BILD calls for “Laber limit for environmental aid!”

The environmental aid association is not making friends at the moment, but many enemies. Autobild editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler apparently caused gasping for the fact that the mini-club with maxi-suit volume used the corona crisis for ideological nonsense. In his pointedly harsh comment, instead of speed limit on the highway, he calls for “Laber limit for environmental aid!”

It is indeed frightening how unscrupulous car opponents, no car haters, use the corona crisis as a fire accelerator for their sometimes abstruse fire of demands. Because the environmental aid association "under the guise of helping corona patients is calling for a speed limit right now", he is making himself ridiculous. "Even the most loyal DUH fans will see through this as rarely stupid!"

"I'm still healthy, but I almost get short of breath with anger at so much opinion! The Bundestag has really more important things to do than deal with it. Completely different rules are now important and already apply, ”Drechsler rightly rages.

“What do corona and CO2 have in common?”

It is frightening how the Greens and eco-populists (or should one say eco-fascists?) Are currently cooking up their ideology with salted soups and thereby show incredible ignorance. When Robert Habeck, head of the Greens, confuses infection with incubation time, a children's program of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk tries to show what the corona virus and CO2 “have” in common, not just the C, of ​​course, but their harmfulness. It is irresponsible how people manipulate and disinformation on public television.

We can only hope that Corona will also have good consequences: for example that the Green Deal planned by EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen will become obsolete in the face of dramatic drops in tax revenue and the economy and the German government will begin to Rethink exhaust regulations. Corona is already showing massive storm damage. Further burdening the auto industry after the crisis would increase economic virus damage. Of course, none of this interests the environmental association, which is partly financed by taxes and warnings. So thanks to Tom Drechsler for putting this overestimated club clearly aside.

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  1. Rolf Franz Nieborg | 9. April 2020 09 to: 17 | Reply

    This Laber limit was long overdue !!!

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