Guest comment from Peter Schwerdtmann: Audians 2020 are inventive again

The language lives. And the Duden is no longer what it used to be - a reliable guide for grammar and spelling. Even the word “gender equitable” shouldn't have slipped into its columns. Here two languages ​​are mixed unrestrainedly, an English word is brutally Germanized. The Duden has a reason for this, because it observes the development of language. In the process, he is increasingly losing sight of his essential task of cultivating the German language.

But Duden editors are just children of their time and succumb to the temptation that many current media can no longer avoid, but which bloggers, influencers and other network activists have almost all succumbed to. They don't report, they make themselves an activist, the US is supposedly still ahead of us in many ways. That is why we can see there today very clearly what happens when observers become activists.

Guest author Peter Schwerdtmann

Those who couldn't experience it on site received reports in our media: The station Fox News is still fighting with all means for Trump and for its anti-democracy campaign, CNN is opposing it - not always with fine means. And both make good money on their bladders. Why the big guns at this point? Because we repeatedly experience ideologically justified attempts to use language as a means of pressure to achieve a goal that has little to do with words.

So now “gender-equitable”. And woe to anyone who does not immediately and willingly use the formulations that others have declared to be politically correct. Anyone who refuses to do so is doing away with the ideological goal behind language manipulation. He gives the others a reason to attack and cannot defend himself against being insulted as retarded and ultra-conservative. Even the Tagesschau editorial team, proudly committed to the pure doctrine of independent, fact-based journalism of the classic type, suddenly stutters asterisk and the speakers don't even have to laugh.

How can an industry press department, which wants to please many, successfully defend itself against gender formulations? But she doesn't have to put it on top and use a brute underline instead of the inconspicuous asterisk. "Audians 2020 inventive again" was the headline of a press release on employee idea management in the company today. But despite so much commitment, it is noticeable that Audi does not seem to employ any “divers”, at least they have not contributed anything to the patent balance sheet. Let us beware of ideologies that try to seize language. We had actually left that behind in the last century. (ampnet / Sm)

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  1. Rolf F. Nieborg | 29. January 2021 16 to: 49 | Reply

    Gender = rape of language!

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