The VDA is pushing for the expansion of the charging infrastructure for e-mobility - the EU wants to virtually ban combustion engines from 2025

VDA President Hildegard Müller

VDA President Hildegard Müller takes the initiative that Angela Merkel and the federal government should have taken long ago. E-mobility dream dancer Angela Merkel has long since had to say goodbye to her illusory dream of having a million battery-electric cars on German roads in 2020, but not done much to create the most important framework for this: a charging infrastructure build up. The EU Commission's plan to practically ban combustion engines through technically impractical specifications has been severely criticized by the VDA.

Hildegard Müller now rushes to help the high-flying electrophantasies on their feet. “I would therefore like to have a charging station summit with everyone involved, with the energy industry, the housing industry, the mineral oil industry, with the airports, parking garage and petrol station operators, of course with the federal government, states and municipalities, and that before Christmas.” VDA President sent a signal for next week's "car summit" and the government is under pressure to support this initiative.

Hildegard Müller, ex-minister of state at the Federal Chancellor and very well connected politically, is "fully on the green chancellor line", as a member of the Bundestag and ex-car manager remarked to automotive-opinion. She leads the association of the automotive industry tightly and is called by her ex-colleague in the Bundestag "a gifted compromisee". She understands like no one else how to “reconcile” the interests of the auto industry with politics. Not everyone sees it that way. "It has to make it even clearer that the red-green CDU policy must represent the interests of maintaining jobs at car manufacturers and suppliers if the backbone of the economy is not to be further weakened," says our interlocutor, not without adding not to quote him by name. “Otherwise our economic success will end in cooperation with the EU Commission. We hear terrible things from there as part of the Green Deal, ”says the angry man, who is also a member of the Bundestag.

The EU Commission wants to practically ban combustion engines from 2025 in the “Green Deal”

As the Bild newspaper reports, the EU Commission is even planning “the end of combustion engines from 2025”. Because: The next Euro emissions standard EU7 can no longer be achieved with combustion engines under economical conditions. The limit values ​​are so low that it is practically not even technically possible to meet them. The commission apparently wants to force the car manufacturers to switch to electric cars or plug-in hybrids more quickly. The Commission is ignoring the openness to technology because it is not talking about synthetic fuels and hydrogen as possible alternatives, according to the Bild report.

“If these considerations prevail, it will be impossible for the citizen to drive a car with a combustion engine. It would be more honest if the EU Commission were open about your idea of ​​a ban and did not hide behind technical rules. There could then be a democratic discussion, "BILD quotes Hildegard Müller.

The VDA confirms in principle: “The German automotive industry accepts the challenge of climate protection. Our goal is climate-neutral mobility by 2050 at the latest - in line with the Paris climate protection agreement. We are ready. Innovations and new technologies are our contribution to climate protection. With that in mind, we will have a specific implementation plan that VDA climate strategy 2050to get the goals on the road even faster, ”says the VDA, which is, however, open to alternative technologies. “In order to achieve the goal of climate-neutral transport in 2050, alternative drives and fuels such as hydrogen and e-fuels will also be part of the solution. These technologies can make an important contribution to climate protection in traffic because they reduce CO2-Reduce emissions in the vehicle fleet and are a good addition to electromobility when phasing out fossil fuels. "

The VDA is also counting on "climate neutrality" by 2050

The "climate neutrality" proclaimed by the VDA by 2050 is intended to illustrate the sustainability awareness of the automotive industry. "Climate neutrality is just as much an illusion as the Chancellor's million electric vehicles," says our informant. “Climate neutrality is basically just a word. If our cars do not fly in 2050, but instead roll on rubber tires, climate neutrality is already a window-dressing in this detail, like the consumption calculation of plug-in hybrids, which are included in the calculation with their theoretical fuel consumption, even if plug-ins are never connected to the power grid and driven exclusively by the combustion engine. "

China initiates the largest free trade area in Asia

The EU is blind to the implementation of an arbitrary target to allow global warming to rise to a maximum of 1,5 degrees Celsius. “It's a politically set value that has no physical basis. And constantly mentioning the Paris climate protection agreement ignores the fact that it is not only China that will cheerfully build more coal-fired power plants by 2030 and that CO2-Emissions may continue to increase. ”With the largest free trade zone in the world in Asia, which has just been agreed, China's position as a major economic power is finally cemented. Whether the countries that are now united in Asia (Japan is also part of the 15 Asian countries!) Will push ahead with the implementation of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement or rather focus primarily on economic growth is not a question, but programmed: With the declared founding goal of the USA as To replace economic power, these countries will continue to build coal and nuclear power plants. As I said until 2030: this is what the Paris Agreement stipulates. Can Germany, with shutdown nuclear and coal-fired power plants, keep up with the competition between industrialized nations under these conditions?








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  1. Citizens should wake up slowly so that they can see what is actually happening here and free themselves from the illusion that climate policy is environmental policy. The climate policy is used to drive the economy to the wall and redistribute wealth. What we are currently experiencing is the beginning of the greatest redistribution of wealth in German history.

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