Car premium: The red-green relapse into ideological stereotypes

BMW twelve-cylinder hydrogen engine

The car premium for "combustion engines" has been canceled, but battery cars and plug-in hybrids are to be promoted, although the latter are also powered by an internal combustion engine. As always, in the ideologically contaminated minefield of political intrigue, it is called a compromise or breakthrough.

The incineration funding, which was probably prevented primarily by the SPD chairman Saskia Esken, could still be painful for the party. The Esken, who is embittered even with a smile, is now surprised that even SPD-loyal trade unionists are upset to “ignore modern combustion engines”. Daimler General Works Council Chairman Michael Brecht and his colleagues from the industry are “pissed off”. He says: "The SPD leadership did not understand it." This is proof that the SPD has withdrawn into the ivory tower of ideological narrow-mindedness, propagates nonsense about planned economy and is moving further and further away from its regular voters.

The SPD is sharply criticized by the unions

SPD General Lars Klingbeil also said before the decision: “There will be no second scrappage bonus and no purchase bonus for old combustion engines and everything that is in the past. We want to see how we use the crisis to invest in the future. ”The eco-fetishists have completely neglected the fact that the restriction on funding to e-mobility (including the mock pack hybrid) is a rather narrow-minded view that makes technical specifications instead of thinking in terms of results.

Regardless of whether the funding makes sense or only ignites a flash in the pan, the exclusive e-funding shows that it is not a question of technical solutions, but of the "traffic turnaround", ie the restriction of individual mobility. The eco-fundamentalists ignore the fact that combustion engines can not only run on petroleum, but also on synthetic fuels and even hydrogen.

The internal combustion engine also runs on hydrogen

Without a doubt, hydrogen will become the driving force in the world of mobility in the long term. Whether with electricity from the fuel cell or as fuel in the BURNER, as BMW did 20 years ago in the 12-cylinder, ready for series production. It is simply the wrong view to define combustion engines as bad, battery cars as good. What matters is what comes out at the back. This actually banal knowledge is alien to the opponents of the car.

And when I hear the Friday active Luisa Neubauer, the Corona and CO2 trying to bring it down to a common denominator, I have more than just doubts about their minds: “It will also deal with the consequences of the corona crisis and the questions: Do we understand this crisis as the start for a social transformation that was pending anyway? With the electric bonus, there will certainly be no “social transformation”.

The federal government is wrong if it believes that the exclusive support will help the battery car make a breakthrough. The majority of customers remain skeptical of e-mobility: missing charging stations, long charging times and insufficient ranges remain high hurdles that only those who are willing to skip short distances or who also have a combustion engine in the garage are willing to skip. Or who want to invest a lot of money for a very expensive electric car, which is not funded. The German government also knows this, and it is wise to "intensively" promote hydrogen. There will probably be a hydrogen infrastructure sooner than a sufficient number of charging stations.

And how did the Motortechnische Zeitschrift 2002 write? “Even after more than 100 years of development, the combustion engine shows that its potential is far from being exhausted. A new era will begin with hydrogen as an energy source. Internal combustion engines are ideally suited for the transition to the hydrogen economy, since they are suitable for bi-fuel with little effort. BMW has been developing and promoting the use of hydrogen in the transport sector for over 20 years and is thus a pioneer of this technology. ”

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