Because they often don't know what they're saying

Formula 1 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Grand Prix of Styria 2020. Lewis HamiltonFormula One - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, Styrian GP 2020. Lewis Hamilton

Daimler CEO Ola Källenius is not alone with the most misunderstood word in the German language. When he was asked to explain why the cars are painted black in front of the Formula 1 race in Spielberg, he said the wrong thing, even though he meant the right thing.

Daimler wants to show tolerance. Anyone who realizes that tolerance from Latin actually means toleration immediately understands that tolerance cannot be used to campaign against racism. Tolerance is when you “tolerate” opinions other than your own without having to adopt them. You can (and should) tolerate people you don't like. You have to respect and respect everyone, that shouldn't be a question.

Of course Mercedes, like all reasoned people, turns against racism. But just tolerating other people, i.e. tolerating them, is far too little. If the vernacular may also derive a kind of equality from the term tolerance, this does not change the incorrect use of this term.

Initiated by Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes Formula 1 team has topped the motorsport premier class when it comes to fighting racism. Anyone who knows the life story of Hamilton knows that he suffered from racism as a boy. As he tells, he was bullied as a child and adolescent because of his main color. These deep wounds may have healed a long time ago, but the scars remain enough reason for Lewis to speak up as part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Actually a racist slogan, because Asian and other ethnic groups are ignored? A protester with the sign "All Lives Matter" was beaten up, although his conviction can not really be doubted.

Lewis Hamilton calls for more women in Formula 1

That Hamilton criticizes in an interview that you don't hear anything from the other Formula 1 teams in this direction is out of place. There is certainly no team in which racists have something to say. And the demonstrative knee of Toto Wolff seems to me more owed to PR than to the honest conviction that something can be changed with it. To be against racism is actually so self-evident that such rituals should not be necessary.

Is our European anthem hostile to women?

Why Hamilton now demands that there should be more women in Formula 1 sounds good. And he's right. Unfortunately, a few women have already failed in this high-performance physical sport. Certainly not because they would not have been wanted there. One can also ask why mixed teams of women and men do not play in the Bundesliga in the course of equal rights.

Aren't we exaggerating if we suddenly question everything? The discussion of whether a “Mohrenstrasse” is racist and should be renamed or whether a monument to Columbus has to be overturned seems to me to be completely wrong as a left-green opportunism. I'm just waiting for the request to rewrite the European anthem. Because it means anything but politically correct and despising women: "... all people become brothers".

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