Peugeot 508 SW GT: beautiful station wagons aren't just called Avant

The successful design is also visible from behind

“Nice station wagons are called Avant,” Audi invented the slogan for its version of the elegant car with loading space, which was quite appropriate at the time. With the Peugeot 508 SW GT, a competitor has entered the automotive stage that can compete with all the beautiful station wagons in terms of elegant aesthetics or aesthetic elegance.


In terms of design, Peugeot is undoubtedly one of the frontrunners of successful bodies. One could say that the form is perfect. The design department has long been headed by progressive designers who know how to combine European taste with French chic and functional substance. However, one has to take into account that there is no longer a country-specific design. The top designers worldwide are not only at home internationally, they also work in design studios scattered around the world. The one for the Citroën brands and Peugeot's chief designer, Gilles Vidal, is seen as a visionary designer who has left a mark on both brands with a futuristic perspective.

Design as a total work of art

Of course, the design departments of the car manufacturers are not only based around the world, but their protagonists come from a few design universities in England, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Incidentally, this is also the reason why cars from different brands are sometimes similar. In addition, the design process of an automobile is extremely team-oriented. But like in a symphony orchestra, only the conductor manages to conjure up a successful sound from individual instruments and sets a few impulses here and there that should (should) flow into a total work of art.

The mid-range combi 508 SW of the brand with the lion in the logo is therefore not only visually convincing from the outside, but also appears to be something special in the interior. Despite the roof line being six centimeters flatter than its predecessor, the interior volume was still able to accommodate a trunk volume of up to 1.780 liters. These are real combination dimensions and options. With a total height of 1,42 meters, the SW (Station Wagon) is almost as flat as the sedan, but in terms of the payload volume it has become a real station wagon that is reminiscent of a "shooting brake".

Noble materials convey a high-quality feel

The face is shaped by vertical LED daytime running lights and (optional) full LED headlights as well as the "lion grill". A muscular side line leads into the wide-looking rear with interestingly designed full-LED rear lights. The huge tailgate can be opened electrically on request, a low stainless steel loading edge gives the cargo area a high-quality push. The cargo area is almost a little too classy to carry, for example, handicraft utensils or simple luggage.

Faucet design: original and independent

In the test car, the i-Cockpit consists of a 12,3-inch instrument cluster and a 10-inch touchscreen. The entire fitting area is ergonomically shaped and equipped with haptically pleasant materials. Nappa leather and Alcantara give the interior a high-quality touch. The impeccable workmanship testifies to precision craftsmanship. Above all, the extraordinary design of the fittings shows that the interior designers have taken a lot of freedom to shape beyond common placements. Despite its originality, everything is arranged logically, or to put it scientifically: ergonomically designed and intuitive to use.

We particularly liked the “piano” keyboard for various functions, which allows direct access to the navigation, for example. What seemed completely superfluous to us: the € 1.200 night vision system “Night Vision”. Until we noticed that, unlike others, it offers a great advantage: You no longer have to randomly look at the night display to recognize a person or an animal earlier, because an additional warning tone also makes the danger acoustically “visible”. That is a real safety gain.

Present elegance according to international taste Driving in the 508 lifts it to the upper middle class. Comfortable, quiet, sufficiently dynamic and also very economical with the 177 PS diesel. We burned between six and a maximum of seven liters on fast-moving highways and country roads.

From 2.000 revs, the 2,0-liter diesel engine provides a whopping 400 Nm of torque. The 177 hp maximum output is delivered from 3.750 revolutions. The 8-speed converter transmission shifts smoothly and according to the situation. If you select the sport mode, the switching operations seem a little short of breath.

The 508 SW is the ideal touring vehicle on long journeys. The automatic speed control and the sensor-controlled loading flap together are worth the 1.200 euros surcharge. The beautiful station wagon is an exclusive eye-catcher that lives not only from the design, but also from its economy and technological equipment with numerous assistants. The lane-keeping assistant intervenes a little too roughly, the traffic sign recognition works very reliably, the ACC speed and distance control makes driving on freeways very relaxed. Only the parking assistant could not convince us, as with the competitors, because the gap for parking must be quite large. It works, but anyone who has practiced it a few times can park that well.

Specifications Peugeot 508 SW GT 2.0 BlueHDi

  • Engine:Four-cylinder diesel, turbocharger, 1.997 cc
  • Power:177 PS (130 kW) at 3.750 RPM
  • torque:400 Nm at 2.000 rpm
  • Drive:Front-wheel drive, 8-speed automatic
  • Consumption combined:4,7 l D / 100 km / in the test between 5,5 and 7,2 liters
  • CO2 emissions:124 g / km
  • Emission standard:Euro 6d TEMP
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h:8,4 s
  • maximum speed:231 km / h
  • Dimensions (L / W / H):4,78 m / 1,86 m / 1,42 m
  • Weight: 1.650 Kg
  • Base price: 47.950 Euro
  • Test car price: 53.020 Euro



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