of luggage space. Unless only the front seats are occupied and the rear seat backrests are folded forward.

The hybrid drive with three-cylinder gasoline engine, e-motor and the continuously variable CVT transmission harmonize very well. The three-cylinder is pleasantly quiet, and the engineers have consistently given up the Yaris from the unpleasantly loud coffee machine howling when accelerating in the predecessor. Although I am not a fan of continuously variable transmissions, this new development is suitable for giving up my continuously variable reservations. The engine noise is very pleasant. The fact that a three-cylinder works here can be surprising when you use other three-cylinders for comparison.

The system performance ensures sufficient dynamics

The 116 hp system output from the petrol engine (91 hp) and electric motor (80 hp) are sufficient to swim properly in traffic and dynamically thread onto any motorway or expressway. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is sufficiently dynamic at 9,7 seconds, as is the top speed of 175 km / h. What hardly anyone knows: the average speed on unlimited motorways is statistically only 125 km / h.

The Yaris as Car of the Year 2021 is approved as a five-seater, but it should not be forgotten that we are sitting in a small car here. But four normal-sized people can still be transported comfortably. The Yaris is technically not lacking anything that makes driving safer and more comfortable these days. From the radar-controlled distance control to the emergency brake assistant, from the optional head-up display to the easy-to-use navigation system and reliable traffic sign recognition, what is otherwise only expected in higher vehicle classes. Inductive mobile phone charging is just as possible as a connection to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Car. Conclusion: Even in a small car like the Yaris Hybrid, you don't have to do without anything that is currently technically possible. So it's not surprising that the Yaris has been named Car of the Year for the second time. Price from 23.640 euros.


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