The UTR association on the last program of "Hart aber fair": How the electricity supply in Germany is ruined

The association comments on the discussion at Hart but fair Environment technology law: “The first successes are proudly presented: The destruction of the intact power plants has already been ordered, the electricity has already been increased dramatically and blackouts have probably been made! Cheers in the stands!

The climate cult is a very profitable business, even for dubious scientists. Trillions of euros are stolen from citizens for this business. Most citizens do not notice this because common sense has been completely obscured. "Gretel we thank you!"

How political parties use climate change as a Trojan horse.

Don't believe the climate alarmists when they say they want to save the planet. No intelligent person can overlook the fact that the political parties use “climate change” as a Trojan horse to fundamentally transform Germany into an eco-dictatorship.

Politicians have introduced a new indulgence trade.

Citizens can escape climate purgatory if they pay climate taxes. The new sins are car, boat and air travel. Consequently, alcoholic fermentation and the exhalation of carbon dioxide must also be taxed in order to achieve “decarbonization”. The German Environmental Aid eV seems to be successful in decimating the German automotive industry.

Our eternally powerful, stingy and greedy intelligence, who preaches water publicly and secretly drinks wine ”, is just about to step into the last of its remaining credibility. The bourgeois political parties need not be surprised if they lose their voters. "Anyone who feigns non-existent feelings, traits, attitudes and attitudes and demands other behaviors that one does not comply with, has lost his personal integrity," recalls Horst Roosen, board member of UTR | Environment | Technology | Law | eV

  • Citizens should wake up slowly so that they can see what is actually happening here and free themselves from the illusion that climate policy is environmental policy. Climate policy is used to push the economy against the wall and redistribute wealth. What we are experiencing is the beginning of the greatest redistribution of wealth in the history of the Germans. ”

Read the article by the science journalist on the subject Holger Douglas:

“Free mobility is then gone. Tough but fair: climate change - how much can we do ourselves?

The previous free mobility is then no longer. So much scourge is required to save the world from the wrath of the climate god. But for a few there are still company cars.

In the Kreyss they put down their clothes, belted their bodies with an apron and, with special singing and ceremonies, struck bloodthirsty with their flagella over their backs. And after that uffs suddenly fell down in face, weeping their eyes, praying male, repenting, and since they got up again, touched Brieff publicly and imagined everyone who came from heaven.

It was like that back then, in the Middle Ages with the Geißlern - here in a report from Speyer.

Flagellants were those flagellants who publicly tortured themselves so that their sins would be forgiven and they should reach eternal life. Today's modern Geißler sits in the cozy TV studio and ponders: Yes, life is so bad for the climate! He suggests that others torture themselves so that everyone can reach the Kingdom of Heaven, which is now climate neutral and remains just as unreachable.

In the past, people were happy to have an inexpensive and always available energy source with the expansion of the power grid, today the all-rounders cannot go fast enough to switch them off again. "Who can do it faster?" That's just the point, says Marie-Luise Wolff. She studied English and musicology and is president of the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management (BDEW), as well as CEO of ENTEGA AG in Darmstadt. Both institutions are inspired by green flagship. #

In Darmstadt, it was once a great achievement that citizens built the city's energy supply on their own initiative. Today it is to be converted into wind and solar energy as quickly as possible, with gas-fired power plants doing the work when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. It can also be seen as a brilliant business idea: The conversion is worthwhile for the energy suppliers because the customer is forced to pay for what he could otherwise have inexpensive. The scourge of others as a business model - you could call it a new high point of capitalism.

Who can switch off their power plants even faster than Germany and thus overturn the suppliers of cheap and always available electrical energy?

That was the question with Plasberg's “Hard but fair”: “Our everyday life is so harmful to the climate”. How far this program brought us closer to the end of the world was not discussed. The power consumption of the studio alone was enormous, the CO2Germany's invoice based on the arrival of all guests, none of whom came by bike, threw »us« even further back in the international ranking. The flagella applies to others. That makes it convenient. But not more beautiful. The miserere, Gloria Patri, the De profundis and Requiem aeternam, the introit of the Requiem liturgy are today prescribed by shame for meat consumption, air travel and CO2- Output replaced.

The new ban culture is aesthetically a step backwards. Because instead of three meditative supplications for the members of the respective order, the CO2- Ejection rates of cows, pigs and people prayed down. "Our life is bad for the climate!" The climate god begins to judge his children. Ecological footprint, personal carbon footprint - these are the words of suffering of today's greenhouse gas disciples and the question »how much CO2 I emit today, O Lord «is the daily slogan.

While in the Middle Ages at least the prior ended the flagellation by clapping hands, in Plasberg's studio the climate abbot Mojib Latif, Kiel climate researcher, went one step further: "Seven percent of the greenhouse gas is produced by agriculture." Lower, eat half and repent. Even basic life phenomena are condemned. And there is truly no one who at least commands a breath and tries to ground it.

Instead, Tübingen's green mayor Boris Palmer has practical concerns: "Where should I order a new wind turbine?" The German wind turbine manufacturers are bankrupt because of the disastrous climate policy. But it's not about making - it's about putting it down. Because the population does not participate in building the last green hills with wind turbines. First doubts grow: is that good with the scourge?

Alexander Lambsdorff, deputy FDP parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag and visibly happy to be invited at all, which is why he adapts to the color of the studio decoration like a chameleon: "We need more lines from north to south!" He cannot explain which one Electricity should flow through the lines when the North Sea and Waterkant are calm.

A professor leaves perplexed faces when asked what can be done personally.

Michael Braungart is a chemist and professor at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg. He is an greyed-out Greens in honor, the wife was once Greenpeace chairwoman and minister of the environment in Lower Saxony; he turned his skin to the water cannons in every demo. He has demonstrably flagellated himself and is critical - until the very end, even Greta finds it exaggerated and wrong. Their moaning was appropriate in the war chaos after 1945, but not today. He therefore thinks radically that the economy is being restructured, which is really turning everything upside down.

"It is still worthwhile to use cheaper materials at the moment," he complains about the manufacturers of all products and customers on the hunt for bargains. His solution: to buy services instead of products that provide services. Washing machines should no longer be bought, but only the "clean laundry" service. The manufacturer then places the washing machine in the customer's basement and picks it up again, for example, after washing it 3.000 times. This is more environmentally friendly from the basic idea, because then not so many dangerous substances would be installed in the washing machine and their durability would be extended in the interest of the manufacturers. From the cradle to the grave, closed material cycles would be created, which would save resources: the carpet would no longer be bought, but leased, and replaced by the manufacturer when it was worn out: a new one would be created from the old one.

That was a little much at once. "You gave us brain teasers!" Plasberg groans. Because Braungart visibly scourges itself.

It is better if the others eat less meat.

The cattle now produce CO2 and is therefore bad for the climate. The fact that only the cattle with their special digestive system is able to graze those landscapes on which no crop can be grown due to climatic and geological reasons - that does not come to anyone's mind. Agriculture is also what others do. Recently.

120 years ago, a farmer was only able to feed four people, today 140 to 150. Only the technical development of agriculture and the free availability of cheap energy freed people from lack of food, laborious work and created the free time in which today in study rounds abound and your own excess can be chatted.

In view of such Geißler suggestions for others from the warm studio, Plasberg was shocked to see whether the opposite effect could occur and the audience could answer:

»You know what: you can do me! I'm not flagging! «

What Palmer only remembered was that "the system had to be changed!" Lambsdorff spontaneously fell for the daring sentence: "Germany has made renewable energies affordable. That is why it works worldwide. ”After all, Plasberg then postponed the inevitable question about the highest electricity price that Germany has:“ What can be exemplary? ”But Lambsdorff is one of those who have always had belt-tightening as part of the party program heard as long as it is about the belts of others. Or today: A Count Lambsdorff does not flagellate himself, he has flagellation.

Ms. Energie-Wolf tried to counter that the federal government would propose to lower the EEG rate in the spring. Without saying how many wind turbines are no longer worth it or which pots of taxpayers are used to conjure up the necessary subsidies. Because without a hearty dowry, which is now called the EEG, no wind turbine or photovoltaic system is worth it. Is there enough electricity at all for all the many electric cars that will one day slowly roll along our streets? "We'll be able to produce it!" Nobody laughs in the studio. You believe her; the business model is running.

Palmer honestly added that we would have to "make up" to fill up our cars with energy as quickly as before. The previous free mobility is then no longer. So much scourge is required to save the world from the wrath of the climate god. But for a few there are still company cars. ”

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