Job cuts in the auto industry: And it gets worse

If you listen to the human resources departments of the automotive industry, it is not the climate catastrophe that is painted on the wall behind the scenes, but a “dramatic reduction in personnel that should only be communicated in slices.

This development will be confirmed on February 11, Daimler boss Olla Källenius at the balance sheet press conference. "And it will get worse," an insider told us. It is bad enough that instead of the recently rumored reduction of 10.000 Daimler jobs, there are now 15.000.

What we heard from Daimler circles a week ago is now confirmed by the Handelsblatt. The employees are to be made “generous severance payments”, partial retirement and early retirement or retirement should be further levers to save around one and a half billion euros.

Important projects are being put to the test at Daimler

As the Handelsblatt also reports, the Daimler boss also wants to evaporate loss-making projects, although it is unclear which. Projects like a partial exit from Formula 1 are likely to be on fire, as is the partial sale of the innovation department Lab1886. In that year 1886 the Benz motor car - undoubtedly a world revolutionary innovation - was patented.

The model portfolio will also experience cuts. The S-Class Cabriolet will remain free of any follow-up, the CLS and AMG-GT should somehow be forged into an electric coupe. Källenius should also want to review the combustion strategy or until when the further development of diesel engines and combustion engines should take place.

A senior Daimler engineer describes what is likely to come to the auto industry and its suppliers: “We are being forced to unspeakable contortions by NGOs and politicians and are being pushed in a completely wrong direction. The environmental aid association and the Fridays movement saw massive and partially successful sawing on the industrial branch on which a large part of our economic system is based. When the Siemens boss lets an unsuspecting brat talk him into the business, you have to see how sick our political self-confidence has become. ”

It is to be hoped that the Federal Constitutional Court will not even accept the lawsuit brought by opponents to fight climate change radically. "We let ourselves be turned into monkeys. And politics doesn't recognize how the Chinese will have overtaken us in ten years, or sooner. ”

The Chinese and Indians are allowed to build hundreds of coal-fired power plants by 2030

It is an absurdity that the Chinese and India will continue to do anything with CO until 2030, despite joining the Paris Climate Agreement2 to grow while the apocalypse is threatened if we do not immediately radical CO2 to reduce. “I don't understand this kind of politics and I'm happy to be retired soon. But many of my colleagues are really afraid of the future. ”

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