Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess wanted to shake up the management with a “fire speech” - does the shot backfire?

When it comes to Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, the traditional auto industry has reached the end of its development. The car will become an “Internet device”. In his speech to executives, Diess described fewer problems in the auto industry, but essentially the problems of Volkswagen. The fact that speech among employees does not act as a motivational accelerator can be felt right up to the retailers.

"Today we have to sell our diesel and petrol engines and at the same time tell our customers that they should then buy the dying past and actually renounce it and take a battery-electric ID.3? That is an irreconcilable contradiction! ”Says the sales manager of a large Munich VW company. "With his speech, Diess took away any motivation to talk a customer into a new Golf ..." But it had to be sold "to finance the questionable e-mobility". And: “Every day, customers ask us whether it is better to wait with a new purchase. We have to bend our heads enormously in order to represent our products of today credibly. ”

This so vehemently proclaimed farewell to the conventional car is a big mistake "that he and us VW learners will soon fall on his feet". The customer does not want to have a "driving smartphone", but a technologically up-to-date automobile that is networked, but above all offers safety and comfort and can eventually drive autopiloted.

Large parts of the team feel demotivated by dies

Similar tones can be heard in Wolfsburg. "Obviously, our boss asked Mr. Habeck for advice," says a manager at a higher level. “Many of us withdraw and say nothing about it. You will only work with half the force, because Diess treats us as if we had done everything wrong and slept strategically and strategically in recent years. It was VW, after all, that initiated the crisis by manipulating the diesel exhaust gases. ”

Herbert Diess' change to the green CEO is understandable because the pressure of the green movement increases daily. The fact that the CEO now also describes climate change as "the greatest threat to humanity" should appease the green movement, but sounds like "climate hysteria". The greatest threats to humanity are flaming wars, not climate change.

“Tesla cannot be compared to Volkswagen”

That Herbert Diess refers to the once leading mobile phone manufacturer Nokia, which has disappeared from the market, is quite justified. One could also call the film producer Kodak, who overslept the digitization, "but it is extremely unfair if Diess now says the same about VW". This is wrong here; Technologically, the Volkswagen group is well positioned, this is the result of “our engineers and researchers”. It was not right and above all unfair to say, "If we continue at our current pace, it will be very tight".

Diess admires Tesla, "although the California electric car manufacturer cannot be compared to VW". This neglects "according to green ideology" that the German automotive industry in particular has had a positive impact on industry worldwide and placed it at a high innovative level. Tesla is still far from the product quality of cars from the VW group. At best, Tesla can be admired for the technological standards, battery management, charging technology and intelligent wiring system architecture.

A drastic increase in the electricity price will slow down the desire for an electric car

“Herbert Diess is under massive pressure. If his singular focus on battery-powered electric drives goes wrong, perhaps because Toyota and Hyundai are concentrating on fuel cells in the Far East, it will be difficult for Volkswagen, ”says a senior engineer from VW engine development. It is not just a question of technology, but also a question of costs for the driver: at the end of the month, electricity provider Ionity increases the quick-charging price for one kilowatt hour to an almost immoral 0.79 euros, as the association UTR (Environment, Technology, Law) reports .

Herbert Diess obviously not only has to overcome internal resistance for his course, car experts and the media also sometimes question the e-course. World editor-in-chief Ulf Poschardt comments smugly: “Habeck said he believed that the car no longer stood for individual freedom. Why? Because he didn't manage to park in Kiel, and because he never just drove to Venice. Because he did not use freedom, it should be abolished for everyone. That a green demands that - okay. But it is depressing that the VW CEO is doing a little bit more intellectually in the same postmodern deceleration horn. The car's freedom narrative has so far been uncompromised in its clever radicalism. Now its oldest profiteers are doing it. Unbelievable."

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