Volkswagen Caddy: a synthesis of a special kind

The new Caddy: a profiled all-rounder

We have got used to the fact that small cars sometimes become crossovers, i.e. mini SUVs. With the world premiere in Düsseldorf, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has now shown that there can also be a perfect synthesis between cars and delivery vans. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has managed to push the synthesis between commercial vehicle and passenger car to the extreme.

The synthesis between delivery van and family car has been a VW specialty for around 40 years, and with the new digital caddy it should be the focus of many new car buyers. While the original ancestor of the new caddy, which was presented in 1978, was still a rather primitive variant of the Golf at that time and was actually only intended for the USA as a rabbit (rabbit), the fifth generation of this all-rounder suitable for families and craftsmen is closer to the digital comfort zone of higher quality Cars as on a mobile commodity with four wheels. If the experts refer to the modular cross construction kit as a caddy base, the explanation is more concise that here is actually a golf of the latest design with robust usability.

The caddy DNA has been significantly optimized

The new Caddy has arrived in the digital world, which artisans, suppliers and families will welcome. From steering assist to automatic distance control, from top navigation to semi-autonomous driving options up to level two, everything is possible. Digitized fittings with a touchscreen are just as natural as 19 safety assistants.

Big mouth and a lot behind it

The Caddy 2020 covers pretty much all needs. Depending on the variant, parcel services will be just as happy as craftsmen who have to transport their tools and small machines and who sometimes have to line up on a construction site with muddy ground. That is why there is also an all-wheel drive version. Three lines (Caddy, Life and Style) signal the respective basic orientation. The VW slogan "work, life unlimited" expresses very well which DNA in the new Caddy should be carried from the past into the future.

The Caddy as a robust commercial vehicle for the everyday work of a craftsman and as a car for family use or for the transport of bulky sports equipment. The variability of the Caddy 2020 seems limitless. And if you can wait, there is also a small camper on the product planning list.

The diesels come with double AdBlue injection

The engine range initially includes two turbodiesels and a petrol engine between 75 and 122 hp. The new twindosing is used for the first time for the TDI engines; The nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) are significantly reduced compared to the predecessor by means of two SCR catalysts and a double AdBlue injection. The diesels in the Caddy from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are among the cleanest diesel engines in the world. Likewise efficient and sustainable: a turbo gasoline engine (TSI) with 116 hp and a turbocharged natural gas engine (TGI).

This is not the design of a van Photos: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Digitization signals the relationship to the Golf 8

What sets the new Caddy apart dramatically from its ancestors: Probably never before have the designers had so much influence on the aesthetics of the Caddy as here. "The new Caddy is now much more powerful and yet remains uncompromisingly function-oriented. We concentrated on the typical 'form follows function', and yet realized a lot more dynamism. The sporty design of the new Caddy will also appeal to target groups who have not yet had a compact van in mind, ”explains chief vehicle designer Albert Kirzinger. The design can be summarized as larger, wider and more beautiful. That the CWValue could be improved from 0,32 to 0,30, the new Caddy secured an aerodynamic top position in the segment.

The value in use has reached new dimensions

From the outside, the car cannot be seen that the Caddy Maxi now fits two Euro pallets. The two larger sliding doors can be easily opened and closed, the huge tailgate should actually be equipped with an electric closing aid as standard, unfortunately we have to pay for it as optional equipment must have. The not yet officially known basic prices of the new caddies are around and above 21.000 euros.

The Caddy also cuts a fine figure as a commercial vehicle

The new Caddy is traditionally available in various lengths between 4.501 mm and 4.853 mm, also as a seven-seater and with a huge stowage volume of up to four cubic meters in the Maxi. The wide rear opening is generously dimensioned at 1.234 mm and enables easy loading even with bulky goods. "With its clear plus in space, absolute perfection in details, its new technologies and its new dynamic design, the new Caddy makes a huge leap forward," said VW Commercial Vehicle CEO Sedran. "This gives him the potential to expand the market share of Volkswagen commercial vehicles in the field of city vans and compact vans in the so-called A segment worldwide," explains Heinz-Jürgen Löw, VWN Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

The new Caddy is likely to move the number of caddies sold to date from the first model year upwards by more than three million. Conclusion after a first look: There has never been as much utility value as in the latest model in the Caddy ancestor series.

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