The new VW Tiguan: SUV with applied responsibility as standard

The latest edition of the VW Tiguan makes it clear that the wrongly criticized SUVs represent (can) apply responsibility. More efficient engines, plug-in hybrids and nitrogen oxide-optimized diesels turn the world's most successful Volkswagen into a sustainable automobile, which is the best-selling SUV in Europe and 911.000 times were built in the last year alone.

During our test drive, we opted for the Tiguan that, with all common sense, guarantees top driving dynamics in the segment as the flagship of the SUV series: the Tiguan R performance model with 320 hp and exclusive equipment. When a car, especially an SUV, accelerates from a standstill to 4,9 km / h in 100 seconds with Launch Control and can go up to 250 km / h, the "R" is in the name and the

The front of the new Tiguan has gained momentum Photos Volkswagen

The term “performance” is absolutely justified. The 2,0-liter turbo gasoline engine develops that driving experience from its four cylinders in all speed ranges that we call sovereign. A torque of 2.100 Newton meters is already available from 420 rpm. These values ​​make it clear how powerful the engine is and how powerful it can be at any time over a wide speed range. The elegance and sustained torque development of the propellant show the fine work in engine development and tuning.

Thanks to all-wheel drive, the power is optimally transferred to the road

It goes without saying that the engine complies with the latest Euro 6d-ISC-FCM emissions standard. It is incomprehensible that other Euro-Norm names constantly cause uncertainty.

Bringing the power to the road is the task of the all-wheel drive, which by means of a "torque splitter", also known as torque vectoring, ensures that the torques are perfectly balanced and directed to the wheel with the best grip. The distribution is not only done between the front and rear axles, but individually optimized to the right wheel on the rear axle, with the distribution on the left and right being regulated in a 50:50 ratio. The 7-speed dual clutch transmission shifts automatically or can be controlled manually. The gear changes are quick but smooth. Here, too, you can feel a very good, ie comfortable, coordination. As a result, this design and function leads to an extremely agile driving behavior that almost completely prevents understeer.

Striking rear with a four-pipe exhaust system

The driver also has the option of being able to program the power distribution and the driving dynamics systems according to his wishes using the standard driving profile selection - Comfort, Sport, Race, Individual, Offroad, Snow and Offroad Expert. The multitude of possibilities seems almost a little exaggerated to us and appears like the unused endless possibilities of some of our computer software. The profile name “Race” is somehow out of place; the connotation of an SUV with a racetrack is somewhat inappropriate. A term like “dynamic” would certainly be more appropriate. Probably the namesake the model designation "R" was closer to "Race" than anything else.

The interior fittings make quality unbelievable

However, we have discovered something as "suitable for racing": the directly designed progressive steering. Easily rotatable when parking, precise control of fast curves through direct design. The Tiguan R Performance can be precisely controlled in the best possible sense on winding country roads or fast bends in the motorway. The adaptive chassis control DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) calculates the optimal damping of the wheels in fractions of a second. We chased the Tiguan R over a few bad roads and discovered the difference it can make to glide over the hardships of ailing roads with active dampers. Incidentally, the R-suspension has been lowered by ten millimeters, which may also benefit the agility.

The cockpit is characterized by high quality and technological standards

Let us now turn to the interior values. Lots of space, yes, high-quality materials, of course, top-quality workmanship, what else? Wonderful: the sliding rear seat bench, which also allows very tall people to comfortably cover longer distances at the back, but at the expense of the trunk. With 615 to 1.655 liters, it is sufficiently absorbent.

A lot is required technologically

The quality of the interior design and the technical equipment leaves nothing to be desired. However, the basic price with extensive standard equipment of 57.700 euros is an indication of the expectations of customers. A manufacturer cannot afford any weaknesses in this price range. Important equipment such as adaptive chassis control DCC, LED matrix headlights with LED daytime running lights and the digital cockpit are standard. The infotainment system with broad connectivity and natural voice control that actually works when you're not mumbling, access to streaming services such as Apple Music and the now wireless integration for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

When it comes to sound, the occupants not only hear the volume from ten high-performance speakers from Harman Kardon, but also finely structured, extremely transparent sounds. The customization options via four pre-configured sound scenarios should convince even high-end spoiled customers. The sound is so impressive that the occupants can almost feel themselves in the orchestra room of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. With Travel Assist, the Tiguan not only keeps its distance from the vehicle in front, but also gently steers into the center of the lane if the driver is briefly inattentive.

Every variant of the new Tiguan represents applied responsibility

The Tiguan R has many other delicacies to offer, some of which are subject to a surcharge: from the four-pipe exhaust system with distinctive twin tailpipes and a pithy sound made of titanium by the exhaust specialist Akrapovič to the exclusive seats with integrated headrests that offer excellent lateral support and look very good.

Overall, it can be said that every model in the 2020 Tiguan series has made a great leap forward, both visually and technologically. From the eHybrid to the 2.0 TDI or the Tiguan 1.5 TSI with cylinder deactivation and the plug-in hybrid: all models represent applied responsibility. The fact that we get a consumption of 8,7 liters in the R-Performance model is not representative. The test drive was too short for that. Not everyone will understand that even a consumption of 9 to 10 liters for this range of services can be described as economical. But when we remind ourselves that the 50-hp Beetle once consumed up to 15 liters per 100 kilometers, one recognizes the impressive technological development from the engine stone age of the seventies until today.







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