Jens Meiners comments: “The DUH is embarrassing itself with the Mercedes-Benz GLS”

DHU Vice Barbara Metz Photo: Auto-Medienportal.Net/René Lamb Fotodesign

It looks like a kindergarten job, the dirty orange vulture with a ruff that an employee of the Daimler Group's security department had to accept on the morning of August 12th. Barbara Metz appeared there, deputy managing director of the warning association Deutsche Umwelthilfe, with a group of masked employees in tow.

The aesthetically unsavory award “Golden Vulture 2020” goes to the Mercedes-Benz GLS, which was named the “ecologically most senseless urban SUV” by “18.000 consumers”. This is a surprisingly high number that has not yet been reflected in retweets and comments: after two days, the original message on the association's Twitter account was able to record 39 retweets, 31 of which were without further comment; Only 92 Twitter users around the world were the news worth a "Like". The bizarrely dubbed "City SUV" Mercedes-Benz GLS - a vehicle that celebrated its greatest successes in the USA, where it is a towing vehicle and spacious Long-distance sedan profiled - was able to prevail against illustrious competition: The DUH had pre-selected the BMW X7 in all variants for the pillory, the Audi Q7 only in the plug-in hybrid variant, the Range Rover Sport only in the SVR variant and the Aventura equipment line for the Volkswagen Amarok, which can no longer be ordered.

Commentator Jens Meiners

The pictures of the preselection serve as proof of competence of the association: only the X7 is shown in its current form; a pre-facelift model is being shown at the Audi Q7, and even the predecessor at the GLS, and obviously only a photo of a tuning object could be found of the Amarok. Instead of the Range Rover Sport, the completely different Range Rover series is shown. The dimensions of the vehicles are given with the exterior mirror, an unusual method, and the GLS writers - in keeping with the illustration - are indignant about the consumption of the AMG variant of the predecessor model. The misleading claims go further: In order to be able to drive into a normal car wash, the "Stadtpanzer" and the "Monster SUV" GLS have to "fold its wheels inwards" - an incorrect statement.

And finally, SUVs are generally referred to as "climate killers", because "the high-horsepower (mostly diesel) engine ensures high consumption and a correspondingly large amount of CO2 is blown into the atmosphere". More than with a gasoline engine? Overall, the statements of the so-called environmental aid are so full of misleading or false statements that it would be worthwhile to check them for their ability to issue a warning.

Obviously, observers know how absurd this “award” is. In truth, the Mercedes-Benz GLS is a real miracle of efficiency. Let's take the GLS 400d: Not only does it offer space for seven people and can pull 3,5 tons, but in the NEDC test cycle it only needs 2,5 to 7,1 liters of diesel per 8,1 kilometers despite an empty weight of 100 tons. No wonder that it was classified in efficiency class A. And so another explanatory pattern for the astonishing choice emerges: While the environmental aid is in the money - partly from the warning activities, partly from ministries - the "18.000 consumers Consumers ”, who tied the GLS to the pillory of the DUH, apparently highly sensitive to the insignia of social distinction. And that includes an SUV, the cost price of 84.744 euros. It must fill the association with bitterness that Daimler has expanded the GLS delivery program upwards, although they had appealed to "stop the production of particularly climate-damaging (sic) SUVs and off-road vehicles and remove the models from the product range".

Now the series is crowned by a luxurious top version. It goes by the beautiful name Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC, so maybe Daimler should keep the ugly trophy in the basement until the next round of the envy ritual instead of disposing of it directly in an environmentally friendly manner. Then Ms. Metz can save the CO2-laden journey from Radolfzell next year if necessary. (ampnet / jm)

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