The hypocrisy of politics and the EU knows no shame - "The constant criticism of the car is bearing fruit"

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The automotive supplier Continental is under heavy pressure. The campaign against internal combustion engines initiated by the Greens and politicians threatens hundreds of thousands of jobs. The closure of the Aachen tire factory in 2021 and massive austerity measures have now led to a wave of outrage from the union and politicians. Two prime ministers criticize that Continental is now doing what was foreseeable a long time beforehand.

Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil and IG-BCE boss Michael Vassiliadis criticized the company's management for the planned job cuts. And would-be chancellor candidate Armin Laschet even speaks of “cold capitalism”. Steingart's morning briefing quotes him with the sentence: "Are you really serious about snubbering all of your interlocutors and simply closing a plant?"

However, Laschet has chosen the wrong addressee. The chairman of the Conti supervisory board, Wolfgang Reitzle, a competent and proven insider in the automotive industry, counters clearly and aptly: "Politically, the auto industry is being destroyed, which still generates 99 percent of its added value from cars with internal combustion engines. Manufacturers and customers are being pushed too early into e-mobility that is not really ready for the market. Result: We have to close factories and cut jobs. Corona was added in March, and then we have emissions legislation, which practically forces a break. And then the politicians come and, on top of that, defame the combustion engine unnecessarily early, so that we simply don't have the time to adapt. "

Politicians act as if economists had not long since warned against making life difficult for the auto industry. All warnings about job cuts fell on deaf ears in politics and in the anti-car scene. "It will get worse," predicts a stock market guru. A BMW man told us: "The constant criticism of the car is bearing fruit."

As the EU Commission also pretends, it can be seen from its own website. The Commission is resisting being to blame for the numerous driving bans in Germany. The "buck" would be wrongly pushed to Brussels. "The EU does not impose driving bans", only the courts. “It has no right to impose driving bans on certain streets or places. This decision is made by the responsible authorities on site. “Only the limit values ​​for nitrogen dioxide and fine dust were decided in 1997 by the EU states.

Conclusion: The Commission washes its hands in innocence (of the driving bans). Read for yourself (






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  1. For some NGOs, it's not about health, but about their business model and about de-industrializing Germany. It is now the case that the fight against the car and mobility can be earned more easily than the more arduous development of new environmental projects.

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