As if accidents were only dangerous because of this: Volvo subtly advertises a speed limit - from 180 km / h

While Volvo is promoting a speed limit with physically "irrefutable" arguments in a current press release, Daimler and Bosch positively communicate 25 years of proven life saving through ESP.

Volvo's reasoning seems plausible, but it is as wrong as a weather forecast for next Christmas. In order to justify the corporate decision to cordon off Volvos at 180 km / h in the future, Volvo reaches into the verbal bag of tricks, the arguments of which are physically correct, but are not true. That Volvo is talking about "protecting" the vehicles at 180 km / h instead of regulating them down is verbal nonsense. Why is a car safe under 180 km / h?

“Excessive speed” is one of the most common causes of accidents, Volvo claims. Of course that's right. BUT: Almost every accident is due to "excessive" speed. I remember a case when a driver in Stuttgart in a 30s zone injured a pedestrian despite adhering to the limits. This accident is also attributable to excessive speed, because it would not have happened at 0 km / h.

Volvo calls lockdown "secure"

If we take it exactly, every accident that happens with a rolling vehicle is an accident with "excessive" speed. In other words, a stationary car does not have an accident. Unless it's hit by a Volvo.

Ok, that may be a pointed argument, but it has been proven physically. The fact that Volvo is now trying to subtly create the impression between the lines that serious accidents only occur at speeds above 180 km / h makes the whole thing ridiculous. And a bit dangerous. As we all know, serious accidents happen especially in city traffic and on country roads at speeds well below 180 km / h. Volvo's PR strategy is obviously based on following an alleged zeitgeist and refreshing the old security image.

But we shouldn't be talking about paternalism

The fact that a Swedish manufacturer of all places wants to slow down its customers when it comes to speed is by no means due to the fact that Volvo belongs to the Chinese group of the Geely group. Volvo has always been a safety pioneer and the slogan "Safety made from Swedish steel" is still anchored in many people's minds. However, we should not speak of paternalism when it comes to the speed limit ex works, because nobody is forced to buy a speed-limited Volvo. Nevertheless, hardly a Volvo fan will forgo buying this Sweden.

But to pretend that sealed off, sorry: "secured" 180 km / h would bring more traffic safety is simply dishonest. What makes it so dangerous: that other manufacturers without the built-in speed limit are subtly morally criticized. However, pretty much all vehicles are cordoned off at 250. However, it is up to the customer to decide whether they want to drive so quickly or at an additional cost.

The Volvo idea is good that in future the limit can also be set lower. For example, if the owner lends the vehicle to the offspring and wants to ensure that the son or daughter doesn't go overboard when it comes to speed.

Completely different and positive at the same time, two press releases from Bosch and Daimler: Both rightly celebrate 25 years of Schleuder-Bremse ESP, which actually, and not just theoretically, saved thousands of lives. Advertising for a 180 km / h speed limit, on the other hand, seems somehow out of place.


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  1. In the last 14 years I have purchased 11 new cars from the XC90 to the small C30. Definitely no Volvo will come to my yard any more. They just make a fool of themselves with their arguments. They don't even pass on the savings from their production to the customer, after all they save on many components that only have to be designed for 180 km / h. Who is so stupid, please, and buys an XC90 T8 AWD for 90.000 EUR with over 300 PS which then only drives 180 ...

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