Comment from guest author Holger Douglas: The abolition of the auto industry continues

The Chancellor had VW boss Diess explain ID.3 to her at the VW stand at the IAA

At the video conference between the Chancellor and the big players in the auto industry, there was no mention of any help for the suppliers who were in dire straits. Instead, electric cars are to be pushed into the market with government support.

The car with a combustion engine is »through«, the abolition of the important automotive industry is to continue. That is, in summary, the result of yesterday's »car summit«, which was held in the form of a video conference with Chancellor Merkel, representatives of the auto industry and ministries. There should be no state purchase premiums for cars with internal combustion engines, only electric cars should be pushed into the world with all their might. But so far hardly anyone wants that.

There will be another discussion between economics and transport ministers as well as the energy industry to set up a charging network for e-cars. A uniform payment system and customer-friendly use of the charging stations should be addressed. Autonomous driving and faster internet in the car were further buzzwords at the summit.

In Bavaria, the CSU called for buying incentives for combustion engines before the summit. In the car-dominated state, nervousness is increasing, many suppliers have announced massive layoffs. Economic chaos is looming. Prime Minister Söder is now coming under pressure: “We can't play for time with the car. It is the central lifeblood of our economy. "

Auto industry: unemployment is programmed

But there was no mention of any help for suppliers during the video conference. Söder helplessly: “That is why we need an accelerated transformation strategy.” On the one hand, new drive models would have to be promoted, and on the other hand, combustion vehicles could not simply be dropped under the table: “Let's now completely scrap thousands of cars that have already been produced, even though we clearly identify them have poorer CO2 values ​​on the road and at the same time the capacity for electric in Germany is reaching its maximum limit? «

On ZDF he already warned of mass unemployment in the German key industry. Söder: "We need massive expansion and promotion of new drive models as well as a timely concept for autonomous driving throughout Germany."

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had previously emphasized in an interview: “There are many modern vehicles on the dump. They have to come from the court. "

The leader of the Greens, Anton Hofreiter, on the other hand, withdraws to the slogans of investments in climate protection: »These future investments urgently need state funding. For old technologies, however, there may be no purchase premiums or other grants. "

"The SPD leadership did not understand"

In the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with its manufacturers and many important suppliers, the Greens and CDU are currently destroying this central branch of industry and in the run-up to the summit rejected a purchase premium for petrol and diesel. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) was verbally satisfied about yesterday's car summit: “We had great agreement that the situation in the automotive industry would remain tense and that we must therefore bundle all our forces to keep as many jobs as possible and create new jobs for the future to create. ”He wants the federal and state governments to quickly jointly“ roll out ”the two billion euro funding program agreed in June.

In the city of origin of the automobile, Stuttgart, the Daimler general works council boss Michael Brecht had already spoken in a remarkable clear text and, above all, massively criticized the SPD leadership. "The SPD leadership did not understand it," he railed against the German press agency. "A wave of rationalization is rolling towards the German auto industry, which is massively targeting jobs."

95 percent of employees in the German auto industry work on vehicles with conventional drives. Sales of e-cars have not been particularly high so far. Brecht does not understand "why, of all people, the SPD leadership did not understand and vehemently opposed a purchase premium for low-emission gasoline and diesel vehicles in the economic stimulus package."

IG Metall, SPD and Greens are talking about a state investment fund for medium-sized companies. They can hardly move their production abroad like the big car manufacturers do. BMW's largest production facility is no longer in Bavaria, but in the USA. VW and Daimler are increasingly relocating their business to China.

Meanwhile, the sales figures have plummeted more dramatically than they have been in a long time. The member of the Bundestag Frank Schäffler (FDP) points out on Twitter that the last time in 1975 as few cars were produced as today. "If the government does not abolish the EU fleet regulation and improve the location conditions in Germany, then no sovereign wealth fund will be sufficient to prevent the politically deliberate destruction of jobs."

Government duplicity

The auto expert of the AfD, Dirk Spaniel, criticized the summit: »The (non-) result of the auto summit shows the government's duplicity. While at the state level the Prime Ministers Weil and Söder are demanding bonuses and purchase incentives for combustion engines as well, at the federal level the SPD and CDU are consistently pursuing policies against combustion engines. Thus, the voter in the country is suggested that the local government takes responsibility. "

Spaniel suggests another route. The former Daimler car engineer wants to create new framework conditions for the combustion engine and treat synthetically produced fuels in the same way as biofuels. At a press conference today, he called for equality between vehicles powered by synthetic fuels and biofuels.

So far only the part "from the tank to the exhaust" has been considered, he said. Most electric vehicles, however, are operated with an electricity mix that also includes electricity from coal-fired power plants. The CO2 This will not improve Germany’s balance sheet. Spaniel: "We want the production of the fuel to be included in the balance sheet."

Then vehicles that run on synthetic fuel could be put on a par with e-cars, mobility and also like e-cars with zero grams of CO2 Discharge are treated. The automakers would not have to pay any fines. Spaniel: "This is currently not permitted because the balance only runs from the tank to the exhaust."

His parliamentary group will introduce a corresponding motion to the Bundestag, the current CO2Change strategy. This means that the auto industry can be preserved. "We want to ensure the production of automobiles in Germany economically." The CO2-Discussion expressly does not support the AfD, but: "If the majority wants that, we consider this method to be the best."

Combustion engines can also keep up with these synthetic fuels in terms of the environmental balance. They are also compatible with end-of-life vehicles, which therefore do not have to be scrapped.

The science journalist Holger Douglas, author of the books “Die Diesel-Lüge” and “Mit Vollgas gegen Natur” (Full Throttle Against Nature) takes the car summit hard into judgment:

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