Guest contribution by Holger Douglas / UTR eV: Leading climate activist apologizes for scaremongering.

"On behalf of environmentalists around the world, I would like to formally apologize for the climate fear we have created in the past 30 years," writes an ex-climate activist. Is the front of the climate Japanese collapsing now?

No joke, but remarkable words from a former leading propagandist of man-made climate change. "Climate change is taking place," he tweets. 'It's just not the end of the world. It's not even our most serious environmental problem. «

Michael Shellenberger, the ex-alarmist, the “hero of the environment” who appeared before the UN, once a radical climate activist, has been cleared. “It may seem strange when I say that. I have been a climate activist for 20 years and an environmentalist for 30 years. «

His readable contribution "On behalf of Environmentalists I apologize for the Climate Score" on FORBES was quickly distributed thousands of times on social media. This post can now be found at Quillette after FORBES took the article offline again after two days. Shellenberger himself describes this step as "censored".

Up until last year, I largely avoided speaking out about climate fear, «he says. “It's partly because I was embarrassed. After all, I am as guilty of scaremongering as any other environmentalist. For years I have described climate change as an 'existential' threat to human civilization and referred to it as a 'crisis' ”. "I was afraid." He was afraid of losing his friends and especially his funding. But he noticed the drastic effects of the climate Japanese on children and adolescents.

"Much of it is certainly my concern that adolescent mental health is affected by this apocalyptic scaremongering, but it does other things as well," said Shellenberger, who has two children and lives in politically dark green Berkeley, California.

The climate movement is "obviously against nuclear power, even if nuclear power is the only way to significantly reduce emissions," he said.

“And it is used to deprive poor countries of fossil fuels and - frankly - of hydropower and nuclear power because it is based on this Malthusian agenda, which says that there are too many people in the world and that everyone has to become massively poorer «.

After Malthus was "dead," another panic sow had to be driven around the world. An extremely lucrative business. Shellenberger points out the enormous financial resources of the climate activists: The two largest green groups, the national Resources Defense Council and the environmental Defense Fund, have an annual budget of $ 384 million, which is the budget of the two largest groups of skeptics - the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Heartland Institute - in the shadows, which together would only have a budget of around $ 13 million.

In his book "Apocalypse Never - Why Environmental Alert Harms All of Us", he accuses climate activists of misleading the public and explicitly states that political solutions such as "green energy" make things worse.

"I even claim that renewable energy is worse than fossil fuels," Shellenberger told the Washington Times. In contrast to German Greens, he is familiar with the term "energy density"; the so-called "renewables" supply far too little energy, and that means: "More land, more materials, more mining, more metals, more waste. This is explained very well in the scientific literature «.

The tremendous damage to the environment and land use, which Michael Moore recently showed drastically in his latest film, also come into view of Shellenberger: »Solar and wind energy take up huge amounts of land and destroy bird and wild animal species. Biomass essentially means burning wood and other plants that destroy forests and generate carbon emissions. «

Shellenberger's finding: "The evidence is overwhelming that our high-energy civilization is better for people and nature than the low-energy civilization to which the climate alarmists would bring us back."

The business newspaper Forbes threw Shellenberger's column out for his new book because it "did not meet the magazine's editorial guidelines". But Shellenberger could not have wished for better advertising. Other websites published the text, the book climbed into the bestseller ranks on Amazon.

Is the front of the climate Japanese spreaders finally collapsing? The next case of a climate heretic. A former English alarmist already claimed responsibility for using nuclear power - albeit with the argument of escaping an impending CO2 catastrophe. Well, she still has to work a little on the acuity.

Panic reports of global warming with rising sea levels, as well as fear and horror of the most recent day, which have been carefully built up over the years, are increasingly collapsing. What will the mirror say soon, which made the subject of "climate warming" in Germany hopeful with the picture of the Cologne cathedral sinking in the sea floods? Another American film, on the other hand, drew the visions of a new ice age with an arctic New York suffocating under snow mountains and icicles. When does its director confess: error, so sorry?

When will the first apologies come from Potsdam? As is known, Germany's top climate alarmists are sitting in magnificent rooms in the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (weather expert Kachelmann: »potsdämmt«) and live brilliantly from alarm calls. For example: »... we would like to formally apologize for the climate fear that we have spread over the years.«

"Oh, don't worry," we could call out. "Can happen. Everyone can be wrong. «

As is well known, it usually takes a few years for new trends from the USA to arrive in Germany. It will probably be more difficult with the new acceptance of nuclear power. The latest twists and turns of American ex-hardcore environmentalists come too late in this country. The Greens and CDU are already blowing up fully functional nuclear power plants like burned earth pioneers - like in Philippsburg in Baden-Württemberg and tearing them down.

“Carefully built up panic reports over the years about global warming with rising sea levels as well as fear and horror before the last day collapse more and more. What will the mirror say soon, which made the subject of "climate warming" in Germany hopeful with the picture of the Cologne cathedral sinking in the sea floods?

This scaremongering has resulted in the German nuclear power plants being shut down. The political actors have used the irrational fear of radiation as an argument for energy policy decisions and are now responsible for the highest electricity prices in Europe ", says Horst Roosen, board member of UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV

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  1. Rolf Franz Nieborg | 5. July 2020 14 to: 09 | Reply

    An almost unbelievable contribution and an almost too late finding that sets new climate goals for us ...

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