Genesis G80: is the similarity to known vehicles purely coincidental?

The face looks elegant: the new Genesis is coming to Germany soon

What the new Hyundai luxury brand Genesis presented this week in Seoul is apt to draw the highest attention from premium European manufacturers and customers. The new Genesis G80 surprises with its aesthetic design and technological presence. And reminds of well-known competitors.

The brand, since its independence and its appearance in 2015, has hardly come into its own in Europe and especially in Germany, let alone penetrated the attention of potential buyers. We drove a Hyundai Genesis back in 2014 and were amazed at the similarity to Audi models. No wonder, because the designer Peter Schreyer gave his face to various Audi and VW models before moving to South Korea.

Memories awaken, right?

The new Genesis presents itself true to Schreyer's handwriting with a striking face and an extraordinary grill. Schreyer founded the single-frame grill at Audi and developed it in a different form after moving to Kia and Hyundai. Back in 2014 we asked the question whether a designer can virtually copy himself when changing company. Yes, he can, because nobody can forbid his "handwriting". It can be assumed that the new Genesis will be analyzed carefully at Audi.

The cockpit shows itself formally at a high level

The G80 is strictly trimmed on the outside and inside for a reduced design. Clear lines combined in harmony, economical accents without formal exaggerations. Similarities to other models are purely coincidental. Really? See above. The grill dominating the front impressively shapes the appearance. The LED lighting at the front and rear shows a clear signature, which gives the almost five-meter-long vehicle an elegant appearance.

The design language signals restrained elegance

The fittings swing quite massively, refined with valuable materials in front of the driver and front passenger from left to right. Switches and buttons are reduced, much is controlled or regulated via the large touchscreen. And this is also possible for rear passengers, who can watch videos / DVDs in the back or control various settings.

The clear design language evokes memories

The engine is surprising: There will also be a 4-cylinder diesel with 210 hp, which of course should reach the current limit values. There is also a 2,5-liter turbo petrol engine with 304 hp and a 3,5-liter V6 with 380 hp.

First, the new G80 will be launched in South Korea, then in the United States and then in Europe. See also:

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