Economics professor Hans-Werner Sinn hands out: "Put an end to the little green bugs"

Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn Photo: Romy Vinogradova

The renowned economic scientist Hans-Werner Sinn not only criticizes the “scam with the e-car”, but also “green bugs”. His conclusion: “Anyone who ruins the German automotive industry is not helping the environment. On the contrary. ”His statements in the FAS and the Handelsblatt leave nothing to be desired in terms of clarity.


Quite clear words from the former head of the Ifo Institute, which should cause a stir. With its CO2- Regulation "overstepping the curve". The CO required for 20302- Fleet limit value of 59 grams per kilometer (about 2,2 liters of diesel per 100 km) is not physically possible. "Even the cleverest engineers will not be able to build combustion engines with the specified characteristics if they don't want to force their customers into soapboxes," says Sinn in the Handelsblatt. And lowering the fleet consumption with battery cars is also window dressing. The EU formula is “nothing but a big fraud, because e-cars also emit a considerable amount of CO2. Only the exhaust is a little further away in the (coal) power plant. ”In addition, huge amounts of fossil energy are used in battery production in China and elsewhere. Sinn concludes. "The EU formula is a sham that is not much better than a shutdown device." That is a lot of stuff. If Sinn were a member of a ruling party, he would now have to expect his expulsion.

The CO2 limits caught the auto industry off guard

Even VW had confirmed to him that the E-Golf had a slightly higher CO in the German energy mix2- Has emissions than a diesel Golf. Only with a European energy mix with a lot of French nuclear power does the E-Golf perform better. The EU must take back its "dirigistic industrial policy". “The regulation on fleet consumption does nothing for the climate, it destroys jobs, costs growth and increases the public's mistrust of an EU bureaucracy that is perceived as increasingly opaque.

In an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Sinn is now following up. “The German automotive industry is with the CO2Ordinance, which was apparently supported in the Council of Ministers by the German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, a trained Germanist and political scientist, was caught on the wrong foot and wavered. "Corona had now also come.

VW clearly opted for the electric car with a battery. "In the VW Group, the board of directors is sweating with fear in the face of the electric car plant planned by Tesla in Brandenburg." Tesla is now "in the nest that the EU Commission and German politics have prepared". Sinn considers the climate problem to be very serious, but as an economist he insists that “mere symbolic politics is pointless”. And this is the case when a country or the EU acts alone. Abandoning emissions in Europe has no effect on total emissions. Oil that we no longer use is then burned elsewhere. “These considerations show that the idea that Germany and the EU could make at least a small contribution to saving the global climate by restricting the amount of crude oil consumed is naive.

Oil that we don't use is burned elsewhere

The contribution is probably not just small, but zero or negative. We may accelerate climate change through our actions instead of slowing it down. We lay the ax to the automotive industry, the heart of the German economy in general, and we also risk social strife without being able to have a justified hope of being able to achieve even the smallest positive effects on the climate. "

Why is this not recognized by politics? Sinn sees the reasons, among other things, in the following: "You might have to justify earlier wrong decisions, you would come into public criticism and the green career in which you have already invested so much would be gone," says Prof. Sinn. And further: “Silence and the occasional public discrediting campaigns against scientific doubters are the better ways to get rid of the subject. Responsible citizens can no longer put up with this approach. You have to rebel against a policy that has become a mixture of symbolism and clientele politics, which moralizes instead of arguments, which lowers people's standard of living through rising energy prices and which, moreover, endangers German industry, on which our prosperity depends. In the end, Germanists also have to be fed by the income that is earned there. "

"We have to see how we save our prosperity"

Hans-Werner Sinn doesn't mince his words in the FAS and the clarity of his criticism is impressive: “We now have to see that we can get through, that we can save our prosperity halfway. The green barriers on the ideological playgrounds of our society must also come to an end. What we need is a responsible climate policy that faces up to economic laws and is operated with a sense of proportion and with regard to its effectiveness and cost efficiency, a policy that understands that Europeans or even Germans going it alone are completely pointless. We don't need a substitute religion. I consider the economic policy that the Federal Government is pursuing in association with the EU against the German automotive industry to be devastating, wrong and dangerous - and completely useless in terms of climate policy. "

The fact that the French are very active when it comes to e-cars is due to an industrial policy directed against German interests. The French knew that they couldn't compete with German manufacturers with internal combustion engines. The French also have an advantage with cheap nuclear power. That is the only reason why the strict limit values ​​in Europe came about. It is irresponsible that German politics went along with it, simply abandoned our expensive technological lead in diesel technology and allowed itself to be harnessed to the cart of these industrial-political initiatives at European level. We pay too little attention to our own interests and allow green ideology instead of a green mind to be paired with the industrial policy interests of other European countries. "

Dear Professor Sinn: You are right!






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  1. Rolf Franz Nieborg | 10. August 2020 09 to: 10 | Reply

    Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn writes logical clear text, but the question remains whether the “green prohibition ideology” even allows such arguments ...

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