Climate hysteric Schellnhuber calls Corona “climate contract” and reveals himself to be intellectually disadvantaged

Corona virus

There can be no doubt that Corona will change our lives. But not only for the negative. Suddenly even the Fridays-for-future youngsters will realize that their climate bawling after Corona is probably the last thing that will interest us.

In this respect, the dramatic development for our industry certainly has positive sides. Because we have to assume a multi-dimensional recession, many critics of our economic system, and especially the automotive industry, will have to hold back to slow down the recovery that is hopefully coming soon.

In view of the extremely difficult situation, it will lead to an upswing in the auto industry before destructive auto-bashing.

But it is unbelievable how the once tax-financed high priest of climate hysteria and ex-director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber (69), uses the corona crisis to cook his political soup: The solidarity between old and young must be reciprocal. “Anyone who passes on the virus carelessly endangers the lives of their grandparents. Who carelessly CO2 releases, endangers the lives of his grandchildren, ”he said the Frankfurter Rundschau. In this way, the climate hysteric appears to have arrived at an intellectual level that now has nothing to do with science and can only be called underground. The fact that the Chancellor sought advice from him explains the chaos in terms of the energy transition and climate policy.

Corona presses the social reset button

It couldn't be more polemically stupid. Schellnhuber has not yet understood that the apologists of a man-made climate catastrophe after Corona should better hold back, because then we have bigger problems to solve than fictional climate catastrophes. Then it is a matter of preventing a real, tangible and painfully perceptible economic disaster.

The good thing about Corona: Possible mass unemployment will lead to left-wing green radical fantasies becoming obsolete. Who thinks now of diesel driving bans or other absurd demands of the German environmental aid association, whose state funding with tax money must finally come to an end.

Nobody can predict how long the crisis will last

If the reset button pressed by the virus resets social processes, and our life starts moving towards normal, many of the proposed regulations of the EU bureaucracy should become obsolete. The Commission President's one billion euro Green Deal will certainly not come like this. Not just because there will be no money for it. Mainly because it is now about real problems and concerns of the citizens. If you believe the economic experts, it could take ten years for our country to reach the operating temperature of 2019 again. But it is well known that forecasts are difficult if they deal with the future ... After all, optimists think it is possible that we will pick up speed again in a year.

EU targets have to be readjusted

The crazy EU limits that keep our successful automakers strangling punitive fines must also be deleted, or at least rethought. Car manufacturers will increasingly have to sell combustion engines (!) In order to get going again. The targets for electromobility have to be readjusted as well as the EU limits that have been set at the green table.

We will only come back to social normality if we once again subordinate left-wing ecological demands to common sense. Now the FFF activists will also have to think that without a flourishing economy and industry there is no place for youthful high spirits.

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