Clear majority for combustion engines the next time you buy a car

The € 6.000 premium when buying a battery or fuel cell car does not seem to work. At least that was the result of a survey by the Automobile Club Mobil in Germany eV, in which 18.000 drivers expressed their opinion.

The current survey by the automobile club confirms the skepticism of many market researchers. Only 1,6 percent of the drivers surveyed would choose an electric car when buying a vehicle today. What kind of drive do drivers in Germany want?

The Automobile Club Mobil in Germany eV launched a large online survey among drivers last week. The poll was published on a wide range of Facebook portals, which in the broadest sense revolve around cars and mobility, in which users were able to vote using emojis: "What drive should your next car have?" This survey reached around 250.000 people in total. over 18.000 drivers ultimately voted and chose their preferred drive for their new vehicle.

The result of the voting is clear: A clear “YES to the burner". Because 55,2 percent voted for the diesel, 43,2 percent for the gasoline engine and only 1,6 percent for the electric car. The result is astonishing, because the promised bonus obviously does not induce German drivers to exchange their combustion engine for an electric vehicle. It would have made more sense to also decide on a purchase premium for the latest generation of combustion engines. At that time, Mobil in Deutschland eV already demanded a premium of 3.000 euros for combustion engines with a Euro 6 standard.

Dr.Michael Haberland, President Mobil in Germany eV

"The calculation was clearly made without the landlord: the driver," Dr. Michael Haberland, President of the Automobile Club Mobil in Germany eV. “How cheap does a shop keeper have to be today to find a potential customer who is enthusiastic about buying? As an automobile club, we are absolutely convinced that electromobility is justified. But so far it is just a niche product and not suitable for the masses. Even if the federal government would like it to be different. We must continue to think in terms of technology, give every drive its authorization, but ultimately leave it up to the buyers and drivers to decide. That is the crucial basic democratic principle, ”said Haberland.

Video commentary by Dr. Michael Haberland:

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  1. Instead of smashing an entire branch of industry to put a car on the road, where it is not even guaranteed that sufficient and affordable electricity is available at any time, it would simply be logical to use the know-how of our engineers to make the internal combustion engine even more efficient and environmentally friendly. German cars have the best reputation worldwide. Mercedes star, AUDI, BMW and VW logo are known in many countries as the German flag.

    With green planned economy, a proven technology is destroyed and the wheel of progress turned back. The development and use of technology in a democratic country is determined by society and not by the requirements and prohibitions of green politics.

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