Traffic lockdown unmasked diesel polemic as wrong: driving bans must be lifted

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For experts, it was clear from the outset that the environmental aid association's claim that diesel was responsible for high levels of pollutants in cities was wrong. The lockdown with extremely reduced traffic has now proven it: the pollutants mainly come from other sources. Diesel driving bans must be lifted. Now the ADAC and VDA should step on the scene and represent the interests of diesel drivers. If necessary with lawsuits in court.


The total misjudgment of authorities and courts has been exposed as a polemical air number of the environmental aid association. That makes you think. So far, when Corona signs so-called "conspiracy theorists" who suspect that many of the lockdown measures could continue beyond the day, I could only laugh because this seems to be an impossibility in our constitutional state. Using the example of the diesel driving ban, I have to recognize that nothing has to remain impossible.

Now that it has been proven that the COx-Air content and the exceeding of the fine dust limits does not come from car traffic, the diesel driving bans would have to be lifted clearly. Since this does not appear to be happening, there is a fear that other lockdown measures will remain in place, even if their futility has been proven.

Evidence of the innocence of the diesel engine has been provided

The Federal Government always emphasizes that after the corona reasons cease to apply, all restrictions will end. So the question must be asked, what about the diesel driving bans, for which the reasons have obviously disappeared, since diesel engines have been proven not to be responsible for the excessive nitrogen oxide and fine dust content, for example at the Neckartor in Stuttgart.

Now only someone has to sue the lifting of the driving bans. ADAC and the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) would now have their turn to stand up for the rehabilitation of the diesel and to call for the driving bans to be abolished. Before the competent courts, if necessary.



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  1. Rolf Franz Nieborg | 30. April 2020 16 to: 06 | Reply

    Unfortunately, it can be assumed that both the ADAC and the VDA are pinching on this point !!!

  2. In order to achieve the goal of the "decarbonised society", the transformation of the free constitutional state into a "strong, shaping ecological state" is becoming increasingly visible. The population should be brought up to a "changed lifestyle" and a "slimmer demand". "The state-supporting ideology is already" climate protection, "says Horst Roosen, board member of the UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV

    The green disaster industry is fueling fears of upcoming catastrophic climatic developments in order to increase the willingness to accept tax increases and personal restrictions. German taxpayers must dig deep into their pockets for the green crusade to save the planet.

    Today automobiles are objects of violent hostility.

    Even thousands of fictitious dead have to serve to prove their danger. Greens, NGOs and hosts of "environmentalists" fight petrol and diesel engines to their hearts' content. “The Green Plans are designed to prevent Germany from ever experiencing an economic miracle again and people from possibly even enjoying German cars.

    "Unfortunately, you can only talk about the typical and addictive V8 bubbling of a velvety-smooth 8-cylinder in-line engine today," says Horst Roosen, board member of the UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV Real car lovers still let their emotions run wild and don't let political adventurers spoil their fun.

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